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  1. MS26


    Triple dead heat @ Taupo for 3rd about 5 years back..
  2. NZ can't take full advantage can they? Due to not being able to take Aussie clients??
  3. MS26

    Name for my horse please.

    SA Confidential
  4. MS26

    Name for my horse please.

    Covert Swiss
  5. No barrier draw, no weights either in that Riverton mess, unless you go to the extended form. How has this error seemingly not been able to be fixed?
  6. MS26

    Eyesight deterioration -- TAB website

    I struggle sometimes telling the difference between the numbers 5 & 6, 8 & 9 and the letters a & o on the new site. Balance is hard to see aswell. Shit font.
  7. MS26

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Who is ready for the first Saturday meltdown this new website will have?
  8. MS26

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Was just about to ask if anybody else was having major issues tonight, pretty much doing anything Race related. Hopeless is an understatement, errors everywhere.
  9. MS26

    New FOB and Shutdown

    New site seems to be literally the same that is offered everywhere else, how boring. Results are a bit of a pain to obtain, liked the old ticker bar along the bottom.
  10. Scam. Racing Victorias site is Also, on that link you've posted, the stuff like the newsletter signup @ the bottom of that website is just an image, no links to anything, nothing clickable like a link.
  11. MS26

    See the shyte I have to put up with!!!!!!

    Far out, he must have copped a ripper of a beat.
  12. D) SYD (OAKS ) - Race #6 (4.25) #10 She's a Treasure E) SYD (QEII) - Race #7 (5.05) #7 Comin' Through F) SYD (CUP) - Race #8 (5.45) #20 Ormito Thanks.
  13. MS26

    Well done to NZTAB

    Someone must have won lotto & is just having a splash for the fun of it right?? Or did they let John McGrath open an account with them from Aussie: