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  1. I have 1 x shocking service for this coming season for sale, if keen please contact me to negotiate price etc....
  2. I am wanting to sell 1 x shocking nom for the upcoming breeding season..... if interested, keen to discuss/negotiate...
  3. For last minute serve these are still available (1 or both)....... Could be the next "I'm thunderstruck"!! Motivated & Happy to do very good deal on 1 or 2 serves, as simply not using....if interested let me know..
  4. Just to update these 2 x Nominations are still available if of any interest to anyone
  5. I am wanting to sell 2 x shocking noms for the upcoming breeding season .... I am happy to sell individually or as package deal to be discussed, contact me if interested
  6. apologies.....amended.... Race 1) 4 The Lost Boys Race 2) 2 Burgundy Rose Race 3) 6 Arlington Gold Race 4) 1 Montre Moi Race 5) 3 Gold Watch Race 6) 9 Levante Race 7) 1 Amarelinha Race 8 9 Melody Belle Race 9) 3 Les Crayeres
  7. Te Rapa Race 1)4 Race 2)2 Race 3)6 Race 4)1 Race 5)3 Race 6)9 Race 7)1 Race 8)9 Race 9)3 nice easy comp..cheers....
  8. This is akin to buliding a new set of stairs at the entrance of the blind instutute over night and not telling anyone..... fukn muppets!!
  9. Such a good initiative...... our dirty cousins just seem to be able to consistantly offer and deliver on product and initiatives that punters desire and in turn engage with... come on tab! No shame in borrowing some innovative initiatives to help stimulate positive revenue and reputation...
  10. There are just so many aspects of this site that shows little if any thought or care the NZRB have for the racing punter .... many are major as discussed i.e. lagging, info inconsistency, compatibility issues, App issues, upfront and re-occurring costs associated etc etc... this is before you even get into the upfront build cost and how we have ended up here.... but like a lot of things in life, for me it is also the little things that sometimes count , and when these little things are missing... many and most times the reason these are missing is the supplier simply do not care and or h
  11. NZ Derby: Irish Flame Australian Guineas: Levendi NZ Oaks: Insight
  12. Im still resist betting on betfair.... But thiis crap again and again really makes my decision for me....... Would ring to voice my anger as a parting shot...haha but this is also down and not working!!! Is quite unreal..... It would be funny if it wasnt so sad and pathetic!!
  13. What a joke... Imagine if vic tab did this..heads would roll!!! Here in good ol nz... We just let it slide and happens every other dam week, joke.... Over this man!!!