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  1. Unfortunately while it is the clubs that vote for the executive those in the clubs who decide who to vote for are the clubs own executives and not the club members. In today's electronic age surely the clubs should circularise their members to see who the members want to be on the board and vote accordingly. But of course that would be against the rules of the breakfast club wouldn't it. Perhaps members should query their boards on this matter at their club's next AGM.
  2. Yes and later raced grass at Hastings. Once the area closed down racingwise the number of trainers in the area diminished to now being non existent and the Bay punters lost interest in harness. Many stories can be told of the pilgrimages to the HB
  3. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    3 more covid cases from India this time. 1 woman 'escaped" from lockdown. Will only take one incident and we will get a relapse like (e.g.) Victoria has got. Should we continue to handle this coming home situation in the present way or for the sake of saving lives should we just get tough! Is humanitarianism of citizenship more or less important than human life?
  4. Stables - stick to your horses - there were plenty of Roman Sandals outside Ellerslie at the demonstration!
  5. eljay

    Bloody hell Phil

    Six venues with no racing - three of them from Taranaki. You would think these closures would be spread over the country - but no, someone said lets hit the Naki. First it was Hawkes Bay, then Wellington city, then Northland and now another region is committed to the scrap heap. Let's hope Ken gets the humpty this year and the new board can see the folly of the present administration and set it right without delay. p.s. you will note all of these are North Island centres!!
  6. Looks like Taranaki is a dirty word. No Hawera, no Stratford, no New Plymouth. This area (from a punting perspective) will join the Hawkes Bay
  7. Obviously the "sale" got too hot for Winny
  8. Never was the old saying truer - "The whole industry has gone to the dogs"
  9. eljay

    Stakes Stables

    Would you need other skills? A knowledge of the Industry and how it functions (should function) would be a welcome change to what we have endured for a number of yeas now.
  10. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    The greens are more left than Labour these days. What percentage of New Zealanders have over 1 mill?
  11. 2Piper - okay, for RITA read TAB, tongue was in cheek. I think instead a salary increase will be more accurate for the new "appointees".
  12. Who's going to take the wage cut first - RITA execs or Government MP's
  13. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    They said that about Stephen Kearney, too!
  14. Guys - Pete's last day tomorrow.
  15. All this new innovation stuff, what the youngies want etc etc is all very well but till those youngies arrive don't make sense to me to shoo away those who have kept you afloat in the past, afterall surely you need some income not seats without bums.
  16. So TM - you think we should put up with third world conditions just because that's what the suits tell us we have to. just like Winston - September (November) is not too far away. Only problem is no one wants a poison chalice.
  17. Hey Barry - how was your night tonight on the sofa with your whisky watching the trots at Auckland? Probably better than ours - that is those who braved the ugly night to attend trackside. Firstly we were told they were only allowed by the TAB/RITA 2 manual operators who the club pay the wages for anyway. These personel were assigned to the lounge on the first floor - with none in the Elsu lounge where patrons who wanted a bet had to go around to the other side to the park's TAB. After a race or two most said bugger this and gave up betting. I think there were 4 machines on course (I may be wrong here) 1 of which was placed in the Chinese Restaurant and the others again on the first floor with none in the Elsu lounge. So NO betting facilities at all in the Elsu lounge. Welcome back to racing, they said!!!!!! Looking at the numbers attending I reckon they would have been lucky to hit the 40 thou mark - unless drastic improvement shown by the club in both facilities and attitude then they might as well just lock the doors.
  18. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    and the revelations of the last 48 hours have not been kind to Cindy's confidence/arrogance either
  19. Come on Gary where you get that from? Aaron has owned dogs!
  20. I never used a Best Bets (my decision) but I know from friends how much this publication is sorely missed. At a guess, I would think 50 to 75 pct of punters/racecourse attenders always had a copy. But today's suits & beancounters don't realise just how much a part of NZ racing this book was and I even seem to remember when the price went up, everyone moaned but they still bought it. Pity real racing people are not involved in the business decisions of the industry as I am sure if they were Best Bets would still be published and a major part of the racing picture.
  21. Not too long back the Crusaders were chock full of Magpies I seem to remember. It don't make much difference NZ Rugby has lost it's parochialism with all the money demanded/bandied about. If you are old like me you will remember they had street parades before a lot of the Ranfurly Shield CHALLENGES - another "quaint" tradition wiped out by the mighty dollar.