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  1. rosie one

    Zed Good read. Regarding ZED
  2. rosie one


    Zed is still getting top results either way. Does not need to be in Waikato
  3. rosie one


    Hopefully my Zed lad is ready to go this prep.
  4. rosie one


    Go the Zed babies
  5. rosie one

    Chris Waller Larry Cassidy and Endless Drama

    Endless drama appears to have some issues. Did not look right when the pressure went. Hope he's ok. Congrats to the winner.
  6. rosie one

    Bad Boy Breslin

    Sounds like the good old boys club to me. Nothing change there by the looks
  7. rosie one

    Cup day weather update

    Track will be very affected ... me thinks
  8. rosie one

    One sick puppy

    My goodness you wouldn't want to be that person.... what a list of drugs to be taking.
  9. rosie one

    Zabeel and Sir Tristram blood

    Good luck Peg. My lad is off for a couple weeks in a paddock while the grass is long and green. Went to Otaki trials a couple days ago.... teaching him to settle is the challenge at present didn't get much help for that when a jockey next to him kept bumping and then cutting him off at the top of the straight. Will do a couple more trials and then hopefully off we go to races.
  10. rosie one

    Zabeel and Sir Tristram blood

    He was huge when he came back into work. Its taken mths to get him to racing trim Thanks for yoir positive remarks.
  11. rosie one

    Zabeel and Sir Tristram blood

    Zed/Rose and Storm ... he finally had his first seven horse field jumpout in levin. Great result he was quick out and ran on for thrid and it was only 850m.
  12. rosie one

    Zabeel and Sir Tristram blood

    Next half of this season will be a big one for Zed's babys... his biggest crop will be firing up.
  13. rosie one

    Zabeel and Sir Tristram blood

    The lad has not been officially named yet. He is by NZs current leading Sire Zed out of an Ekraar mare called Rose and Storm. Hes still learning the rope of being a race horse.