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  1. T K Allan - Done it!

    Awesome achievement TK
  2. New Oaks Day Competition....

    That's not good news Liz. Hope the horse is ok .
  3. New Oaks Day Competition....

    Felaar - St Ledger Symphonic - Cuddle Scott Base - Gunieas Akoya - Lightening Treasure - Oaks Thanks guys and best of luck P4P with Felaar, he looks the goods.
  4. Quick Auckland OZ Comp

    Nice work Skoozi
  5. What Happened to Bowman?

    Yes I saw it. As I said Hugh would not of jumped off . Unbelievable
  6. What Happened to Bowman?

    I couldn't imagine Hughie jumping off. Give yourself a sharp uppercut
  7. Quick Auckland OZ Comp

    Bonecrusher: Lizzie 'Amour- Saint Emillion- Brighton Auckland Cup : Ladies First - Wildflower- Smedley Guineas: Pierata- Kementari - Dargento Thanks Scooby
  8. Who would you like to punch the most ?

    All of the above Pounder
  9. J Mac Returns

    Welcome back James Mac
  10. Good on ya Grego.

    Thanks Blue
  11. Because = 2 races down, 1 left alive

    Fingers crossed. Savvy Coup will be hard to hold out . Go Treasure
  12. Because..........

    Vin De Dance - Derby Grunt- Aus Guineas Treasure - Oaks Very kind of you Insider ☺
  13. Oh No!!! The Early Crow

    In TKs defence the mounts he's getting are not flash. How many Melbourne Cup winners you guys ridden ?
  14. Without thinking

    Calm Harbour, Italian Saint and Happiness.
  15. Kawi at $8 until 5pm

    Starvoia E/W