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  1. Abernant

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Kind Regards must have left multi champion horses over the years.
  2. Abernant


    Trying to breed another WINX
  3. We all know things are stuffed up from racing clubs selling off land they shoulded be allowed to, from so many staff at Tab on 100k + salaries think they tv stars. Telling us what bet on they realy pi** me off. To racing clubs who cant afford to get tracks in order. And stake money that is so low it not practical to race a horse. Everyone in apart from grass roots racing just bullshiters trying to justify there jobs and that goes for racing clubs who maybe dont get paid but run clubs and have free drinks etc in private rooms for mates who dont spend a penny on racing. We need bookies or somthing better tab free to air not sky what with that, what official decided that please send me his name. More young people in racing my kids brought up on grandad having phone bets and watchin tv not ipad and sky tv. How many people do you need to watch a race one a commentator on race the not 5 tv people and bookies and back to studio crazy. They have just gone to far away from racing not funny even pokies in the tabs may as well buy lotto there to. So anything new a good start to dump everything and start again.
  4. Abernant


    I cant believe what you saying only worth what somone pays funny as with 10k service fees etc. sold for $300 jobs and happy, cant imagine running a bussiness this way hobby yes. wish i was i know about filly i have paid s**t loads for horses that cost another s***t load to find out no good but that not the point i was making this a $$$ bussiness and people in it as small breeders need to dump horses sad
  5. Abernant


    It would be good to here from a seller not a buyer to see what they say
  6. Abernant


    I agree i think the auction is very good and very well run and gives people another way of selling. But looking at some prices as Lionel said market prices, you would quesion going into the industry unless you were at the top end. That was my point only good if you need some tax losses.
  7. Abernant


    Yip correct, i bet the ones who buy for 1 mill have another 50 mill left tp play with. At the bottom end some cant wait for results and need to dump to survive. Cut losses cant afford to race with pathetic stakes money.
  8. Abernant


    Weanlings pins $4100, zed $400, redwood $2300, Makfi $2100, atlante $300, keeper $300, in last 30min and still going
  9. Abernant


    Gavelhouse live auctions start 15 min watch live on https://gavelhouse.co.nz it a bit sad watching horses go for small amounts, from breeders who have put a lot of time and effort in.
  10. Abernant

    Winners R Grinners Take Three FINAL 26th May

    Premiers cup, the wildflower, no 9 Sires produce, zousain, no 3 Queensland oaks, youngstar, no 3 Kingford smith, volpe veloce, no 10
  11. Abernant


    I like how blunt they are with there opinions , I think there tv videos are only going to get better
  12. Abernant


    Only just came across these guys https://boysgetpaid.com/ and there latest pod or tvcast https://boysgetpaid.com/bgp-tv/ still not sure if they good or just taking the p*ss
  13. Abernant

    Sir Tristram - et al

    Hi a bit lost in all of this, but Zabeel best cross was with vice regal mares 1 in every 8 was group 1 winner 5 of them. 35 runners 26 winners by far better than anything else is this due to Bismarck's sire Relic ??
  14. Abernant


  15. Abernant

    wellington races weather

    Will Wellington be on, heaps of rain, hate to go out Saturday then abandoned after one or two races ?? Any update on track