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  1. i think Australia has name suppression some states may vary i think Uk has it as well as Canada
  2. so what you believe in is suppression of name should be banned entirely
  3. what if you name a person then the trial comes along and there innocent meanwhile the person that has been named say as a rapist gets dealt with by an angry mob where's the justice then
  4. perhapsyou and that lady who was fried on p could do your community service together swap notes with each other
  5. really he knew what he was doing anyway hes got community service and i need my house painted send him around
  6. are you saying saundrys doing ok
  7. ohokaman what do you have to do to be champion jockey
  8. really is that your best shot try googling leo
  9. your welcome unleash all you like
  10. prove what scooby doo what do i have to prove have you got the guts to put my reply up
  11. ffs only hospitality members can vote big deal
  12. no not really as anyone that big notes is normally lacking in substance they crave for peoples praises