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  1. can anyone tell me who trained and rode the dashing jumper no offence
  2. as an owner i do it for the love of the horse the new zealand industry is shot hardly any improvement since the report 3years ago i agree terrible stake money and high costs surely something must happen soon what i do not know .
  3. thanks everyone have got in contact with sean collins so am good to go thanks again
  4. is there anyone out there that does pre training in the central districts handy to palm.north i was told sean collins but no one knows his phone number does any one know thanks
  5. why do we keep these tracks open for 4 days racing a year when you can not race on them seems a waste of money to me money that could be put back into stakes
  6. once again we have a situation where these horses opie rides are liable to be disquilified for overweight weigh in we have rules for everyone but opie seems to be flaunting them he would of been so dehidrated that water was taken at the barrier that is why he weighed in over weight for your own health and the punters sanity think about your issues
  7. could not make weight first 2 rides and replaced rode melody belle jumped off spewed and was still overweight when weighed in surely someone in a high place must not let him ride under 58 for his own health and the trainers that book him or simply retire
  8. i have sent mangaroa mini to staphanos last year and got a big brown filly exactly the same as the sire considering the mare is chestnut the sire has stamped the foal so hopefully your black minnaloushe cross works for me thanks
  9. top kind rider under utilized by baker forsman and not given best rides by this stable good luck matty your my favorite and hopefully you will be back bigger and better