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  1. Interesting perspectives. I was a member at Auckland for 25 years and I left last year, why.........???? Non delivery. There was little value to it, I could not go anywhere to get away from the shorts and jandals, the supposed value of membership did not eventuate or manifest in any form or fact. I have, as an owner, been there as many times as I have as a member per annum, so could not provide support them any longer. Dress standards not upheld, benefits undelivered, a no brainer really even when I wanted to participate. As an aside, I am a member at Avondale and also the VRC, and get a better delivery from those clubs. cheers
  2. Time to grow up psyc. Whatever gen you are, you must give in order to receive, so you do as you feel you should, but try to give a little. My contribution is decades, hope you do the same.
  3. Fitzy, what is or what are “commercial terms”?
  4. Stand corrected Ted, but I recall that he won the Parliamentary, but thought he won a jumps as well. Was he trained by Maureen Masden at Levin or Otaki perhaps. The Rose Mellay lady. Remember Hunting Chief, they were tough ole runners in those days. Cambridge Fair just loved Trentham in the Winter. Those impressions of the 70’s and the runners of that era are etched in the brain. I have two families I breed from related to I’l Tempo, one branch is relatively hopeless and the other successful. He was a “proper horse” to me in those days, as the English would say. But watched many a hoss all over the world, don’t think I have seen better than Winx at 2000m. The likes we will not see again for some time. cheers
  5. Cambridge Fair won the Whyte in consecutive years, often racing first and third days. I think Frederick won the Wgtn Hurdles and the Parlimentary at the same meeting as well. P4P, I doubt that Ahjay won in the deep winter conditions at Trentham, but he did like the track.
  6. On the Agri section of the mid day report on the National programme today, I am sure I heard a story that indicated they Govt were going to provide a fund of $340 Million to upgrade tracks and services and buildings in the racing industry. Or was I just in la la land as I was driving? Sorry folks........just relistened to the broadcast replay..............$340 Thousand only........apologies folks
  7. On the Agri section of the mid day report on the National programme today, I am sure I heard a story that indicated they Govt were going to provide a fund of $340 Million to upgrade tracks and services and buildings in the racing industry. Or was I just in la la land as I was driving?
  8. Psyc You certainly can use your computer. On which you can view the same regurgitated stories that come from the Racing Desk and NZTM. The newspapers are lazy and print what is given to them by others, the Racing Desk and NZTM. The Informant does actually make news, provides perspectives via letters and their own correspondents. Their information is widely used in Australian media, paper, radio and TV. In my view, it is much more interesting to read fresh and interesting stories, rather than what is available on the NZTR and NZTM who I believe are under resourced for such publications. A number of online publications charge for their information, because it costs money to generate it. So you do have to charge to recover expenses. The way your note is written, it sounds like you are looking for a free lunch. Gen X I imagine. cheers
  9. Bookmakers odds P4P as you carded, but the second favourite is my choice and will be the impact. The evangalist from up North will not be able to control the remote and such incineration will ensure that racing struggles to gain a profile. Lets get the reform in our industry that the Australian banking system is currently going to endure, and get rid of the govt wallies that drive the industry at the mo. They feel they know what the industry wants, bollocks to that. They meet at the Astoria in Lambton Quay and conjure up ideas that are bereft of process and progress for an industry that is not at all romantic and fetching to the Wadestown or Khandallah mob. J Allen is looking for another role as you read this, but the Colgate girl will struggle to find a spot for a ham fisted intellectual that could not put his trailer on the tow bar to take his successes to the tip. J Allen is smart enough, but has the charisma of a hair clip and the common sense of a 5 day dated horse dropping. Murray McCully and the dips showed him common sense, but we struggle to do so. As for the chair, the only thing she can contribute are trite comments and business understanding that matches her gender partner at the AMP. So Winston doesn’t stand a chance to be there next time round, because whatever John Messara presents to him as the required steps to take, he won’t have any support to take it anywhere. The whale from Northland will have consumed him as the disinter grating of his party happens before his own eyes. Time will tell, but your odds are accurate.
  10. What makes you think Winston will even be in Parliament at the next election?
  11. Hi, Can anyone provide the mobile number of Gary Jenkins from 5 Star Horse Transport please. Thanks John
  12. Cmon people, give the lady a motherly break. We have Mr Robberson to look after the finances and Phil Twitford to look after housing, it will be all sweet as................won’t it!
