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  1. Roger Booth is in the family.
  2. Worked with Roc while he was in Matamata. A likable bloke with a few problems. Last I knew he was with Steven McKee at Takanini. Seen him 1 other morning in Papakura leaving a dairy carrying a Best Bet along with a Friday Flash. Thats our Roc.
  3. What has this article got to do with racing?
  4. If this is the reason why have race meetings at Te Aroha?
  5. Why was it transferred to Te Rapa?
  6. I do not know what the problem is with using a Helicopter. I can remember One day at Trentham Michael Walker arriving by chopper. Peter Ryan using his fixed wing plane to fly jockeys to race meetings.
  7. I can think of a few more. Colin Jillings and Trevor McKee. Good at setting horses for certain races. The last race at Ellerslie almost belonged to the McKee's. Malcom Smith and Bill Sanders.
  8. D.J had a horse in his stable called Bermadez. Made it to open company when the handicap system was true and punters went the races.
  9. Covid. No T. A SIMPLE WORD TO PRONOUNCE. N.Z has had this virus for over 2 years.
  10. The doubt about the 1200 at Trentham has been around for a long time. Remembering Blueblood and his time back in the 70s. 1.06 and change when winning the Telegraph. Is there a need to talk about this subject again?
  11. How often do you see horse racing on T.V1? On this occasion it was a race, a race in which a jockey was hurt and a horse put down. A very insensitive effort by T.V1.
  12. Has the n.z racing industry got a younger audience? Pretty thin on the ground if we have.
  13. This so called trend has been with us for a long time. Te Akau can produce a group 1 horse that can beat a good Aussie field. The last quality group race field I can remember is the Easter which was won by GREY WAY. Half of that field could hold its own in Aust. The secret to a good horse is placement in a correct race. The standards of some of our trainers are poor, when it comes to placement.