SATURDAY COMP TeRapa this Saturday all are welcome to enter!!!!


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  1. Nice idea. Thanks to sponsor and guys running the competition.
  2. 1=4 2=5 3=6 4=13 5=2 6=12 7=1 8=2 9=8 Cheers
  3. How do I use a Freebet? Use the drop down arrow or click on the FREEBETS icon to display Freebets. Select the Freebet you want to use. The Freebet value will be applied to your bet.
  4. R7 - No. 2 Bivouac (Golden Rose) If this horse wins, i'll be goooone.
  5. Caulfield Race 7 No. 14 Begood Toya Mother Cheers
  6. Meeting 11, Rosehill, Race 6 No. 4 - Exceedance Cheers
  7. Favourites (previously Race Tracker) will provide you notifications of when your favourite runner, trainer, jockey, driver or racetrack is in action. How does it work? Add favourites from the race card (all options available) or from results and transaction history (only runner available). You need to be a TAB account customer to enjoy using this service You can add notes against runners Email notifications are free Text notifications cost 20 cents per message. Unless you have previously backed these horses looks like you'll have to wait until they race next. If you have previously backed them, you might be able to add them as favourites from your betting history.
  8. I sent an email to 22/11/2018 showing interest in the syndicate he was trying to put together. I never got a reply so that's the end of that one.
  9. I'm sure the Shark can tip a winner or two.
  10. Approach Fair Go, they seem to get results for people. Sometimes just the threat of Fair Go works. It would also be interesting to see how they got on for the sake of anyone else in the same boat as you, or the Mrs.
  11. Wouldn't the dividend change after each race so the dividend will be what odds you got when the bet was put on.
  12. R1= 1 The Revenant R2= 7 Rocking Good Time R3= 2 Pedrena Cheers
  13. I wonder how much effect these promotions have on TABs. I usually don't bet online as I rather go into the TAB and bet in there. But last couple of weeks I have been betting online instead. I wonder how many others have done the same. Also been enjoying being able to withdraw winnings straight into bank account. Maybe this is what they want, TAB's to close.
  14. I read it the same way as Ted but will have to have another read.