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  1. gisborne sunday

    Went there 2 years ago and they offered the best deal ever offered,from memory it was $200 per starter,3 days accommodation at a nice motel and there was something else but Alzheimer's is a buggar. The club also had a 10k Trainers prize and unbelievably Kevin Myers had 4plus winners and ran 2nd as each starter earned points and Rogie had float loads of starters
  2. Winstons big announcement...

    Just been reported the NZ First is now below the 5% threshold.Is this because of failed promises or other issues?
  3. Harness Racing Names

    You are wrong again as to where he was born, what size he is and how good a punter he is, but don't let facts get in your way of your story.
  4. Best Racecaller in New Zealand

    In my opinion,the 2 most underrated are Bruce Sherwin and Jason Teaz. They are very accurate and when you are listening on the radio, they tell you where your horse/s are positioned in a race which you can then visualize in your head.
  5. Wellington Cup Day

    Von,I am struggling to believe this is Leo also. I am thinking that he may have taken off overseas with that glamour that he was seen with at the tennis, mind you i can see why he may have done so and a complete change of personality has occurred because of this rendezvous.
  6. Reefton

    More the riders rather than the horses. I must say it is a welcome return to the riders rank with Jason Laking back.In my opinion, he is a top-class rider
  7. Jockeys lives ruined...

    Correct Little Man,it was Owen Anning and the other passenger was Wattie Latimer,he owned Wattalan,NZ Cup and Watelse Unlucky In Love etc
  8. laying a complaint

    Come on Baz, every rider now has to weigh in,even if you run last I would be more interested to see if she was drug tested before the races and if not why not... The owners will lose any stake money they won because of this stupidity and that is what it is stupidity.
  9. Bernard

    He has been here for 6 months and yet the only thing I have heard or seen of him,is to ask the RIU to investigate how the sprinklers were left at Omakau,FFS. Bernie come out with something as to why we have had 7 abandoned meetings over the last 9 days in the lucrative period of holiday racing and how you have plans to remedy this going forward, as at the moment you are a cardboard cutout of a CEO of NZ Racing.Thanks in advance.
  10. Congratulations Donna & Pete

    Agree,but can you believe their luck?
  11. Omoto - any chance it is abandoned?

    Correct WD,BUT I BELIEVE YOU SHOULD LOOK UP THE ROAD, towards Kumura way as for why this didn't happen.
  12. Oh Bevin. Do your homework

    I was told one of Nigel Tileys got badly hurt last week when taken there for a gallop, apparently got it,s leg over the pipe rail
  13. I thought racing was on a roll

    Leo, as you are her Number 1 fan, I take it you will invest 90k of your predicted 100k increased turnover.
  14. Win a $100 voucher at HQ

    Von,it is very hard to lose golf balls when you drive it 250m and land in the middle of the fairway.