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  1. True.... did not think of that one
  2. Convenient timing !!!!! Stop the flow of NZ owners exporting their race horses over to Aus to race for three years...SCARY DUe to the current situation in nz racing that was the my first thought after reading that article.
  3. The dates are mentioned in one sentence, Then in another theres no guarantee to stat racing due to funding???? What the heck... Really!!!!
  4. Lol, I think you like me Hav a great night Poundy.
  5. Lol whatever pounds... go pound yourself
  6. Hope that comment made you feel better poundforpound. I'm not perfect like you, but I am open and honest and do not care what you think of me
  7. Cannabis.... well many years ago as a full time track rider and a very busy one at that. I fractured my neck in a spectacular fall at the gap at Avondale. I was one of the lucky ones and walked away from that fall.... but for the next three years I suffered from numbness and muscle aches and pain down the right side of my arm and body, YES I continued to ride track work and YES I began having a tote of cannabis by pipe just before I would go to bed at night, it was the only pain and nerve reliever that worked so I could sleep all night. My rule with this drug was not to use before nightf
  8. Wow!!! Rode the reactive lad for the first time this morning in the above bridle with a rubber coated snaffle bit. I got off him and doubled check if it was the same horse. It's taken a few weeks to work him out with just the basics and discovered the lighter the bridle gear on him the better he went. What a kind comfortable bridle and gives the right control needed. I'm a happy little camper.
  9. You can race in leather bridles just not leather reins
  10. This one I have seen at Ascot racing. Its tha micklem bridle.
  11. It's a Colleglate Comfittec training snaffle bit bridle
  12. Does anyone know if you can race in this bridle?
  13. I dont think it's a matter of weather a jockey is better than the other in this case. The horse is not an easy ride and Meech has been able to settle him in his last two races. Good luck to the owner on his selection of rider that hasn't ridden this difficult horse.
  14. Awesome ride today Its nearly 4 weeks of re-education so far. might be finally turning a corner... and it was full on windy, blowing all that a horse would shy at