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  1. MiniJax

    Who's The Clown

    Sean O’Neil
  2. MiniJax

    Good Feeling

    I know what your saying but.... he sends his casts off up north and that makes it non profitable to these trainers as they win like once a month. Halley mullane is a pure example of racing these casts off. I think teams don’t need big numbers of dogs because then they focus only on the good ones. As long as small trainers keep racing then the fields will be filled. I’m just waiting for Walsh’s 6 litters to hit the track which will be exciting.
  3. MiniJax

    Good Feeling

    I believe people leave the industry because of Cole as it’s no longer profitable when racing against him. Cole/Ahern never used to have those numbers of dogs 3y ago.
  4. MiniJax

    Railway & Auckland Cup Predictions

    Railway- Buddy Boom Auckland cup- Ringside
  5. MiniJax

    Best effort of the day

    Select trick for me. 18.27! Wow
  6. MiniJax

    Uthor Bale

    Pity it happened again. Last year C.R had a winner who also turned its head which was Bertie Allen.
  7. MiniJax

    Bet of the day

    Thrilling Uma wins this for me.
  8. MiniJax

    Manila bala

    I saw potential in this dog too. I think you may get your money back on Sunday as it downgrading and looks it’s race.
  9. MiniJax

    Auckland cup

    I think both fields are very even and like always it’s a group 1 race and anything can happen. Great to see the railway with 6 nz breed dogs though.
  10. MiniJax

    Philippa Morris

    She previously was a trainer with her mother.
  11. MiniJax

    Dead dogs on interislander

    I think events like this can easily be avoided! I also think this should stay up so people can read this and understand how this happened and to stop this happening as it’s not really shaming anyone.
  12. MiniJax

    New Track Record @ Addington

    I’m sure Turnwald and Walsh will travel if they win the preludes. Possibly Mullane too. Clark would be there if he wasn’t going to Melbourne
  13. MiniJax

    Dyna Weslyn's Australian Campaign

    Impressive. Good luck
  14. MiniJax

    Stake Increase

    If people didn’t make money I’m sure that would discontinue. Maybe some have a strong passion in greyhound racing that’s keeps them going.
  15. MiniJax

    Wycato this week

    It’s probably bad for dogs who run better at Cambridge with bigger and shorter track but I would of thought it would be more ideal because the final is at Manakau so at least they’ve run on the track.