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  1. Ashoka, where have you got to?

    hope that the bastards haven't beaten you down.

    We need your postings.


  2. gubellini... Nathan Guy is a dead loss. The chances of this person even understanding the questions that he should be asking are nil. When there is a real problem in an area covered by his ministerial portfolios, the government brings in other, competent, ministers to handle them. The fact that Mr Guy is a minister at all is an insult to all of us. All the best. Ashoka
  3. rumpole... If you really believe what you have written, you have finally crossed over into senility. I most certainly hope that this is not the case. All the best. Ashoka
  4. Catalano... I'm saying that "barryb" is wrong in his comments and that anybody who thinks as "barryb" does is also incorrect. I am not saying that those who agree with "barryb" are as I have described those who run our country and our racing industry. I was one of those until I started to fight the defrauding of my employer. The manner in which I have been persecuted will not be believed by anyone other than a person who has received the same kind of treatment. I know this because I know that if someone came to me and told me that what has, and is, being done to me was being done to
  5. barryb... The people I have described as low-life scum are exactly as I have described them. If you spent five minutes walking in my shoes, you would come to exactly the same conclusion. The same applies to anybody who agrees with "barryb" comments. All the best. Ashoka PS Actually, on reflection, "low-life scum" is too mild to accurately depict the reality...
  6. Cubes... You will be know it and I know it. No matter how badly the low-life scum who currently run our country and our industry continue to behave, we will see them out or die trying. Head up...have a drink, then have several for me...cheers! All the best. Ashoka
  7. Leggy... The then President of the Manawatu Harness Racing Club approached the racing authorities around the beginning of this century regarding his Club running greyhound races and beaming them into Asia with no New Zealand-based wagering. He got nowhere. This is what you would expect to any such, or variation thereof, approach now given that those who run the racing industry effectively bludge off the industry and would not want to lose the unearned advantages they currently enjoy. That said, I would have thought that, when considering other options, the first thing one would do wo
  8. Leggy... I realise that you had raised the possibility of racing outside the jurisdiction of the NZRB but wasn't the main thrust of this thread about the general situation in relation to all Clubs under the current NZRB situation? I was addressing all the posters and readers involved in this discussion...not like you to be so self-centred... Have you looked up what the Club's sign up to when accepting their race licenses? Yes, I could...but I'm lazy... All the best. Ashoka
  9. Broadcasting rights are the property of the NZRB as Clubs sign over these rights when they accept the terms of their racing license. The only exception to this was, and might still be, the Auckland Trotting Club who retained their broadcasting rights. Has anybody looked at all the terms included in the racing license issued by the NZRB, and which a Club is required to have signed up to before it can conduct a racemeeting under the present Rules? All the best. Ashoka
  10. Bimbo... I attended a night meeting at Avondale, making a trip up from Wellington just to see what it was like. I enjoyed the experience and certainly felt that what was being offered could work. I note that there is no answer forthcoming as to what support the Club had from those who are supposed to run our industry in an effective manner. The lack of an answer is the answer. All the best. Ashoka
  11. hesi... How much support did the Club running the night meetings get from those running the industry? Why is this concept a success in Australia? Are you insinuating that Australian-based horses are more likely to like the night life than New Zealand-based horses? Pray tell. All the best. Ashoka
  12. bloke... I have taken this to both the Labour Party and, against my personal judgement but on the recommendation of another person, the Green Party. Both these Parties conspire to cover up corruption, the Labour Party, presumably because they are in thrall to the same bunch of crooks as the National Party, and the Green Party after their Parliamentary leaders stated halfway through 2012 that they wished to be part of the next government. It is quite something to see corruption being enacted before your very eyes in the High Court and the Court of Appeal. A nation with a corrupt judic
  13. to bloke... I wrote to Mr Guy in my position as the Manager of the Manawatu Greyhound Racing Club and asked him to look into the corrupt manner in which my letter to the, then, Chairman of the NZRB Michael Stiassny, had been handled. In the said letter I had outlined a number of matters regarding the conduct of the New Zealand Greyhound Racing Board that needed addressing, matters of corruption which involved the massive disadvantaging of my employer and abuse of the industry in general by the said Board. My letter was handed by the, then, Chief Executive of the NZRB, Andrew Brown, direct
  14. Ohokaman... Nathan Guy has no interest in finding out the truth. He is as blatantly a corrupt politician as a corrupt politician can be. The fact that this government continues to foist this incompetent non-entity upon the people of our country tells a story in itself. All the best. Ashoka
  15. Ohokaman... Thank you for posting the link to the relevant information. I am still surprised, but now happily so. This appears to be an excellent service and good on the NZRB and Trackside for providing it. All the best. Ashoka