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  1. For those still interested in the NZ Cup Champ. Starts in a heat of the Australian Cup on Saturday night: The Meadows Race 11 from Box 8 (12:47am NZT) Recently ran a time of 29.83 in a ST at Albion Park (30 Jan 2019)
  2. All Weir runners scratched from Mooney Valley tonight and Caulfield tomorrow
  3. Show Cause Hearing currently going on, so depending on the outcome, there is a chance the Weir runners will be scratched before the first race at Mooney Valley
  4. Stewards have issued six charges against Weir, including possession of an electric or electronic apparatus capable of affecting the performance of a horse, failure to give evidence at an inquiry, failure to comply with a direction of the stewards and conduct prejudicial to the image, interests or welfare of racing. Jarrod McLean, a trainer and foreman of Weir's Warrnambool stable, has been issued with four charges, while licensed foreperson Tyson Kermond has been issued with two charges.
  5. In 2018 the median after 69 lots of Book 2 had gone through was 40k Overall figures for 2018 Book 2: Gross: $11,543,000 Average: $46,544 Median: $40,000 Catalogued: 378 Sold: 248 Clearance: 74% Top Price: $200,000 for Lot 885: CH C Per Incanto x Lago Rider
  6. Tavistock's average price has crashed this year, down nearly 40k. After 3 sessions his average is less than the sales average at 139k. Savabeel's average is up on 2018 at 295k, but he can't carry a Premier sale of 700+ lots.
  7. I disagree. Long Leaf(Fastnet Rock) was bought by Coolmoore for $750k in 2017. In 2018, of the 13 Fastnet's sold last year, 8 went to Australia, including the $1mil Lot 156 to Lindsay Park. The Inglis Online sale you refer is for "tried" horses which shold be compared to Gavel House. I'll let you know how many go for "peanuts" at Inglis Easter this year, when I'm there.
  8. Blue didn't mention any particular sale. He stated: "It's impossible to sell that many horses in that time frame and get a positive result for all vendors" Magic Millions results prove that IT IS POSSIBLE to sell that many horses in that time frame and get a positive result for all vendors. Karaka Book 1 was quantity before quality. Not enough progeny by the hot "Aussie sires" in the catalogue to attract more of the 60ish% of your market to come to NZ. Having them here, means they are looking at yearlings and one or two or more might appeal in person to the eye, when it doesn't in the catalogue.
  9. It's impossible you say? Did you not see the recent Magic Millions Book 1 results? Lots: 888 Sold: 718 Passed In: 88 Withdrawn: 82 Clearance: 89.08% Top Price: $1,700,000 and another 10 Lots sold for $1m+! Gross: $170,697,500 Average: $237,740 Median: $170,000 More catalogued then Karaka Book 1 yet Gross, Average and Median all up on 2018 figures!
  10. Totally agree. You can't sugar coat or spin the numbers from the first 2 sessions. Hence I was being "positively optimistic" for the vendors with yearlings to still go through the ring
  11. Australians statistically make up 60ish% of the Book 1 market. The problem nowadays; is that Australian racing just isn't programmed for the NZ bred. Savabeel who is proven to the Aussie market at all ages and distances has sold well as expected. I am positively optimistic, for vendors with progeny by other NZ based sires, for the remainder of the sale.
  12. LOL how many claims did you make that were proved "bullsh**e when fact checked? Plenty for all and sundry to see Berri Trump
  13. This is the 2nd of Tavistock's $65k crop to go through the sales ring and along with the 1st of the $65k cropp, are suposed to be his best 2 crops, based on the mares he got. People I know with outside mares who went to Tavistock, have told me that their break even price is $120k. This factors in service fee, foaling and rearing expenses, vet bills, sales preparation, entry fees and NZB's commission.
  14. It is pretty clear who needs to read what they write and comprehend written English. You write: "Barn storming 2yo win a Trentham and then put on plane and sent to Mick Price" An English lesson for you: "Then" : 1. at that time; at the time of question. 2. after that; next afterwards. So was he given a chance to prove it against the best in the Blamey or not? Considering as you saaid the "Best" weren't racing in thr Blamey? Darci won the same G1 as The Autumn Sun - the same G1 that Chris Waller targets every year with his late 2yos. Good enough for Waller but not good enough for Berri lol. How barn storming was his finish again in the G1 TJ Smith but couln't quite get the leaders? lol You are very Trump like indeed: Boastful claims that once proven as "bullsh**te" through "Fact checking", you cry "Fake news"
  15. LOL you are hilarious. You claim Tavistock was put on a plane to Mick Price after his barn storming win as a 2yo at Trentham. Fact Check: He had another 2 starts, failing in the G1 Sires Produce before being sent to Price. You claim Tavistock won a LISTED race as a 3yo in Melbourne. Fact check: He ran 2nd in a Listed race and only won a 3yo Open Hcp. You claim he was "Given a chance to prove himself against the best and smashed the Blamey"; impliyng that he raced the best in the Blamey. At least Darci ACTUALLY won a G1 in Australia. The only one sounding like Trump is yourself. Any other claims you want to make?