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    Mary Burgess' blog on NZRB overheads

    Clearly it is time for the Govt to float the TAB. Let the resulting shareholders decide as to positions held and by whom. Capital raised by the float to be shared between the industry and the Govt on a basis of who puts in and who takes. The industry takes 80% and the Govt gets 20% of the float value. Clear indication of capital input. TAB pays taxes like any other business and taxes on profits, the Govt will make more than they get at the moment in taxes, so they will be happy, because shareholders will demand profitability. A significant detail that is presently missing. Codes get representative shares of the betting pool raised annually on a recorded basis. Completely transparent both on and offshore records. Capital and profit returns are on the same basis, as are retained earnings to plan for future developments and capital expenditure. Present RIB chair and CEO can never lay claim to their roles as being successful, fiscals prove otherwise. As also do public disclosures and quotes on their own performance, JA can lay claim to being in carnival ghost train tunnel and never seeing the light at the end of the ride. Chair a significant conflict of interest. You guys need to leave the building...........pronto.................take the yes men with you as well Float the TAB and use commercial governance for goodness sake.......Lets get real with our industry.
  2. John Clydesdale

    The Everest field finalised...

    Dear Scooby, don’t know if you have attended the Championships, but it is NO failure. Dundeel sealed it the first time, but it has improved. I have been since it’s inception, it is great racing. Should be applauded that Messara processed the Carnival into a spectacle that it is. Track unfortunate this year, but you will be hard pressed to see another scintillating performance by the grey streak that was the TJ Smith. Winx a no brainer. Bonneval was outstanding, John Snow tough, Gingernuts tired, horse quality terrific. A perfect racing entry to Autumn and the sales. I suggest you go one day. No knocking Spring in Melbourne, a wonderful Carnival. It is cemented into racing benchmarks and yardsticks. That won’t change in a hurry. But the Championships are indeed worthy by a furlong. The Everest is a solo performance, somewhat isolated. But the grey will just beat English and Vegas in a photo................ Go to Sydney in April Scoobie, you won’t be disappointed.
  3. John Clydesdale

    New Racing Board member

    Shortish isn't he Midge
  4. John Clydesdale

    Showcasing is a smart sire

    I'm with you, the quality will improve locally as well. Up's to to Haunui, Belardo is a serious performer....time will tell as a stallion.
  5. John Clydesdale

    Brian De Lore - Article

    How do you figure The Informant is owned by the NZRB? What a plonker, it would not make any sense for him to do so on your basis of evaluation. Don't dig the hole any deeper.
  6. John Clydesdale


    Dear Berlog When did you last go to Avondale?
  7. John Clydesdale

    Japanese Industry

    I speak from experience that is somewhat dated. But like all advancing horse people, the Japenese youngsters travelled and worked with the best. The top guys have all trained in Europe at Newmarket or Chantilly and they learn and understand the challenges of racing there. They then convert that experience into the quality of horse they have and train them well. Imagine 5000 horses, yes 5000, at one training centre with 27 tracks, and each saddle has a gps unit that feeds information to a central point. That was 20 years ago. now they can read breathing, heart and lung expulsion rates.....where do we sit in the technology area?.... Look at the times they run, as mentioned earlier, then you can appreciate fully the feats of Horlicks and Aerovilocity, they are milestones. The Japanese culture handcuffs them from taking on the world, self confidence.... Zenya Yoshida would now be very proud of the local industry in Japan, and thanks to the JRA and great stake money they will continue to improve their horses.
  8. John Clydesdale

    Japanese Industry

    The Japan breeding industry accelerated in the 80's as a result of Zenya Yoshida having the same love affair with Northern Dancer as Robert Sangster and Vincent O. That was the platform that has elevated the Japanese industry to the level it is, comparable to the best in the world. The comment on stayers is relevant, but I would suggest that Maurice would be comparable to Solow or any previous European miler. The Japanese industry lacked confidence in the 90's, has gained some in the early part of 2000, but they will develop into the "elite" level of performance and breeding within the next decade. Deep Impact is an outstanding stallion, the eastern version of Galileo or Sadlers Wells and Arrowfield are the avenue of access to that depth of blood, we should be thankful that Arrowfield had the foresight to generate that liaison.
  9. John Clydesdale

    Trackside fails again

    Without wanting to be rude Doomed, where have you been hiding? If you are satisfied with that presentation delivery, then I feel sorry for you. Being involved in the start of Action TV and also with a depth of TV experience, today's presentation efforts on the Gallop channel are pathetic, amateur and far below the level of what was presented in the first pics from the channel. George, Karyn and Andre had no experience in front of a camera, but they would bury all of the initialled ones presenting on course today. The producers currently involved clearly have little commercial TV experience and certainly need training. The presenters, generally speaking, are not selected for their presentation experience, and also have little understanding of the term "diction". They need to watch more HK and also UK racing. That is why the likes of Cumani and co are listened to, because they know how to present, articulate and make the level so far above our lads, that you want to have a bet. Sorry to say Doomed, you are so very easily pleased.
  10. John Clydesdale

    Sydney Cup

    Agree to disagree Trump, was at the Cox that day and that was a Collins comment, neither Roughie or BDJ had the same number of Gr 1 winners in the field. All three great finishes, but that grey was just outstanding....
  11. John Clydesdale

