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  1. Get the bugles out...he's going

    I wonder if Silver Fern Meat will go the same way,the Crafar farms should have been given to Maori and young NZ farmers.The farming show reported the Beingmate deal to be losing over 558 million I thought.
  2. Don't remember the Reefton race but for reasons that should be obvious, i remember the Kumara race. Your uncle was a hard bastard and he asked me to ge a good apprentice for an apprentice race, so i got him G N Davison who was in my view a top rider in the making,he gave it every show and ran in the placings . Kevin Dolan told me that Grant would never make it as a rider, I was talking to Kevin many years later and told him that Grant did make it and had just ridden his 1000th winner,the gruff reply was he must have improved Another good story and i believe it is true was that Kevin had brought a horse at the sales and.it was hard to break in and would continually buck, this was ok as Kevin's son would ride him, but one day he had to go on a rugby trip, so Kevin decided to ride the horse himself, he would have been around 65 years old then, well he got dropped when the horse starting bucking, .. I cannot say what happened to the horse but Kevin did win the battle, You didn't get a second chance with Kevin, one hard bastard.
  3. The day when my heart was broken and my life torn apart, Ross lived in Russley Rd and you are correct he moved out to a stud farm in Amberley Ross's father was Noel Simpson, he was very successful in the Harness code.
  4. Buy Air NZ shares

    The same happens with the RIU.They send Stewards to different areas to work,eg Oathan to Timura, Davidson to Pukekohe etc etc. When the inspired leader M Godber was questioned on this waste, his lame justification was that he would like the stewards to be familiar with other areas. Well my reply to that would be , Would you see Victorian Stewards going to Sydney, Queensland Stewards to Perth etc etc, no you don,t not even days like the Melbourne Cup If they had to pay for their own travel, like Jason Teaz has to, then i believe you would see this wastage cease and rightfully so.
  5. Brillant bit of humor,but i mean,it has taken me 25 minutes to get Karen{my wife] off the floor suffering from a laughing spasm and have just done that and she has been in the toilet for another 10 minutes, presumably changing her pants. I will get my own box for the day and as always happens i will end up with the 7 girls from your box,as they will be a bored and depressed as any person that has to suffer your hospitality and tips from your good self,you can keep the other 3 for reasons for reasons that will be clear to Cafers
  6. If i make the cut for your March Box at Ellerslie, i will concede your where no 1in the SI, otherwise if I miss the cut i will say you wouldn,t rate in the top 20,in fact i would put the late Ray Hewinson and Bill Berry ahead of you, Your choice,but if i do make the cut and those attractive ladies are not present, then you are a fair dinkum tosser
  7. gisborne sunday

    Went there 2 years ago and they offered the best deal ever offered,from memory it was $200 per starter,3 days accommodation at a nice motel and there was something else but Alzheimer's is a buggar. The club also had a 10k Trainers prize and unbelievably Kevin Myers had 4plus winners and ran 2nd as each starter earned points and Rogie had float loads of starters
  8. Winstons big announcement...

    Just been reported the NZ First is now below the 5% threshold.Is this because of failed promises or other issues?
  9. Harness Racing Names

    You are wrong again as to where he was born, what size he is and how good a punter he is, but don't let facts get in your way of your story.
  10. Best Racecaller in New Zealand

    In my opinion,the 2 most underrated are Bruce Sherwin and Jason Teaz. They are very accurate and when you are listening on the radio, they tell you where your horse/s are positioned in a race which you can then visualize in your head.
  11. Wellington Cup Day

    Von,I am struggling to believe this is Leo also. I am thinking that he may have taken off overseas with that glamour that he was seen with at the tennis, mind you i can see why he may have done so and a complete change of personality has occurred because of this rendezvous.
  12. Jockeys lives ruined...

    Correct Little Man,it was Owen Anning and the other passenger was Wattie Latimer,he owned Wattalan,NZ Cup and Watelse Unlucky In Love etc
  13. laying a complaint

    Come on Baz, every rider now has to weigh in,even if you run last I would be more interested to see if she was drug tested before the races and if not why not... The owners will lose any stake money they won because of this stupidity and that is what it is stupidity.
  14. Bernard

    He has been here for 6 months and yet the only thing I have heard or seen of him,is to ask the RIU to investigate how the sprinklers were left at Omakau,FFS. Bernie come out with something as to why we have had 7 abandoned meetings over the last 9 days in the lucrative period of holiday racing and how you have plans to remedy this going forward, as at the moment you are a cardboard cutout of a CEO of NZ Racing.Thanks in advance.
  15. Congratulations Donna & Pete

    Agree,but can you believe their luck?