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  1. Safety

    Again on Saturday, a man was put at great risk when the starter let the field go with a man in front of the gates.This s the 2nd time this has happened at Riccarton and after the first time I was of the belief that the starter had to be positioned in front of the gates, so he had a view of any person that was still in front before releasing the button.Every time a meeting is abandoned the RIU state it was done for rider and horse safety, well if that is the case, why hasn't the recommendation/rule being followed, does the RIU going to wait until someone is killed or badly hurt? Another recommendation i believe must be implemented is for the Clerk of the Course to be positioned in front of the stalls , the benefit would be if a horse breaks through, he/she is the right position to recapture a horse, they are no hope standing behind the barrier, just my thoughts.
  2. Arrogate still ahead of Winx...???

    Little man, i just checked that you thought Balmerino won nothing in Europe, i just watch a video that said he raced in 6 nations and was equal top weight on the Free Hcp in 3 countries, France,England and Ireland and you could add New Zealand and Australia and he ended up with a record of 46 starts with 22 wins,11 seconds and 2 thirds.So i know you are a hard marker,but I believe he was a champion,so I await your response to defend your statement that he didn,t win much offshore and remember he went there in their hometown,so they had no travel and raced within their comfort zone.
  3. Humidor-Melbourne Cup

    Did Green Moon do this?
  4. C Small

    For God's sake Woodsie the guy is 70 and unlike jockeys of today would attend trackwork, so he has ridden more than 500k horses in races and Trackwork, so give the guy a break about his legs, he is not going through the Sale ring and you are looking for perfect confirmation,he is more than like;y like your good self and can talk and spin a yarn.
  5. Not a good look for Oliver

    Tell me how a rider gets 18 months suspension for wagering 1k on a horse he rides to win and a fellow Australian can get a 20 meeting suspension for putting a rider and a horse in a life-threatening situation and in a G1 race, could only happen in Australia or America.What is the worse crime???
  6. C Small

    I notice he rode a winner yesterday at the Sunshine Coast.He must be older than Pound for Pound{LJM] . He was the regular rider of Vo Rouge way back when LJM was pinching girlfriends off me,so is he the oldest Licensee in Australia/NZ at the moment??
  7. Sistabeel

    No to busy,so i did not have a bet.I will tomorrow and it will be on Aim Smart as i believe he is the best 3yo at the moment.
  8. Sistabeel

    I had a small wager on this filly yesterday and was suitably impressed with her performance. I did try to cancel my bet when I saw her work herself up prior to the start but was not allowed, fortunately. In the running, i thought she was no hope, as she had got back from barrier 1 and the track does have a front-running bias, but more importantly, she skied her head on 3 occasions between the 750 and 600m mark and this does not help any horse.The surprising aspect of her skying her head was the fact that there was nothing in the Stewards Report, i would have thought this is information that is relevant and should have been reported, but this is our Stewards we are talking about. Sistabeel was 2 seconds slower than Embellish recorded a race later , but in my opinion, if her attitude improves and become more settled on Raceday, she does have a future
  9. Stark reality of NZ racing

    And if you destroy the trials / selling yong horses market you'll be tearing apart the only thing keeping NZ racing solvent.
  10. Stark reality of NZ racing

    The race Dillo selected in is The Mitchelson.....it was a decent race in its day...sadly today's event doesn't have a single open class horse in it, yet the bumbling fools in Petone keep telling us they've got this game sorted. I understand the weather issues and the impact that has on field size, but if other sports can cope ( Eden Park seems fine ), and this problem has been widely discussed here so it's not a new issue, then surely the industry must take some responsibility for what's really a bit of a farce raceday today at Ellerslie.
  11. The way I see it this is a case of trainers/ owners voting with their feet and deciding not to enter here when the track is in such an appallingly bad state. Maybe it's time to debate the fact Ellerslie allegedly has 40 million in cash reserves, with as much as another 60 million pending, yet they seem to be considering a compromise solution to their track issues when clearly they could close for a year, spend say 12-15 mill, and do a world class Strathayr alternative. Is that a reasonable assessment of the situation ? and is the ARC showing the leadership qualities we could and should expect from a flagship club ?
  12. Dear oh dear......you will lose 40 for the one that won, but you'll score points for the two that got beat. Leave the fine print to me, just play the game champ.
  13. Au Revoir Cam

    DM can make a difference, he should have Beernaard Saundry's job, and / or John Allens ( arguably ). I think what frightens them about him is that he knows his stuff, and he's connected, so he exposes them as ignorant fools, whereas they like to pretend they know their stuff and they insulate themselves from critics by surrounding themselves with really average people. DM is not average.
  14. Au Revoir Cam

    You know 97% of the facts you read about me on the internet aren't true
  15. Au Revoir Cam

    That's breaking news, me aggressive !!! First time ever