  13. Watch the cracks become voids.......................
  14. Chelsea He said what you said, but used internationally understood lingo.......
  15. A sad loss of the Danehill Dancer line
  16. I will play the devil’s advocate in the challenge of where to put the investment! My experience in business is that you present your product to the largest possible market. Sell in a manner that invites participation and maximise consumption, then you will be rewarded with the sales will develop and improve the product you offer. The market grows and develops further because it becomes an organic process. More people want the product. My thoughts are governed by a sport and industry future that is based on maturing new consumers, syndication members, players from off shore, owners now living in NZ from a variety of original homes in the East, but delivering a product to the biggest market available. To me, the lay down misere, to use the betting colloquialism, is to invest the capital for a regular all year round track at Ellerslie. Why??? The bulk of future owners in the North live there. Whatever their origination, they will live in Auckland! Majority of participants in our industry are using disposable money, not those of yesteryear when the obligatory participation by farmers was a rule of thumb. Today, the younger generation of farmers don’t have a broodmare in the back paddock. The majority of investors today are successful business people, members of syndicates, stud owners, breeders, or those that have the passion that has become an obsession yet to be classified as warranting an ascribed health budget. We, as an industry have to understand the market of today and the future. The market is fierce for the betting dollar, the centre is Auckland and if the political pundits can get their head around it, that is where the investment should take place. Cambridge or Matamata or Hamilton are not the answer. Too far away from the population base. Examples exist everywhere, Fuchu in Tokyo, Chantilly in Paris, Belmont in the US, Randwick in Sydney, Flemington in Melbourne, don’t do a Stiassny and try an reinvent the wheel. The market is the market, the population base. 6.5% of NZ are racing bettors...........what is the betting percentage of Auckland, probably 12-15%. 17% of Auckland are from a betting culture, most successful syndication investments come from those that have some spare cash, the majority of owners will be based in the Auckland wider area, put the capital investment there. Ellerslie is the spot. The challenge.........sort out the management of the company, then focus on the market. Heard of Fletchers.....try the Racing Board!!!!!!! Just my devilish opinion
  17. What an interesting statistic would be the number of people streaming the TAB coverage versus the SKY accessed Trackside?? They could be surprising!!!
  18. Give this man a horse........ Sensible Princess, won a very important race in her career. Maybe the best she may win. But hats off to her trainer who recognised the input that puts the photo in the frame. Lisa Alpress had a real impact to the performance being realised and the respected and accomplished trainer acknowleded it. Hats off. CJ obviously had the motor at the 100m and provided the polish, but tip the hat to the breeder, John Bromley, and his trainer, a really good race to win. The dam was a reasonable performer, and she has produced a really good horse.......good luck John......hope the luck continues.....
  19. Pound, using you vernacular, she should be in Rangiora pastures.................
  20. I think you understood the reference......clearly you are a
  21. Being older, I really enjoy the substantive basis of Brian de Lore’s articles in the Informant. I came through a communication era of challenged information, outside of conformity Brian delivers a subjective questionnaire of the figurative leaders of our state. He needs to be applauded, for he provides question marks where previously full stops prevailed. The nature of the revelations of his articles question whether the management of the RIB are “fit for purpose”. You can answer the questions individually because you are impacted by that question. I would say the balance sheet says NO. Let me put it this way, in 1996 exports for NZ wine were $60m, thoroughbreds were the same. Yes a lifetime to some, nowadays, they are looking at 1 $billion in 2018. We are lagging behind by furlongs. We were exporting product in 1996 at $90m, this coming year maybe $106m. I know bottles can increase in production terms, horses don’t at the same rate, but the incentives and trade input has not been the same. What does this reflect............cannabilisation. NZRB seems to think the same can prevail now. J Allen thinks he can grow the business from a small base, against international competition from all corners, then he is a legend in his own bathroom. The industry needs a return to investors, be it by returns on investment or a relief for investment, then some assurance can be gained for doing so. The plonkers in The RIB have a) no risk b)no understanding of betting and most of all c) no comprehension of how the industry in NZ works. When you you get people with or without experience governing the show, then you will have an example like Fletchers on the share market, difference being you can sell your shares. Not us...........we just have to suck it up...........that’s why we have no say part form B de Lore. Sad state of affairs....................
  22. Corndale was quicker than that. Our horse, PompandGlory ran 1.32.29 winning the Easter some moons back, although a race record, Corndale ran quicker than that
  23. Clearly it is time for the Govt to float the TAB. Let the resulting shareholders decide as to positions held and by whom. Capital raised by the float to be shared between the industry and the Govt on a basis of who puts in and who takes. The industry takes 80% and the Govt gets 20% of the float value. Clear indication of capital input. TAB pays taxes like any other business and taxes on profits, the Govt will make more than they get at the moment in taxes, so they will be happy, because shareholders will demand profitability. A significant detail that is presently missing. Codes get representative shares of the betting pool raised annually on a recorded basis. Completely transparent both on and offshore records. Capital and profit returns are on the same basis, as are retained earnings to plan for future developments and capital expenditure. Present RIB chair and CEO can never lay claim to their roles as being successful, fiscals prove otherwise. As also do public disclosures and quotes on their own performance, JA can lay claim to being in carnival ghost train tunnel and never seeing the light at the end of the ride. Chair a significant conflict of interest. You guys need to leave the building...........pronto.................take the yes men with you as well Float the TAB and use commercial governance for goodness sake.......Lets get real with our industry.
  24. Dear Scooby, don’t know if you have attended the Championships, but it is NO failure. Dundeel sealed it the first time, but it has improved. I have been since it’s inception, it is great racing. Should be applauded that Messara processed the Carnival into a spectacle that it is. Track unfortunate this year, but you will be hard pressed to see another scintillating performance by the grey streak that was the TJ Smith. Winx a no brainer. Bonneval was outstanding, John Snow tough, Gingernuts tired, horse quality terrific. A perfect racing entry to Autumn and the sales. I suggest you go one day. No knocking Spring in Melbourne, a wonderful Carnival. It is cemented into racing benchmarks and yardsticks. That won’t change in a hurry. But the Championships are indeed worthy by a furlong. The Everest is a solo performance, somewhat isolated. But the grey will just beat English and Vegas in a photo................ Go to Sydney in April Scoobie, you won’t be disappointed.