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  1. Smart Patch

    Who said they landed the "plunge" ??
  2. Smart Patch

    Exactly Hizzy....
  3. Jockeys lives ruined...

    A lot more since "safety vests" were made compulsory...........
  4. Dale at Omoto

    Mmmm.....totally agree awego. I know of some that refused to take the ride because of that.Why would you take it to the tight circuits of the coast with that reputation ?? Maybe cos someone has no fucken idea and is just a blow arse......
  5. Dale at Omoto

    Unlucky horse....how can you say that ????
  6. Wingatui track today

    True statement....had it been earlier in the day the track would have been blamed instead of incompetent riding !!!!
  7. head to head bet Race 5 Matamata

    Admin....can you please organise to put up another imojo that we can click on eg fuckwit...poor looser....tosser etc :-)

    You should put yours up as well and compare them :-)
  9. NZ Cup entries Here.

    Well done Insider.
  10. NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st Imperium 2nd Pentathlon Last Zentangel Many thanks
  11. Well done cubes and thanks to the sponsors and organisers for the comp.
  12. Who shot the barman scratched

    Just confirmed on trackside - has a fever....
  13. Melbourne Cup Comp Entries Here.

    1st Almandin 2nd Marmelo Last Thomas Hobson Many thanks.
  14. Central districts starter

    Its worse when the starter says nothing.....at least when they say something there is time for a yell to say not ready....weather its someone in front/no irons/horse laying against the side etc
  15. Caulfield Cup Comp Entries

    1st Johannes Vermer 2nd Lord Fandango Last Boom Time Many thanks