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  1. Huey

    Some Good News

    "Approachable " so are the Jehovah Witnesses , whats your point?
  2. Huey

    Some Good News

    If you've listen to any press conferences or any other CEO recently you've heard 99% of what he says.
  3. Huey

    Some Good News

    How convenient.
  4. Huey

    Inglis Easter Sales brought Forward

    What I mean is the fanfare surrounding these announcements appears misplaced, take the 1 month out from here and their season is effectively over i.e. most of their stable going to the paddock in next 4-6 weeks anyway, the pressure is on the stables who normally get horses ready for winter racing do they continue or pull out. Would have been interesting to hear the reaction from these stables if the lockdown was say July/Aug/Sept which would have completely finished their seasons.
  5. Huey

    Inglis Easter Sales brought Forward

    In one month its basically NZ winter, these stables are hardly bastions of winter racing its an obvious decision for them , the one month out effectively means their season is over. They hardly require a round of applause for it. Would have been interesting to see what they would have done if this occurred in Aug/Sept.
  6. Huey

    Some Good News

    BREAKING : Racing has been suspended in Victoria effective immediately following a licensed person being required to undergo testing for COVID-19. This has abandoned meetings for Sandown (today) & Kilmore / Pakenham tomorrow. Surely no hope of carrying on?
  7. Huey

    Wexford Stables

    Not really stables that have made a large commitment to winter racing in the past at any rate.
  8. Perhaps we might all learn to miss it again ;0
  9. Huey

    TAB to go tits up

    Agree , whats the point in clubs with incredible facilities, event staff etc operating as per normal. Time to reshuffle the calendar head back to the back bone of the sport - country racing !
  10. Huey


    They might have to , can't see them having many other places to go and work.
  11. 8 weeks no pay for jocks, I'd think they'd mind.
  12. Huey

    At What Point

    Not on an industry day it wouldn't, they could spend a $1000 on course each and the club wouldn't make a thing out of them.
  13. Huey

    Bernard's blog

    It's not different at all, its being implied his trip to SA was a junket and potentially a waste of industry resources , no different to others in the industry taking the proverbial also...well I suppose it is different they never get called out .
  14. Huey

    Bernard's blog

    Why blame anyone? Other racing administrators are out there talking about cricket,playing golf and being jockeys agents.
  15. Huey

    Bernard's blog

    That was it , his blog. He is just letting you know he dropped an industry day maiden race on a trip to SA.
  16. Huey

    Loss Of Atlante

    Last 7 starters 6 winners (1 a stakes winner) and one placed 2nd. Although deceased a stallion in form. Need a bit of time perhaps?
  17. Huey

    Alternative Stakes Structure

    Are you suggesting this wouldn't work?
  18. Huey

    NZOaks vs NZDerby vs Probabeel

    Is it only me who thinks the NZ Derby looks a cracking race this year?, with a few different form lines coming into it i.e. Reggiewood, the filly, Vladivostok and of course the fav. Not to mention Sherwood Forest and Scorpz getting up over the trip. Two Illicit for mine and Tibetan the boil over.
  19. Huey

    Do we need a 2 Tier System of Thoroughbred Racing

    Managing decline is working particularly well. 4 horses initially nominated for a mdn 1200 at Awapuni, now there is 12.
  20. Huey

    Racing Bill Submissions

    You need to educate yourself on how the funding policy works, the stakes have next to nothing to do with the sustainability of a racing club, particularly a country club. It's this type of ignorance that dilutes the industry, next you'll be telling us NZTR fund the maintenance and upkeep of these country tracks and there will therefore be a savings for the industry.
  21. Huey

    Racing Bill Submissions

    How does the stake money keep them going?
  22. Huey


    Not referring to Ellerslie
  23. Huey


    Not cool to spend the day at the races, better to watch at home , but for some reason leadership believes we need tracks with fabulous stands to house thousands 2 days per year and deliver shite racing on them for the rest of the year...ah yesss that'll bring the racing fans back! Oh and so will an all weather which incidentally will have few facilities ...I can't figure it all out. So many good tracks in this country that are under utilised with this Strategy in mind its a tragedy.
  24. Huey


    Those committees in racing have long been screwed over or are currently about the be screwed over, there is little point in them showing such enthusiasm when they will absolutely zero support for it.