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  1. Thats actually not that funny - if there had been an accident what would have been said then. There are rules for a reason - many high risk industries have a zero tolerance for alcohol, and a 24 hour clear rule - expecting a jockey to present at the races with a limit below 100 at 12pm raceday is not unreasonable - the rules clearly state it. Many standard workplace drug and alcohol policies enforce six unannounced random tests to an employee who has undergone drug or alcohol rehabilitation.
  2. Would it not be expected that drug and alcohol testing would be conducted prior to the first race of the day? Chris Johnson stood down today after failing a breath alcohol screening test after having ridden in Race 1?
  3. I suggest you just stay home maskless and out of my way I need to earn a living from racing and you obviously don’t not feeding the trolls anymore
  4. And NZTR can make their own health and safety measures on top of legislation to allow racing to continue I would suggest unless you have that exemption from a doctor and presented to stipendary stewards you will not be allowed on course At the end of the day we are trying to maintain racing so that we can be working and earning -
  5. The announcement of a level 3 lockdown for Auckland for 3 days with Auckland travel restrictions would have to put the Ruakaka races in serious doubt For Saturday
  6. The Winter Cup market is up on the TAB website - what were the horses selected in this market based on, media interviews? - considering noms for the race are Tuesday - not the normal early noms - it also shows Wait a Sec in the market - a horse announced retired in the media 6 days ago........ Who do you know heading to the Winter Cup not showing in the market ? https://www.tab.co.nz/sports/competition/13734/racing/feature-races/new-zealand-thoroughbreds-futures/outrights?outrightseventid=540563
  7. Started today at Awapuni in its own Maiden grade race - 14 of 14 starters - 19 lengths off the winner and gains $300 in stakes as not 15 runners!
  8. The money for all weather tracks was allocated from the regional development funds for all areas, not just racing - this was done well before Covid hit and the amageddon that occurred for racing that forced change. This money is tied to being only for the specific area and purpose and cant be used for anything else
  9. Would have made the field in a maiden today - that criteria for guaranteed a start only for July - it’s scratched now
  10. Won after three or four starts with experience down on a much lower minimum than the 55kg tomorrow - this is a first starter - no Raceday Experience - and one trial - let’s see ...if it gets off the ballot
  11. The open entry races have made the fields difficult for lower rated horses - particularly a rating 67, 68 horse - take Friday at Wanganui the rating 88 race framed race has 63 kg top weight and the bottom at 55 kg minimum Can someone please tell me the last time a first starter started in an open framed market - the B1 horse should be getting 21kg off the top weight
  12. Can anyone explain why there are three Group Races with such a disparity of stakes Group 3 Wellington Cup $250k Group 1 Telegraph $250k Group 1 Thorndon Mile $200k ?? The difference in the two Group Ones is 25% -
  13. Looking at the forecast and the conditions at the last meeting there it will be a very Heavy 11 - it just doesn’t dry at this time of year
  14. Punters wanted the information and at least you can follow what Woodville supplied - rudimentary as it is - how useful is the information from the Levin Results - how are you able to track these runners - one named horse