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  1. Te Rapa R3=2-5 Te Rapa R4=1-3 Te Rapa R6=2-3 Trentham R8=1-4 Doomben R5=4-6 Doomben R6=2-3 Doomben R7=1-4 Doomben R8=4-11 Flemington R7=6-9 Morphettville R6=1-4 bb Morphettville R7=2-3 bb Morphettville R8=4-8 Thank you
  2. Rotorua R3=7-8 bb Rotorua R5=2-6 Rotorua R6=2-7 Rotorua R8=1-5 Eagle Farm R3=1-4 bb Eagle Farm R5=3-8 Eagle Farm R7=1-14 Eagle Farm R8=1-9 Scone R8=8-15 Scone R9=2-3 Morphettville R3=1-2 Morphettville R8=1-6 Thanks team
  3. Te Rapa R2==3-4 Te Rapa R4==1-7 Te Rapa R5==2-4 Riccarton R4 ==1-6 Riccarton R5==2-6 Riccarton R7==1-3 Morphettville R4==4-11 Morphettville R5==1-4 Morphettville R6==4-5 bb Morphettville R7==1-5 Morphettville R8==1-6 bb Gosford R8==8-10 Thank you.
  4. Te Rapa R2=1-7 Te Rapa R3=2-9 Te Rapa R5=1-11 Te Rapa R7=1-2 Eagle Farm R5=6-9 Eagle Farm R7=1-2 Eagle Farm R8=1-11 Hawkesbury R6=2-6 BB Hawkesbury R7=5-6 BB Hawkesbury R8=10-11 Hawkesbury R9=1-13 Sandown Hillside R8=1-5 Thanks guys
  5. Te Rapa R4 =2-8 Randwick R3 =4-5 Randwick R4 =5-6 Hastings R6 =8-11 Te Rapa R7 =1-7 Randwick R5 2-6 Hastings R7 xxfp Riverton R8 xxfp Randwick R6 =2-3 Randwick R7=1-2 Randwick R8=2-14 Caulfield R8=2-9 Thanks sponsor and of course scorer.
  6. Randwick R5 #1 In the congo Caulfield Race 3 #3 Comica Thanks
  7. Awapuni R4=1-2 Awapuni R5=5-10 Awapuni R6=1-8 Awapuni R7=2-3 Randwick R3=1-12 Randwick R4=2-4 Randwick R6=10-12 bb Randwick R7=5-15 Randwick R8=1-2 Randwick R9=2-10bb Bendigo R6=2-8 Bendigo R8=1-14 Thank you.
  8. Randwick R7 Hitotsu #1 Bendigo R1 Point Nepean #9 Thanks
  9. Mornington r1 cirrina #3 Mornington r3 Midwest #2 Thanks
  10. Riccarton R4=1-2 Riccarton R8=1-5 bb Tauranga R6=1-4 Tauranga R7=2-5 Rosehill R2=8-12 Rosehill R3=4-13 bb Rosehill R4=3-5 Rosehill R5=7-10 Rosehill R6=5-14 Rosehill R7=4-11 Rosehill R8=2–3 Mornington R7=2-5 Thanks sponsor and scorer.
  11. Trentham R4=3 Trentham R5=4 Trentham R6=1 Trentham R7=5 Trentham R8=1 Rosehill R6=1 Rosehill R7=8 Rosehill R8=8 Rosehill R9=5 Flemington R6=2 Flemington R7=9 Flemington R8=8 Thank you
  12. A big thanks to all involved for the comp.Well done to Richie and to all that survived to the end.Well done to me too for being one of the first to get eliminated and making it easier for the scorer.Picking seven winners in one day is not something I do very often,and never backed one of them.Shows what a good judge I’m not.
  13. Ellerslie R1=4 Ellerslie R2=6 Ellerslie R3=4 Ellerslie R4=6 Ellerslie R5=4 Ellerslie R6=5 bb Ellerslie R7=6 Ellerslie R8=7bb Ellerslie R9=1 Ellerslie R10=2 Thanks.
  14. Pukekohe R1=7 Pukekohe R3=1 bb Trentham R3=1 Trentham R7=3 Flemington R1=8 Flemington R4=6 Flemington R5=1 Flemington R6=3 Flemington R7=3 Flemington R8=3 Rosehill R2=2 bb Rosehill R3=1 Rosehill R5=10 Rosehill R6=12 Rosehill R8=15 Thanks team