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  1. Toblerone

    Rating 40 to 55

    Short answer is YES.
  2. Toblerone

    Groff Small

    working one horse at Pukekohe and that's it. Works as a flight groom now.
  3. Toblerone


    Very articulate fella and passionate when arguing a point. RIP.
  4. Toblerone

    Simon Lawson

    I actually think you have a major psychological problem.
  5. Toblerone

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    HRNZ have commissioned an independent report in to this treatment. Hopefully the report's investigators will explore why the process is banned Europe. As noted, a fundamental of journalism is to present both sides of the fence and differing opinions. Not the case here - merely a interview with the All Stars' current and previous vet and the companies' owner, who is an All Stars owner. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the treatment, I am no scientist, but the tv pieces were cunningly one-sided. Was GOC ever going to put anything on the show that drew criticism towards the All Stars? no, no he was not.
  6. Toblerone

    UMC still at it

    What knockers? All I ever read and hear is people who love the horse.
  7. Toblerone

    Simon Lawson

    Strong words for someone too chicken to put their name to it.
  8. Toblerone

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    There are two chances of GOC doing anything to upset the All Stars stable - zero and none. It will be interesting viewing but do not expect it to be anything sensational or an 'expose'.
  9. Toblerone

    J dunn

    As an aside, the Hall Of Fame as it's called is a bit of a joke (in terms of who runs it, how it's administered, marketed etc etc). It's just Gilbert Myles and his wife living vicariously through the name to try and remain relevant. I believe the rules are that any trainer with 500 (?) wins and drivers with 1000 (?) wins get automatic inductions. To be clear, this post has nothing to do with John's induction specifically - ultimately I think he would end up in a 'true' hall of fame like they do in the gallops.
  10. Toblerone

    Is this how a rating system should work?

    It will be a sad day when discretion is removed. These handicappers are getting right royally fucked over by trainers who are too ignorant or selfish to embrace the system. What we have now is the furtherest thing from a rating system and it's in no way the fault of the handicappers. The handicapping sub committee (on which Morris and Smith have little to no power), under the recommendation of the horseman's association, have ruined the system. As an example, just one that picked off the top of my head right now. Without discretion applied in recent months, The Night Hawk would currently be rated 89. He's an 80. Mach Shard is a rating 90. You tell me.
  11. Toblerone

    Is this how a rating system should work?

    Is this is a pisstake? Why would maidens be in a R40-50 race? They would be in an M40-50 race. Please, do not comment, or bag the system, if you have no fkn idea what you are whinging about.
  12. Toblerone

    Is this how a rating system should work?

    I think a 3yo trotting trotting filly that wins a maiden probably shouldn't go to a 55, and that's where the system needs a few tweaks. But it's the rating system's fault that ATC run races with rating parameters from 55 to 102. That is truly ludicrous. Can you imagine if they did that for the pacers? As an aside, Monkey Selfie would have been competitive in that other race, which means the system, in essence, actually works. But a 3yo filly shouldn't, on principal, have to race seasoned horses over 2700 metres at her second start. That being said, the trainer would be conscious of this and waited for another week any way.
  13. Toblerone

    Is this how a rating system should work?

    I disagree. What is needed is an extra 50 horses in the 60-80 bracket.
  14. Toblerone

    TAB to blame?

    simple reason - the club cannot afford it.
  15. Toblerone

    Large Debt, What to Do???

    If you own a horse, and lease part of it to a trainer, why would you even charge grazing on the horse when it is sent home either permanently or with the intention of going back to the trainer. Seems very tight-assed.