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  1. Toblerone

    Inca the stinker

    Jackal, who cares... move on. This isn't Bridget Saunders' socialite gossip column.
  2. Toblerone

    Inca the stinker

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  3. Toblerone

    Inca the stinker

    Of course not. There was talk last year that one of the runners was believed to have been treated on race day and that the instructions to do so were intercepted by phone monitoring. But I don't think the horse threw up any positive results.
  4. Toblerone

    Inca the stinker

    NZ Derby 2018 - pre race. Anything in this P4P or are you sweeping this under the rug?
  5. Toblerone

    If u had to choose

    Neither, I'd rather see an extra junior driver's penalty-free race at every meeting. Get these kids out there as much as we can. That's not sayin the others don't have upside. BUt if we don't incentivise these juniors they will be off driving driving trucks or diggers soon enough and lost to the game.
  6. He's the CEO of Alexandra Park now.
  7. Toblerone

    Davey Mc

    Have you not noticed how he has been having major issues mid-race for well over a year now? His recent commentary of the Wingatui gallops was horrible and the club was inundated with complaints. That being said, I agree that when he's happy and healthy, he's an excellent harness caller.
  8. Toblerone

    Rating 40 to 55

    Short answer is YES.
  9. Toblerone

    Groff Small

    working one horse at Pukekohe and that's it. Works as a flight groom now.
  10. Toblerone


    Very articulate fella and passionate when arguing a point. RIP.
  11. Toblerone

    Simon Lawson

    I actually think you have a major psychological problem.
  12. Toblerone

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    HRNZ have commissioned an independent report in to this treatment. Hopefully the report's investigators will explore why the process is banned Europe. As noted, a fundamental of journalism is to present both sides of the fence and differing opinions. Not the case here - merely a interview with the All Stars' current and previous vet and the companies' owner, who is an All Stars owner. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the treatment, I am no scientist, but the tv pieces were cunningly one-sided. Was GOC ever going to put anything on the show that drew criticism towards the All Stars? no, no he was not.
  13. Toblerone

    UMC still at it

    What knockers? All I ever read and hear is people who love the horse.
  14. Toblerone

    Simon Lawson

    Strong words for someone too chicken to put their name to it.
  15. Toblerone

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    There are two chances of GOC doing anything to upset the All Stars stable - zero and none. It will be interesting viewing but do not expect it to be anything sensational or an 'expose'.