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    Messara report

    Greg said yesterday that 1/2 the dogs coming in from OZ have a ticket. So how about the one with 1st ticket pays $1k , 2nd ticket $2k. and we do not take 3rd,one. As he said we have to send them to GAP, this is our problem not the OZs.

    Messara report

    Mauro is going to Wanganui tonight at 6pm. He will be telling us about how it will work for the Greyhounds. He will be telling us how they are going to put more money in, for the OZ dogs coming over for our big races, like the NZ cup , $120k , silver collar $100k. Bev

    Thoughts for AGM

    To whom it may concern, As the CD clubs have not asked for submissions for this years AGM I have a few for you to suggest. 1. All high grade dogs get a start when nominated. Eg. If a reserve in a C5 you would get drawn into a C4/5. The highest form C4 would run against the lowest form C5. The highest form C3 would run against the lowest form C4, and so on till all the higher grade dogs all get a start each week. If a reserve in any high grade race you would be drawn into a lower grade field. 2. Kenneling times to two hours,instead of the three hours. Eg. With split kenneling the norm and kennel staff there all day,If the trainer wanted a two hour kennel they should be allowed. This would mean the first four races would have to kennel,but the first seven could kennel if they wished, and so on. 3. Shelter for the dogs outside the kennel block. Eg. A cover for the dogs and handlers from the sun or rain, for the 10 /15 minuets before the race. 4. Dress code, shirts tucked in. Eg.Under the human rights act men and women should not be discriminated against based on there sex. At the moment men must tuck shirts in, while women may choose if they want to or not. In Australia they know it is a human rights violation and that is why they do not have this rule. Most men will tuck them in, but it should be a choice in an equal rights world. 5. Nomination closing times. Eg. Noms should shut in order of race days. At the moment PN Monday shuts before Auckland Sunday. Wanganui Friday shuts before Waikato Thursday. Noms should shut in order of race days. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Wanganui and Palmerston North member Earl Duganzich.

    Living chanel

    It was all about a Lady selling her house in Oz and had about 10 dogs 8 been Greyhounds

    Living chanel

    Tonight at 7.30.

    Ray Huntley Memorial

    I would like to thank the Huntley family for giving coats as a prize,for getting in the final for the Ray Huntley Memorial . As we had 3 dogs in, we got 3 coats, which is very good for cold winter nights. And for them to give away a coat to all dogs that made the final. Again thank you, Bev Duganzich

    News from Wanganui

    How about they hire more staff . Then they can holiday,get sick etc,and there will be someone that can do the job ,temporary or part-time, like teachers.

    News from Wanganui

    Well I voted today and so did a lot of other people and I only know of 1 person voted for Thursday and they do not have dogs.

    News from Wanganui

    I was told it is put on hold and there will be a vote for trainers only.
  10. POPA GAS

    News from Wanganui

    Not mine.I think we now have races on Wednesday, trials Thursday, races on Friday, so if you would like to trial you can only do it once a week at that track. you can trial race day but if you are break-ing in pups it is not a good idea. While I'm on it if you would like to go to the races on a Friday night you will have to book as they book out all the tables. They had 2 tables for Greyhound people. There is over 100 members but no room. Now this would be good if they gave something back to the member's who helped to build the stand. This year we didn't have a BBQ. EX Board member Bev,
  11. POPA GAS

    News from Wanganui

    As from the 1st of August there will no more trials on Sunday.But that is all right you can trial on Thursday instead. Bev
  12. POPA GAS

    CD missing out

    ANZAC day
  13. POPA GAS

    CD missing out

    next Wednesday there are only 12 races at Wanganui, so 3 c1 miss out
  14. POPA GAS

    CD missing out

    Monday is for all grades, Wednesday is for low dogs up so they do not get in. Friday high- down so there is no room.
  15. POPA GAS

    Thank you GRNZ

    race 5