    Sydney Cup

    Insider, it was the human element that was very disappointing, not the horses. John Snow's Derby was a supreme effort and Berry should have got a decent holiday the way he tried to tip Opie off Gingernuts...again no human comment when blind Freddie could see not one but two shoulder charges. The flying grey was a sight to behold, at the 250 the grey was like a Ferrari joining in a race of minis, jaw dropping finish, the best finish I've seen in a Gr 1. Bonneval was superb, you knew the outcome 400m from home, and then there is Winx....just the best there is. But that track.......the Championships will lose value and momentum and relevance unless they upgrade the track. Again a decision that you cannot rely on the ATC to make correctly.
  12. John Clydesdale

    Sydney Cup

    Napier, you say what was on TV. What you missed was the detail; No ambo staff provided to the jocks 4 Clerks of the course could not catch WSTB for 3 laps, he arrived back in the birdcage after finally being caught, very distressed Injured horse was sitting down with broken Near rear Leg, soon caught by the lead Doyle was slow to get up, but then moved toward the centre of the track and then dropped to the track again, Shinn picked himself up and moved to check Doyle before helping him move to the rail, the pair were safe by the time the horse hit the 800m mark when the siren sounded. Officials did not know what to do, just panicked as they obviously had not witnessed the Championship Stakes at Ellerslie. No protocols in place. The track presented for the day was rubbish, so was the decision to quit the race was equally rubbish, the clerks of the course were also rubbish and need a kick in the arse. I was there.
  13. John Clydesdale

    Sydney Cup

    Can I ask the obvious question of Departed or Napier, were either of you there?
  14. John Clydesdale

    Iffraaj - a quality stallion

    as mentioned earlier, Iffraaj is a top class stallion, very difficult to get Gr1 performers in the SH ahead of NH. Iffraaj is a rare beast, filly or colt, 2 or 3 it doesn't matter to him. They are rare stallions, and "talk" at the fee, he is more than reasonable value for money. Compare the sale averages and you will realise how slow we are as learners. The penny is dropping slowly.
  15. John Clydesdale


    Sweet ride and good horse, even in the ground. Derby chance or sure and the story will get better. Well done Haunui, Goodwood and Te Akau. Poor Jamie looks as though he has had too much sugar when interviewed. He has to take big deep breaths and get the words out. Fairytale ride for all concerned. The Championships are going to be great.
  16. John Clydesdale


    By a world class stallion from a mare by the best horse in the world in his time. Generous was rated at 133, no disrespect, but Winx is a few pounds lighter. Class stamina topped by class power, He might open their eyes tomorrow with a subtle ride from Opie.
  17. John Clydesdale

    Here's a dilemma

    They are copping it from top to bottom. Remember David Moodie is having a crack at the other end. What does that tell you about RV? Credibility is questionable through the ranks I suspect!
  18. John Clydesdale

    Derby winner....?????

    Think he is a goodun. Accelerated in the straight and the others were left gasping. Peach of a ride from the nations best, much more to come from him wherever they line him up past a mile.
  19. John Clydesdale

    Derby winner....?????

    Is this a great race this year, no stand out, not head above the others? the TAB would suggest otherwise, but I believe the race is wide open to a number of horses. Track, draw, jock, .........pressure options on all fronts.....good to see. No offers from me, other than I think it's going to be a great test for 3YO's at the right time of year. Are we going to deliver the goods again this year? MK was real good last year. Looking forward to it.
  20. John Clydesdale

    off to Ballarat

    Sad to see that such a skilled person in Mark Is lost to our future in NZ. Many will miss his expertise and input, from trainers to owners. Using the attributed Colin Hayes statement, "the future belongs to those who plan for it" the best option for someone in his supported position. ........a missing ingredient to the industry and many other aspects of NZ. John
  21. John Clydesdale

    Stud Books available

    Vol XXV 1987 - A-Ly Ly - Z Vol XXVI 1991 - A-Mag Mag-Z Vol XXVII 1994 Vol XXVIII 1997 Stallion Registers from 1990 - mostly hard cover email [email protected] if interested
  22. John Clydesdale

    Stud Books available

    Clearly not a desired hard copy requirement in today's market. Leaving the farm so into the skip they go. Shame......
  23. John Clydesdale

    Go the Rayners !!!

    When is Mr Parkes moving North?
  24. John Clydesdale

    Ready to Run sale

    Supply V's Demand Racetrack performance results will stay intact in the future, selling agents need to accept quality not quantity. Same purchase money can only circulate among the same category of sale on an Australasian basis. Too many horses in the sale, a casualty or two no doubt in the vendors area, with no local market ask GH for a solution. She can lift a weight and maybe run PR well, but not a business. Time to get some vision in the industry, presently it has none.
  25. John Clydesdale

    Vale Bill Skelton MBE

    Outstanding Jockey The likes we will not see again. The champ trainers that have gone would tell you what he could do to educate a youngster. Syd Brown, Eric Ropiha etc would put Bill on a young horse and it would gain from the experience. I have very fond memories of horses that Bill taught to race, none more than a horse called Crown Law, a Group One horse who beat Baguette and Gunsynd at his first Australian start.Bustling Bill taught him to race.........