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  1. Good in multi,s if one doesn't win but finishes in top 4 the multi is still alive
  2. https://www.racingandsports.com/form-guide/thoroughbred/new-zealand/awapuni/2020-07-04/R1
  3. Greyhound racing needs a few staff to
  5. Kind Regards must have left multi champion horses over the years.
  6. Trying to breed another WINX
  7. We all know things are stuffed up from racing clubs selling off land they shoulded be allowed to, from so many staff at Tab on 100k + salaries think they tv stars. Telling us what bet on they realy pi** me off. To racing clubs who cant afford to get tracks in order. And stake money that is so low it not practical to race a horse. Everyone in apart from grass roots racing just bullshiters trying to justify there jobs and that goes for racing clubs who maybe dont get paid but run clubs and have free drinks etc in private rooms for mates who dont spend a penny on racing. We need bookies or somth
  8. I cant believe what you saying only worth what somone pays funny as with 10k service fees etc. sold for $300 jobs and happy, cant imagine running a bussiness this way hobby yes. wish i was i know about filly i have paid s**t loads for horses that cost another s***t load to find out no good but that not the point i was making this a $$$ bussiness and people in it as small breeders need to dump horses sad
  9. It would be good to here from a seller not a buyer to see what they say
  10. I agree i think the auction is very good and very well run and gives people another way of selling. But looking at some prices as Lionel said market prices, you would quesion going into the industry unless you were at the top end. That was my point only good if you need some tax losses.
  11. Yip correct, i bet the ones who buy for 1 mill have another 50 mill left tp play with. At the bottom end some cant wait for results and need to dump to survive. Cut losses cant afford to race with pathetic stakes money.