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  1. pilli

    $700 Comp... Randwick this Saturday

    R1*1-3-5 R2*1-9-12 R3*3-6-9 R4*3-6-9 R5*3-6-9 R6*1-3-4 R7*2-6-9 R8*2-10-12 R9*7-14-17 R10*3-9-12 Thanks Sponsors&Scorers.
  2. pilli

    Alex Park even caters for the Ghosts

    So Timothy didn't have to put his glasses on!
  3. pilli

    Auckland noms Friday

    Lloyd,thanks for clarifying that,I did wonder!Cheers.
  4. pilli

    Auckland noms Friday

    Actually John,my comment to Andre was more than tongue in cheek.He spent several years working in leading kennels in both Islands,before beginning his Trotting Journey with Stephen Doody. As a solution,what,if any,travel subsidy do ATC offer Trainers from Lower North Island & South Island!
  5. pilli

    Good Feeling

    Auckland Trotting Club are racing this Friday with a 5 Race Program..yes that's right,only 5 races. Their total nominations for a full card were less than 60 horses. So,Manukau & Cambridge Dogs haven't sunk to our Rival Code dire levels yet!
  6. pilli

    Auckland noms Friday

    Andre,I believe you would be very successful if you mirrored Peter Ferguson and became Dual Code Trainer with some Greyhounds.
  7. pilli

    Auckland noms Friday

    I bet an Amateur Drivers Race would have more than zero/1 nomination.
  8. pilli

    Any updates on Inca ?

    I am led to believe that poundforpound's comment here is totally accurate.
  9. pilli

    Cooper 38a

    I think you are referring to Michelle Pickles.
  10. I think it's fair to say that most pundants would rank the strength of NZ Greyhound Regions as Southern..Central Districts..then Northerners. So,it was something of a surprise to see the NZ Cup/Galaxy Group 1 double go to Steve Clark & Jared Udy/Denise Cottam Northern Kennels. Well today,the Auckland Cup/Railway Group 1 double went the way of Peter Ferguson & Jared Udy/Denise Cottam. In fact,from only 4 finalists,northern dogs ran 1st 2nd 3rd & 1st. Noteworthy some exciting lower grade dogs from Karen Walsh kennel look set to take their place in Group Races during next 12 months. Pilli.Northern Cheerleader.
  11. pilli

    Railway & Auckland Cup Predictions

    Seddon Strikes BANG BANG Great Tipping..Hope you were well $$ rewarded.
  12. pilli

    Uthor Bale

    Bus Stop "Swings & Roundabouts".Perhaps Dyna Dave would not have qualified without the lure malfunction!Wonder which scenario AC preferred!!
  13. pilli

    Black arm bands

    GOM..what a pompous,dinosaur attitude of yours regards the wearing of black armbands.
  14. pilli

    Sailesh Abernethy wtf ??

    Post Race Interviews on Trackside. Frequently Mick Guerin (and Greg O'Connor) pose such long winded questions that also mix in their own answer,cannot blame any driver from feeling unwilling to be on the receiving end of any such interview. That Tremeloes Song "Silence Is Golden" just popped into my head.
  15. pilli

    NZ Cup Night Addington Prize Money

    To answer your question Mike: Harness Racing on Cup Day Total Stakes Paid $1,297,235 Prize Money banked by Purdon/Rasmussen Team $760,930 or 58.65% Cheers,Pilli.