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  1. Horse ambulances for NZ.

    Indeed. The announcement promotes warm fuzzies, but exposure of the practical impacts is necessary for a rounded view. If my 8 year old gelding breaks down in a hurdle race, will I still be able to have him put down right away on course, rather than prolong his suffering getting carted off into the unknown in an ambulance? If my Group 1 winning mare (just dreaming) breaks down horrifically while pulling up after creaming Kawi and company, can I demand she gets ambulance service though the vets on course want to put her down immediately? We now and then have race meetings interrupted when the ambulance for humans has taken a jockey away to hospital, and have to wait until a replacement ambulance arrives before a meeting resumes. Will this apply also with horse ambulances? Are there any studs which currently have horse ambulances? The bigger ones have greater numbers of thoroughbreds on their properties than run at many race meetings. And, while in horse welfare terms it mightn't be relevant, the horses at stud have economic value many times that of the full cards at industry meetings.
  2. TE RAPA

    Agree. Also transparency for punters, who are less likely to "play" if there are doubts about the amount of rain affecting the going and the likelihood of late scratchings. The comments on this and other threads show a comprehensive lack of confidence that clubs give out information, good and bad, with timeliness and forthrightness.
  3. Melody Belle rort ?

  4. Ruakaka would have to downsize bigtime if a synthetic track in the Waikato was successful
  5. All Weather Track

    There are 101 questions. Who decides the venue/location? Using what criteria? Who stumps up the capital (in what proportions)? Who owns it, maintains it, underwrites its ultimate replacement? Is it to be available year round for meetings, trials, and trackwork (for resident trainers, or all-comers)? Will it cater for jumps racing? Will it be left handed, right handed, both? Will changes to the Racing Act be required to accommodate it? Etc etc. Bailey Rogerson might be the only current trainer to see it happen in their lifetime.
  6. Karaka tv coverage

    I see a NZ Thoroughbred Racing news item referred to Sir Patrick as "the sales doyenne". No doubt intended as flattery, but entirely missed the mark, a doyenne being the most respected or prominent woman in a particular field.
  7. Aiden R

    Seemed to me there were new elements of professionalism in the Trackside TV coverage of Trentham, for example Tony Lee throwing to Emily Bosson for her interviews with the winning jockeys (which usually were good, and thankfully without problems with communications). The production side of things is way better than the contributions from the on-air "experts" Rodley, Sweeney and Popplewell. In their defence, however, I would say that they have earnest enthusiasm for what they are doing, and seem to have good relations with the trainers, jockeys, etc they interview. I stumbled on dire content on the Trackside radio show with Peter Early after 11 am. Stipendiary stewards giving insipid renderings race by race of stuff from RIU reports and gear changes involving mind-numbing trivia (nose bands, nasal strips, shadow rolls, etc). It was a sorry experience after the upbeat sports programme it followed.
  8. Abandonments Release

    Watch out, Insider, you'll be charged with bringing the industry into disrepute with forthright observations like this.
  9. H Andrew

    She's riding again today at Tauherenikau, but there's a whisper about that a special squad of the RIU's best are taking up positions behind fencelines and trees in an attempt to get a conviction. Yesterday at Hastings Tony Lee constantly referred to a Holly Rose Andrew. Maybe the Rose attachment has thrown the RIU boofheads.
  10. This is your Minister

    Indeed, it told us the leakers wanted to publicise the rort, and we already knew WInston is dishonest
  11. This is your Minister

    Winston won't get sunshine on him when he courageously leads the way into Pike River to collect the bones! Such valour surely means we can forgive him a few little mistruths here and there over a long career, or even regular big ones. It's just not fair that people can breach his privacy, even if he was rorting national superannuation, which might seem obvious but is yet to be proven.
  12. Bloody Hell...

    Mark McNamara and English Emily did their jobs well, and the camera crew. The rest should be on the minimum adult wage.
  13. TAB - Disgrace

    If the TAB is shifting along the dollar each way punters who have been faffing about all day, and letting through the heavier hitters when they're ready to unload, I'm all for it. Much better, of course, that they suck in every single dollar, within sensible cost:benefit judgement.
  14. Melbourne Cup to have emergencies from 2018

    Maybe the NZ TAB could apply Kiwi no. 8 wire and cope with 26 acceptors by bracketing 24, 24A and 24B, and cope with 28 by adding 24C and 24D?
  15. tab website crash today

    Make it a plan B, Betfair