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  1. R1=1-3-9-11 R2=2-7-11-12 R3=1-2-4-12 R4=3-4-6-11 R5=2-3-7-11 R6=1-3-4-9 R7=2-3-8-9 R8=1-4-8-11 R9=4-7-8-10 R10=3-7-9-13 R11=2-8-11-16 R12=6-9-10-16 Thanks very much.
  2. So sorry to hear about your loss Brian.My thoughts are with you.Condolences to your family. Rex
  3. Randwick R1=7 R2=2 R3=3 R4=3 R5=3 R6=10 R7=13 R8=3 R9=3 Flemington R1=7 R2=1 R3=8 R4=12 R5=5 R6=7 R7=15 R8=2 R9=11
  4. The trip to Fiji was fantastic.Im glad it was last year and not this year,the way it has all turned out.
  5. Why not half of any winnings.After all its cost you nothing to enter.Helps to keep the comps going which are always a lot of fun.
  6. mrzim


    Success deserves a mention I was always told when growing up.
  7. mrzim


    So history is made and your not allowed to mention it too often.I think it’s worth going on about.Its an amazing achievement.Well done to the team.Keep up the good work.
  8. I taught Paige everything she knows Mike.Maybe I should listen to my own
  9. I thing he should be gelded..Actually scrap that idea as he got more than me.
  10. Well done to our three winners..Ponderosa your blood is worth bottling.Thanks to our sponsors and Scooby.
  11. He’s a real legend.I wouldn’t know where to start scoreing.
  12. R1=3-6-11-15 R2=3-4-6-8 R3=5-7-9-10 R4=2-6-7-8 R5=5-12-14-16 R6=2-3-11-13 R7=1-4-6-14 R8=1-2-3-8 R9=1-4-10-11 Thanks very much to all involved in making this comp happen.
  13. Rosehill R4=1-5 R5=2-5 R6=1-3 R7=14-16 R8=2-6 Flemington R4=1-3 R5=3-11 R6=1-2 R7=1-13 R8=2-7 Thanks very much to all involved in scoring and sponsorship
  14. R1=1-5-10 R2=1-3-12 R3=2-4-5 R4=2-5-12 R5=1-3-6 R6=4-5-9 R7=1-2-4 R8=2-5-9 R9=4-6-15 Thanks very much team.