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  1. Pilaster

    Streaming trackside radio

    Downloaded Rova, can't find trackside radio anywhere on it. Very frustrating waste of time.
  2. Pilaster

    Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    Totally agree as well. This relates to the banning of Champion & Murphy Racing from using the Ashburton track to train their horses. It appears to be a case of a petty personality clash that has escalated over the years into a farcical situation. Trainers who want the best for their horses and owners appear to be a great inconvenience to the Ashburton Racing Club Committee. It's sickening that a club committee has the power to potentially destroy the business of trainers who are providing 'product' for racing and NZTR won't/can't intervene for the benefit of racing. This decision will have minimal impact on the lives of those who made it, they still get to go about their businesses unhindered. But it has an immense and hugely stressful impact on Danny and Kezia, their lives, their business and the interests of the many owners who value them and their contribution to racing. Racing has an obligation to care for those who dedicate themselves and their lives to it. I've also emailed NZTR and had no response.