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  1. Has 25 seconds ever been broken before at Cambridge for 457m? (acknowledging that 24.96 for Bigtime Coffee is very hard to believe)
  2. 400m racing on 2-turn tracks in Australia is rather ugly. Ipswich, the Gardens, Gosford, Casino, Lismore, Richmond etc, it's basically dodgem cars. It's bad to punt on, and I can only assume that the high amount of interference results in more injuries. I'd rather bet on a shorter race which starts at the end of a straight than a longer race starting on a bend.
  3. I went to Wimbledon dogs one night on a Saturday when I was in the UK for work. It was an awful night, rainy and wet, but I arrived on track to an absolutely crowded stadium full on 20-30 year-olds having a great time drinking and having a few bets on the races. All tote windows were open and the queues were about 10 people deep. Then, all of a sudden, they were all gone, presumably off to the bars and clubs.
  4. I see some Jan '16 whelped dogs racing today at Addington. I'm no expert but that seems very young to be on the track?
  5. Racing84


    Anyone seen a horse pay $52 for the place before?
  6. Racing84

    Big bets

    The thing that concerns me with these big bets is that you often hear of a big bet being placed, and when it gets beaten, there's almost always a similar or even larger bet on the next race, and then the next race, and then the next race which suggests it's someone with a problem who is trying to win back what they had lost on the earlier ones. One day at the Wanganui dogs a few months back (a Wednesday) someone put $10k (according to Trackside) on the favourite at $2 and it was one of the biggest hard luck stories I've seen, got checked all over the place and just got beaten. It looked a good bet pre-race, very promising dog who looked set to fly through the grades, so you could sort of understand someone picking it out at the start of the day and deciding to have a lick. But then, before the next race, they announced another $10k bet, once again on the favourite, and it was one of those 1-win from 45-start type dogs, in a pretty ordinary field. It missed the jump a bit and was last virtually the whole race. That, to me, stank of someone chasing their money (I'm assuming it was the same person) as no one in their right mind would have had $10k on that dog. I feel a bit uncomfortable about the TAB accepting a bet like that because it looks like taking advantage of someone with a problem - especially when they won't take a $500 or $1,000 bet from someone else.
  7. Racing84

    Big bets

    I guess the answer to my original question is no, people do not feel aggrieved when they hear of these big bets being accepted, because they simply don't believe it is happening.
  8. In the large bucket known as "Operating Expenses". The increases from 2015 to 2016 are noted in their summary below, noting that they have a comment in their 'Statement from the Board' that they are focusing on unwinding cost. EXPENSES Turnover related expenses were $1.8 million or 2.8% higher than the 2015 year. Increased turnover, particularly on sport and overseas racing led to higher national sporting organisation commissions ($1.9 million) and overseas racing rights ($1.1 million). This was offset by a reduction in commingling expenses ($1.3 million) due to commingling restrictions put in place while the Tabcorp agreements are re-negotiated. Operating expenses increased $11.0 million or 8.6% on the prior year. This was driven by higher communications and technology costs in relation to the Optimus programme ($7.0 million or 73.4%) and staff expenses ($3.0 million or 4.8%). The increase in communications and technology costs is linked to the new IT managed service agreement with Spark relating to the Optimus programme that is in line with Budget. Staff expenses increased by $3.0 million (4.8%). This was mainly driven by one-off costs incurred to enable longer term costs savings that include the buy-out of senior staff bonus incentives and restructuring costs ($1.9 million). Restructuring costs of $1.9 million include Phonebet ($0.9 million) and other restructuring across the business to drive longer term savings and improve business performance. The increase also reflects additional capability in our Betting team to drive revenue growth and includes salary increments and the impact of agency conversions to branches in respect of our retail network. [So even allowing for the one-off staff costs associated with "buy-out" of senior staff bonus scheme, their staff costs still increased by an extra $1.1m, when they're supposedly focused on reducing cost] Annual Report 2016_0.pdf
  9. I used to work at EY, and while on a salary of around $75,000 per year, was being charged out at $650 per hour. Partners were $1,000+ per hour. It doesn't matter how good you are, no one is that good. That organisation, and others like it, altered the strategic direction particularly for their "advisory services" business, to target the public sector (including organisations like NZRB) because it was viewed as easy money compared with trying to get work from privately-owned organisations (with greater scrutiny over spending). They will be adding very little value with the partners getting rich at the expense of the overall industry. All I can say is that I wouldn't be surprised by the amount of consultants fees, but I would still most likely be disgusted.
  10. Racing84

    Big bets

    Do those of you who seem to be unable to get medium-size bets accepted on harness feel a little aggrieved when you hear on Trackside on Thursday night that the TAB had accepted $10k on Habibi Inta to run in the Top 3, and then $5k to win on Black Art? There may have been others but I only watched a couple of races.
  11. I'm a redhead and, while watching the races with the missus in earshot, she heard "Gingernuts was slow from the gates". She looked at me and smiled. Then I looked at her and smiled when he came home strong to win impressively.
  12. What's the need to call me a half wit? You don't know me. All you've done by name calling is made yourself look to be of limited intelligence. I thought RaceCafe would be encouraging people to contribute but it seems not - some people can say or do whatever they like on here, including abusing people, with no repercussions, while others get banned for the same. It has very much a "look after your mates" approach - quite pathetic really. Good luck stopping the industry going down the shitter - with attitudes toward others like some have on here, it's really no surprise it's in such a bad state. I think I'll find another racing forum with a more open-minded attitude to contribute to now (which, no doubt, most of you won't give a shit about... again, no wonder the industry is in such a bad way).
  13. Nit pick? Do you think what I said is factually incorrect?
  14. If someone went on tele and told everyone to buy up large on stocks, mortgage your house, just get on... and then it completely tanked... there would be severe repercussions.