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  1. You’ll find out soon enough short stuff. Steve is one of the most well known and successful barmen in Auckland. He also managed my uncle’s bar The Burdekin in Darlinghurst, Sydney for many years back when I used to live in Sydney.
  2. I think you’re getting a a bit nervous short stuff. I didn’t say Mark knew you, I said your name came up in a conversation I had with him. Looking forward to my apology tomorrow and I’m sure Leigh will be fair and balanced in requesting the same after you yet again have accused me of being a liar. The truth always comes out in the end.
  3. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve had a few conversations with Mark where your name has come up short stuff. Surprise, surprise.
  4. Which two are lies short stuff?
  5. Here’s an old FB profile pic short stuff from when he used to be the proprietor of Mollies. How’s that investigation going? Have you clarified that Neil used to own Tabac when Steve managed it? I’m waiting with baited breath.
  6. Would you like to know about my wife flock? I met her in an Asian takeaway restaurant around the corner from where I used to work at AAPT (an Australian telco that was purchased by Telecom NZ) where she was working for $5 an hour. She has since completed her Masters in Accounting at Melbourne University and her CPA and is now a Finance Business Partner for Brand Collective. I proposed to her on a Chinese Junk called the Aqua Luna in Hong Kong as recommended by the man in Chapel St who used to make my coffee, and can you believe it.........she said yes!!
  7. Short stuff I was very impressed with your investigation using your “racing VIP.” Feel free to use the same one to confirm these facts .
  8. On the contrary flock I had an amazing time growing up at Auckland Grammar then Waikato Uni where I completed my BMS degree. My two older cousins were also at Grammar at the time, who was captain of the senior water polo team and his brother Mark. Steve has managed several bars in Auckland including Neil Finn’s bar Tabac that he was in charge of for several years. He then managed Auckland’s premier boutique hotel Mollies before going out on his own running a very successful cafe in Ponsonby/Herne Bay. Mark is a very successful barrister in Auckland specialising in arbitration.
  9. I love the weather in Melbourne Ernie. I couldn’t handle living in that humidity sapping weather of Queensland although I do love Port Douglas for a holiday. 31 forecast here tomorrow.
  10. Cheers Red Rum. You too. There’s a horse racing at Caulfield tomorrow I’m very confident on. Will let you know a bit later.
  11. Just listened to the replay now and sounds like Well of Wisdom got up in the last stride. Hope you had a bet on him & thanks for sharing the story on Lammtara. Life is short Red Rum. A million people go to sleep at night and never wake up. Moral of the story is to be grateful and to make the most of it while you’re here. Here’s a pic of the sunset in Richmond last night. So grateful just to be alive.
  12. Cheers for the heads up Red Rum. I’ll check him out. Currently paying $3.50 Fixed over here. Happy Easter
  13. Don’t worry Maria, I’ve got them all covered. The truth has a funny way of cutting through all the bullshit which I love. Still waiting on Barry to tell us all what he actually does for Graham Hart & also Richmond Tige to tell us all how he knows “Dunc Hawkesby.” You gonna tell us all Bazza? Are you the pool boy?
  14. Nice one Ted! I’ve only ever ran 2 half marathons (I could never run beyond 10km in training because of my left knee). My best time was just over 1:28 in the Melbourne half marathon. Would love to try and crack 3 for the full in October but not sure if my knee will hold up unfortunately. Sub 2:30 is fair flying!!! My friend Anderson ran 2:37:18 for the Melbourne mara last year
  15. “Flockofewes”.....need I say more. Couldn’t you think of a fairy tale pseudonym better than that? (although it does suit you quite well being a follower and all).