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  1. Nice Option

    Pick For Place entries here

    Riccarton Race 7 - NUMBER 2 Randwick Race 5 - NUMBER 2 Randwick Race 6 - NUMBER 2 Randwick Race 7 - NUMBER 2 Randwick Race 8 - NUMBER 2
  2. Thanks for the comp mate, appreciated! Hawkes Bay Race 6 (Hunta Pence) Sydney Race 7 (Happy Clapper) Sydney Race 8 (Ventura Storm)
  3. Nice Option

    Well done Ellerslie Great to see this initiative from our most progressive Racing Club...
  4. Nice Option

    NZRacing Site

    Whilst some merit in parts of your rationale dropping stakes seems to be a backward step to me. As an owner/breeder it doesn't exactly motivate me to purchase yearlings when you are buying against a backdrop of an industry (stakes) in decline. And I stand to be corrected but, in my opinion, the field that the old Kelt Capital used to attract back when it was $1mio (possibly $2mio 1 year) was far classier and with more depth than what we get now
  5. Nice Option

    NZRacing Site

    But on the basis of that logic (stakes paid versus yield on revenue) we would then be ruling a line through some of our great races, namely the Oaks, the Thorndon Mile, Sistema Stakes, Derby, Guineas.... the list goes on) For your reference: Return to industry Stakes 20/01/2018 Saturday Wellington R C 922,712 1,010,000 18/11/2017 Saturday Canterbury Racing-Canterbury 886,272 920,000 1/01/2018 Monday Auckland R C 764,059 970,000 26/12/2017 Tuesday Auckland R C 757,323 740,000 10/03/2018 Saturday Auckland R C 699,778 1,250,000 3/03/2018 Saturday Auckland R C 661,190 1,530,000 27/01/2018 Saturday Auckland R C 595,206 2,440,000 11/11/2017 Saturday Canterbury Racing-Canterbury 474,624 835,000 10/02/2018 Saturday Waikato R C 404,119 880,000
  6. Nice Option

    NZRacing Site

    I have to query this statement Admin..... I am struggling to fathom how exactly do you measure returns to the industry . Derby Day has been the 6th biggest day this season in New Zealand from a punting perspective. From your logic this would suggest that the other 260 meetings are also not contributing. Your clarification of these matters would be appreciated
  7. Nice Option

    New Oaks Day Competition....

    thanks guys, very generous NZ St Ledger - Felaar Cuddle Stakes - Slimline Wellington Guineas - Dama Zorro Lightning Stakes - Volks Lightning NZ Oaks - Hasahalo
  8. Nice Option


    Thanks Insider Civil Disobedience (Derby) Grunt (Guineas) Belle Du Nord (Oaks)
  9. Nice Option


    Yeah they could have a Ford/Holden drifting event on the inside of the course and the crowds would be ten fold
  10. Nice Option


    Thanks for the responses above. One query - is the dummy bidding that NZB talks about being illegal (unless of course it is a part owner looking to secure full interest) relate to bids under the reserve or over the reserve or both? Obviously dummy bidding over the reserve is highly risky if the bidder doesnt want the horse but is it allowed if the bids are under the reserve??
  11. Nice Option


    i dont know what level the genuine bids were at but its not a great look is it!!
  12. Nice Option


    I was in the unfortunate position of having a horse (book 1) subjected to a mix of dummy bids and genuine bids. Unfortunately one of the dummy bidders (NB - not acting on my instruction, rather the on account stud) bid through the reserve so the hammer fell yet it then transpired the 'purchaser' was the dummy bidder so horse gets passed in. Thoughts on that everyone??
  13. Nice Option


    you blokes are like a couple of 5 year olds!!
  14. how mate, are you into some hockey today , hope you had a we look at dallas yesterday

  15. Nice Option

    Best Racecaller in New Zealand

    I agree with The Torch. We cant all be blessed with grammar from the gods yet he did raise some interesting points and I thought he was, in the main, respectful of those who held an alternate opinion. We need people that generate debate and I think we can all look past poor spelling as long as the message is clear . Give him another chance I say - I was rather enjoying his presence !