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  1. Toblerone

    Nigel McGrath RIU / JCA charges

    Clarification, Wastney is no longer on the Board as of a couple of months ago, but was for most of the relevant post-Inca scripts.
  2. Toblerone

    Nigel McGrath RIU / JCA charges

    Lets get some perspective here. Firstly let me say I have no opinion on any of the charges and their validity as I don't know enough about them. However, the Chairman of HRNZ, who is known to be actively lobbying against all these charges, is a longtime owner in mcGrath's stable. So is another HRNZ board member, Wastney. They currently race Duke together from the stable. HRNZ's Vice-Chairman owns many horses in the stable of another charged in Inca, including arguably their best horse. Again no judgements on my part regards the charges, but how can these guys have any involvement in making decisions related to the game's integrity structure and matters given their conflicts of interest.
  3. Hi Toblerone my name is Jim Flay aka Gubellini. I doubt very much if you know me. Interested to know how you knew I was within driving distance of your Papamoa Bowling Club? I am not above criticism but I think your post about me was a bit over the top. Like you and many others I am deeply concerned about the state of NZ Racing. I currently have shares in seven horses so I have a vested interest in the state of racing. As a hobby I offer a free research service to anyone who wants to know anything about horses, trainers, jockeys etc. over the last 100 years. Regards.PS I have never bowled a ball in my life so I wouldn’t be much good to your club!

  4. Toblerone


    You sure do love the sound of your voice. Poking your nose in to everything with half-assed opinions. Believe me it is tiresome. None of it ever worth a tin of shit. Get yourself down to the Papamoa Bowling Club and do something meaningful with your day.
  5. Toblerone

    The Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Don’t forget he also called The Lone Ranger third when it had clearly been headed on the line. The guy’s nil.
  6. Toblerone

    Grass track circuit all but dead

    The biggest head scratcher is Tauranga. My understanding is the former Bay of Plenty HRC have entitlements to race at the track effectively for free once a year but because of the glut of gallops meetings in December/January they can’t get on there anymore. Surely there is a workable solution for them to slot in somewhere? Thames is a horror show with a crossing on the point of the turn. Te Aroha was an abomination track-wise last year. No one ever went to Avondale and Kumeu TC no longer have a racing license. The Whangarei RC didn’t want the trots on their track anymore and the Northland HRC got wound up. Auckland TC should be looking to pursue a meeting there. Pukekohe I’m not sure what happened there? But I would guess ATC just said no thanks.
  7. Toblerone

    Spanken Injured??

    If you guys aren’t on Twitter, I just can’t help you. It’s where the journalists chose to break their news.
  8. Toblerone

    Spanken Injured??

    All Stars guy was probably at the Bush Inn last night drinking wine
  9. Toblerone

    Spanken Injured??

    Swing and a miss Ivannotsogreat. It was the Herald's guy that broke the story on Spankem late last night.
  10. Toblerone

    Toblerone, declare the LGL winners please

    Stewards are happy and correct weight is declared
  11. DRAMA The tearaway leader, Kloppite has been bundled out. if Melody Belle doesn’t win, Talk is our champion. if she does, I don’t know what happens
  12. Just confirming I was advised of both picks privately prior to the deadline. Apologies. I am at a wedding
  13. Gents, Entries please for SATURDAY. Entries close 1.45pm 806.35 Kloppite* 665.45 Talk* FLEMINGTON R3 Springtime Stakes (Listed) R4 Queen Elizabeth Stakes (G3) R5 Darley Sprint (G1) R6 Matriarch Stakes (G2) R7 Chatham Stakes (G3) R8 MacKinnon Stakes (G1) ROSEHILL R7 Hot Danish Stakes (G2) WAIKATO R5 Legacy Lodge Sprint (Listed) CANTERBURY R5 Pegasus Stakes (Listed) R7 2000 Guineas (G1) R9 Metropolitan Trophy (Listed)
  14. Correct. Four to go.
  15. Toblerone


    Nice gesture Scooby.