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  1. Crazy, i believe Omarau Racing Club were offered Wingatui track as it was obvious to a blind man, racing wasn't going to happen today. Another nail in Southisland racing. Will push fields at Timaru up, making it even harder for lower rating horses to get a start, yet again!! Surely someone at NZTR should off forecast this happening today and stepped up and raced the meeting else where????
  2. Is anyone else having trouble when on the trainers service centre. part of the website? It takes forever to load if I am trying to nominate horses etc. the everyday part of the site is fine eg Racing Info etc but seems to take forever to navigate through the service side of it? Very fustrating
  3. Massive congrats to all the Southland winners and connections for bringing home the "Bacon" today at Riccarton, Master Karsten, The Knight, Miss Three Stars, Stokers Rock and Lord Beaver, great to see all the hard work over winter pay dividends today!! Absolutely Fabulous!!
  4. Zing 27 wins Trainer Neville Patterson First win 1973 Last win 1981 14 or 15 of those wins were jumping wins, hurdling and steeplechasing. He was ridden in all jumping wins except one, by Neil Ridley Neville also trained Gladaub at the end of his racing career, for a couple of his 27 wins also. Yipp was also a winner from Neville's Stable for 16 wins started racing 1967?
  5. Hi does anyone out there know of anyone that breaks-in horses in the Southland Area??
  6. Mine was $155.00 explain that, if yours was $80.00 does it matter what "class" training license you have? if so, how ??? wow just as well all us trainers are rolling in it!!! (I know what we are rolling in and it isn't money)
  7. I totally agree with you Final Luca, this is doing my head in, I don't want to miss any "local" nz racing while I am at work I have to check and double check what channel they are being played on, what a pain in the arse. Can we not just dedicate one full race meeting to either one or two??? how simple must this be? I'm not bothered which channel eg today could Taranki not be dedicated to either channel you choose not bothered just kept it continuous and fluent so the punter can follow and watch. This two channel swapping around is just beyond any logical thinking. I am not elderly bu
  8. Does anyone else find that after using the Triabit there is blood on bit?? I have been using it on my horses, 2 of the 3 horses leave blood on the bit, I can't see where the blood comes from, they aren't pulling or throwing their heads so no extra force on bit, just wandering if anyone else finds this?? I like the bit, very much other than this.
  9. Hi I have a lovely horse that may suit you. You can ring me on 03 202 7883 Cheers Karen
  10. PLEASE PLEASE bring back old format of monthly Thouroughbred Racing mag. the new style is terrible to read and follow!!!!!!
  11. I have been meaning to post this all week. We are extremely sorry about the unfortunate fate of the beloved Lindisfarne, we always followed him and loved watching him in action, he did his trainer and team proud! But........ picking up the Sunday news at chch airport last Sunday (Sunday news dosen't make it to Southland so this was a "treat") made us sick to the stomach, turning to the racing page, hoping to see the amazing win of Counter Punch and all its glory, we see a pic of ill fated Lindisfarne stricken on the track, disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF you want to open the raci
  12. Well done team Hamilton, I am sure from every trainer, owner, stablehand etc from down south we are very happy for you and proud to call you a southerner. To Kid Columbus and Chris, fantastic team work and effort. Hope the party is good and the headache not to rough in the morn!!
  13. Does anyone know how the jump jockeys are, that came to grief at Oamaru today? Hope all okay.
  14. Are the Karaka sales on tv today? Can't see it listed on racing channels.