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  1. Without thinking

    Calm Harbour, Italian Saint and Happiness.
  2. Kawi at $8 until 5pm

    Starvoia E/W
  3. Te Rapa Jockey Challenge

    Bookies gave a full refund on Opie .
  4. Horses to follow over summer

  5. Why are the trainers not speaking out about the state their Industry is in? Seems to me the only one with any with any kahunas is Chris Wood. Along with the owners and punters they put on the show for very little reward. Chris tells it how it is from what I have heard. Lots of moaning but no action. Seems no one wants to rock the boat. Wake up guys and girls, the boat is slowly sinking.
  6. Congrats Team Lowry

    I believe Grants wife has been instrumental in getting the best out of Wait A Sec. So hats off to her i say.
  7. Go Winnie

    The robots are already here Nerula. Automation is everywhere. Orchards are now been planted to pick the Apples and Kiwi Fruit. Freezing Works, Food Manufacturing and Warehousing have all list thousands of jobs in the last decade. Would you begrudge anyone a living wage trying to feed their family etc.
  8. Go Winnie

    $20 an hour. If that breaks the bank your in the wrong trade .
  9. Hastings Track Conditions

    This rain was always predicted. To put 14mm on was another shocking decision. Feel for connections such as Berri etc. I will not be attending along with 8 mates as you can't bet with confidence .
  10. Yup a D Walsh special
  11. M. Guerin new role?

    Good on ya mick. Well done
  12. Waikato Times crap story

    Agree Puha, I cringe ever time I read an article by Andrea Singh. His blatant lack of knowledge is appalling towards Racing is laughable. After all It's A Dundeel is apparently a 4yo Mare. I cancelled the paper as I found it was the only section I use to enjoy. Thank god for Race Cafe and people like yourself and Jess and many others who give there points of view.
  13. Activity Report

    <p>Brown Fox I thought the same but it disappears onto your internet icon.</p> <p>Hope that helps as I had same problem until a mate told me.</p>
  14. Aging Sires

    Wait till Raging Bull has runners on the track. He in my opinion he had all the race track potential and s uper star looks to replace Christian Cullen. Let's hope he can get the numbers.
  15. Scott Westover

    Great to see him kiss the heavens after the post.