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  1. mr dickson cider

    230 TAB staff given marching orders - leaders still there

    Have heard they got rid of 30% of the staff but only 16% of the salaries, Go Figure.
  2. mr dickson cider

    Minister announces emergency $72.5 million for racing

    How much will go into stakes? Probably nothing. A bit chunk is going into paying for the bullshit artist John Allens hair brained betting plattform that he toured the country promoting and sucking people in and failing to mention the $17 million a year licensing fees it cost to run. All weather tracks will be used only for the go rounds 2nd tier horses midweek like they are in Australia so the feature day races and all Saturday meetings will still be up for abandonment like they have been in the past. For horses to race on the all weather tracks they need to first trial on them to get used to them. Can you see truck loads of horses travelling from Southland and Otago to trial for zero $$ at Riccarton and the owners paying for that, I think not. A couple of my mates have been doing alright on the the punt lately: How does the TAB encourage their betting.ANSWER they got emails from the TAB saying due to their betting activity the TAB informs them they are now ineligeble for all promotions and bonus bets. What a way to reward the loyal punter. And they wonder why people are betting offshore which they now intend to stop.
  3. mr dickson cider

    0amaru Abandoned

    Should have transferred it to Wingatiu earlier in the week when Oamaru was a good 2, Was always going to happen with a bit of rain which was forcast. DUMB
  4. mr dickson cider

    John Allan Industry Conversations

    So was Wingatui on the 22nd now it's changed to Invercargill. Looks like we don't rate.
  5. mr dickson cider

    Time for a swindle at HQ

    7 Aotea Lad 8 Vin De Dance 9 Five to Midnight Danzdanzdance Matt Cameron
  6. mr dickson cider

    Cromwell Today

    Cromwell is one of the courses being retained not sold. In think it's owned by a Lakes district trust.
  7. mr dickson cider

    Rafi Firdaus

    I see Rafi Firdaus is on the suspended list as being suspended indefinetly. Anyone know the details?
  8. mr dickson cider

    Big 4 Weekend Comp Entries/Results here...

    U bet classic Catchy (15) replacing Viddora Thanks
  9. mr dickson cider

    Big 4 Weekend Comp Entries/Results here...

    Schweppes Oaks, Aloisa (1) Savacool(7) Bring Me Roses (2) UBet Classic, Viddora(2) Quilista (6) Dainty Tess(5) Hollindale Stakes, Comin Thru(2) Tom Melbourne(3) It's Somewhat(1) Silk Stocking,Test THe World(3) Our Beebee(8) Crystal Fountain(7)
  10. mr dickson cider


    Halfway through: "The jumpings been first class dare I say it" No mate ones tipped out and you completely missed it.
  11. mr dickson cider

    Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    R1 4 Trisha Lea R2 1 Volpe Veloce R3 1 Nirvana In Fire R4 1 Not Usual Talent R5 4 Cote D' or R6 13 Legramor R7 8 Astor R8 13 I See Red
  12. mr dickson cider

    Dual Venue Racing Calendar

    Regarding the amateur judcial panel; I reckon we have this in force at all meetings already.
  13. mr dickson cider

    Tickets for Kurow Jockey Club Meeting 30th December 2017.

    Kurow is one of the great South Island meetings.
  14. mr dickson cider

    Mick Guerin

    Does he do any research before he comes on trackside? Listened to him yesterday and he was bleating on about Scapolo carrying 56.5 in the sprint at Rotorua. Unless Rosie Myers can become an apprentice again that wont happen its got 59. He them went on about Natuzzi having had one trial since being back in at Avondale hes had another more recent trial at Ruakaka 2nd behind Rocanto. Stick to your wobblies Mick.
  15. mr dickson cider

    Go Winnie

    He has actually lost his seat 3x. 2x Tauranga 1x Northland Talk about the tail wagging the dog. He has gone with Labour because he will be able to bully her.