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  1. Isnt it unusual that in july a jockey could not travel across levels of lockdown would ministry of health give you permission to do so by nztr say No . Move forward to this month jockeys are travelling from level 3 to level two or visa vira .
  2. Did anybody see Chris Johnson travel permit that was posted on Facebook To it read as he got travel to and from the races under level three if so how did nztr have the right to stop him and other southern jockeys from attending the races . Notice one northern rider rode over the weekend the old story different courses for different horse
  3. Reading the biography of Mr B Curley looks like racing in England has same problems with administration as is in New zealand now
  4. When we had lockdown in March last year in level four horse were not allowed to be worked wonder what has changed especially with delta being more contagious
  5. Looking at the size of fields at Wellington today first place that should have got a synthetic track trick all the boxes
  6. See race delayed put back one race after race 4 who runs racing not tab i thought
  7. How will media describe Very Elleegant 8 group 1 s in Australia has race horse of high calibrate that Melody Belle this is why the word should not as much as is now days
  8. Just look at the people that have came through British horse racing school how well the have done in New Zealand seams logical most people that you read about or meet from British isles have been through
  9. Licensing trackwork rider Should be let British horse racing school taught be ex jockey not how plus help ex race rider past on experience sames logical to me be most thing nztr do has you scratches on skullcap
  10. Rain has been forecast why can the track not be prepared for this got rain radar as well
  11. Every rider has bad rides they know
  12. Think there is a horse in the race that has better too win more that the popular pick ?????
  13. Surprise there no protest in first race at auckland 5th v 1st
  14. Well they say that history has a habit of repeating itself. Well you can image my surprise when watching Weigh in last night when a person from Auckland Jockey Club saying that having talks with Counties and Avondale about amalgamation talks and selling land and new track and stake money increase. When A.J C sold the Takanini training track same spin was told to trainer at the time . With stake levels not moving . Talk of selling unused land at all three clubs .
  15. The stripes at it again in third race at Tauranga again changed placings . Devotioninmotion first passed the post , got headed and fought back too win