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  1. Afternoon, another good days racing from the virtual corporate box.... R1 11-15-18 R2 1-2-15 R3 6-5-2 R4 2-3-10 R5 4-1-5 R6 9-7-5 R7 15-12-2 R8 14-2-9 R9 8-9-5 Thanks all...
  2. Well done all - great fun. Congrats to winners and thank you to comp organisers who provided great entertainment throughout the day.
  3. Morning, R1 1/2/4 R2 2/1/8 R3 1/2/15 R4 7/1/2 R5 4/9/1 R6 3/1/4 R7 9/10/8 R8 8/10/13 R9 8/17/14 R10 14/3/1 Thank you to organisers...stay well everyone.
  4. Great Comp and very generous P4P. Well done Talk.
  5. First time caller, long time listener... Derby: Time Lord Guineas: Grunt Oaks: Gris Dame Many thanks
  6. Returned my dud, got a fit replacement and it looks to have all the winners included. Enjoy the day all...
  7. Well that makes it ok. No doubting her class as a Jockey, but....