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  1. gary1

    Wycato this week

    dont upset mike hes a legend another tiui ad
  2. gary1

    Wycato this week

    ll coming from you I think this comes down to a few people thinking they are mightier than the rest.....
  3. i ask this question is kurow or kumara running at a loss
  4. gary1

    Poor old Wobblies....

    really mempy i await your response on injury and work rate compared to soccer re rugby
  5. gary1

    Poor old Wobblies....

    no he would probably take him down to the rugby league ground which is a far superior game
  6. gary1

    Poor old Wobblies....

    where did you get your 230000 from Only 86,952 people in a population of 24 million were playing rugby union.Apr 3, 2018
  7. gary1


    and fact is you take your eyeoff the ball once and your done
  8. gary1


    can you imagine if cole and macca go down at the same time how many dogs will be sitting around nzgra have brought this upon themselves
  9. gary1


  10. gary1

    Amazing Chase

    as A MATTER OF INTEREST JAPE IF I WAS TO BRING A BROOD BITCH in from aust and i registered it does it mean it it is eligible to race can you point me to the rule the jca used
  11. gary1

    Help wanted

    thanks for your reply rigger
  12. gary1

    Chautauqua....has he had enough....???

    remember he was kicked behind the barriers i think at moonee valley could it be mental issue
  13. gary1

    Don Grubb

    same as whale or is it a fail
  14. gary1

    Help wanted

    whats it listed under
  15. gary1

    I hate to say I told you so.....

    hows those track preceding