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  1. Is this very same Neil Grimestone, the low life, that broke all protocols and helped Ross Neill and another present R.I.U. Stipe cover up the evidence after the facts!!??.. . Grimestone is a Cunt and the R.I.U. can go and get fucked.... you have banned me from this site because I have always tried to tell the truth, You can get fucked too...As long as you don't need further involvement with Racing tell the R.I.U. and the J.C.A. to go and play their games elswhere....I have, and life is good
  2. Yeah" but that would be like "Pulling yourself into the wind " I can't understand why Midget won't let me post...and be as honest and open I was before he Banned Me..:)
  3. Cole comes to court on the 26th March at He faces 6 x charges of Ill Treament to animals ...1 charge of I'll treatment of an animal and 1 charge of using a place for live baiting.. If The Crown Prosecution did not have substantial evidence surely they would not have pursued this case.. The one charge seperate of I'll treatment is dear to my heart Woof.. Woof... from the "Rainbow Bridge" for now, The White Poodle....
  4. Boxing first , fair call, but surely this Handler/Trainer should not be allowed to box the dog. The kneeing of dogs to box away is the sign of a physical problem maybe but in no way does it allow full control of the dog. This is a regular habit Shirley has and maybe some other handlers could offer to help her out.?
  5. Race one at Cambridge today The handler of the 8 dog needs putting out to pasture as far as boxing dogs go. Watch the replay and see how she struggled to box the dog and actually kneed the dog upwards assisting it to flip right over. This is not the first time at all she has needed assistance to box and maybe the Stewards could look into this.
  6. Race 12 at Auckland Sunday is an Appreciation to Gavin Whiterod. What an amazing innings this dedicated man of Integrity has had on our sport. Retire knowing you have always been so transparent and honest to us all Gavin. Retire with a clear consiounce .. We will miss you....
  7. Yep an absolute gentleman and the Best Licensed Persons rep we have ever had Howrude? His performance on the Board for us all has been excellent, All the Best!..
  8. Between The Swiss and Me Look forward to racing with you...
  9. Yep he is standing on his trailer and watching from outside the track. He is not allowed on any race course and rightly so...
  10. You are so right Seddon and we all know this. Trying to fathom his calls on live trackside is hard enough so listening on Radio is just a joke. Trev has given a great service to our sport and is a genuine "Nice Guy", but there comes a time when Common sense must prevail...There are several young callers in the Wings and tomorrow another will be given an opportunity at Palmerston to remind us what calling could be like if the system was fair. Good luck Brian for tomorrow,
  11. A sad time this week for the sport and Untimely for a dog to put down at the track yesterday (Wanganui) with a laceration to a toe when we have lost a couple of lovely people this week that would never had condoned that.!!!. Serious questions now need to be asked...Why and how was this allowed to happen ?? The fact a beautiful dog was put dead after it pulled up with a laceration to a toe MUST be addressed surely?
  12. So Popa Gas Who has answered here, Andy, Bev, Earl. or another elbow bender?
  13. Could it be the Court case won today. A great day for L.P.s if it is, ripped shirt or not...Good onya girl :)