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  1. are you saying saundrys doing ok
  2. ohokaman what do you have to do to be champion jockey
  3. really is that your best shot try googling leo
  4. your welcome unleash all you like
  5. prove what scooby doo what do i have to prove have you got the guts to put my reply up
  6. ffs only hospitality members can vote big deal
  7. no not really as anyone that big notes is normally lacking in substance they crave for peoples praises
  8. 62 people all in one restaurant
  9. well done good on you.
  10. for your sake i womt back him and you dont have to state the obvious i know wasted 8 years
  11. two things p4p can you point me to where i said he was aimed at the melb cup
  12. education left school at 13 ,well written English doesn't make me money 40 years on the dole till i progressed to pension raacing experince betting on felaar