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  1. winx21

    dean mckenzie

    He was CEO at Wellington and Addington so well versed in Racing matters I would have thought. You would think so wouldn't you, Yet he is ignoring the messara report and pretty much the entire racing industry on how this industry should look going forward
  2. winx21

    dean mckenzie

    It didn't register with me that McKenzie majored in Sport in USA. Thats quite vital information. On here the greatest cheerleader for McKenzie was P4P as he was for Michael Stiassny and Typhoon, John Allen and FOB (OpenBet) collectively thats quite a CV. Is that true p4p? You were in favour of typhoon and open bet? Interesting point about mackenze,maybe his aim is for TAB to be mainly about sport and that is we here his loyalty really lies.... CEO of a mainly sports organisation for future promotion somewhere overseas...
  3. winx21

    dean mckenzie

    When a new captain of any large business comes in,what is the first thing they ruthlessly slash into before the next financial year/shareholders meeting? Reductions in out goings!So why not here?Or is this just gravy the train? Exactly! why has this never happened with racing? only reason I can think of is political appointments,they get the job as long as no one gets the sack....
  4. winx21

    dean mckenzie

    I cant believe this hasn't generated more discussion on here.. someone finally come up with some evidence who owns the tab and they been looking for a while... especially tau henere Surely this gives racing and trots control over what happens even if the tab is broke. Someone like p4p who clearly is a intelligent guy can see the DIA and political appointments is the main reason why the industry is screwed The messara report implemented was the path to stop this and yet McKenzie vela etc don't want this to happen?? Why isn't someone like david ellis with his media profile not speaking out in support for the messara report more vocally?
  5. winx21

    dean mckenzie

    P4p 2 questions for you... Should racing keep there IP or tab own it? Should tab be outsourced to TABCORP for instance and whole lot of gravytrainers lose there jobs at wellington?
  6. winx21

    dean mckenzie

    Will we look back in 50 years maybe 100 years as this the man who destroyed the once great industry of horse racing? He continues to ignore the messara report and the will of the racing industry who want it implemented what's he getting out of it? a 500k a year job for life? The current state of the TAB is even more reason for its out sourcing yet he disagrees
  7. winx21

    I know this is not racing but...

    Mate you are absolutely clueless.covid is airbourne? share everyone a link to that would you ,you are talking nonsense
  8. winx21

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    trying to be positive racing has a chance sport to bet on anywhere and a lot of people at home with nothing to do. Big risk though if any jockeys get this we will be shut down,then what??? For a lot of people barely hanging on out there, will be the final nail in the coffin,If racing gets shut down for 6 months what will happen with staff track riders etc? NZTR should be treating jockeys like kings and queens because if they get sick and have to self isolate we will be screwed
  9. winx21

    select committee

    thanks The one that had a lot of questions for john messara doesn't appear on that list. Has anyone watched the video of the submissions and any thoughts?
  10. winx21

    select committee

    Can someone please tell me the role of the select committee and who is on it? How much of a influence will they have on what we end up with the racing bill
  11. winx21

    Parliamentary horse trading

    p4p please remind everyone here what national have done for racing last 3 terms they were in power? I get you dont like winston but seriously have national done a better job as racing ministers than what winston is currently doing?
  12. winx21

    awapuni synthetic track

    So this delay means race's partnership with provincial growth fund is at risk? Where is NZTR in this,have they got nothing to do with this partnership?
  13. Does anyone know what happening with that? I read a recent comment by alasdair robertson that the provincial growth are funding part of it
  14. winx21

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    that's a great thread I still cant work out if you are taking the piss or are actually crazy...if you are serious would it be a good idea if all the horses are ridden to the races to save emissions? those floats are surely contributing to the bushfires! And what about you are you going to bike to trenthem to save your carbon footprint?
  15. winx21

    Dean McKenzie road show

    After all the promise and false hope from the messara report being implemented we are now rapidly approaching a point of the permanent demise of the racing industry certainly in the central districts and south island. How has it come to this? I thought dean McKenzie peter vela and Winston were on our side? who are we fighting against? some nameless unelected bureaucrat's from department of internal affairs? Cannot believe they seriously suggest giving all the power to the racing minister so we can get more john allens and glenda hughes types who know nothing about racing and wagering We give away our intellectual property for free while sports keep there's? Can anyone tell me how much rugby,basketball etc contributed to the creation of the betting platform that we bet on those sports or did racing fund the lot? And what is the ramifications if the tab went down the line of what's happening with Victorian tab? What about the outsourcing of the tab? Are the really going to take on the big corporates? Dean answered a lot of these questions saying its basically the same? really ? and does that mean what passed in 2003 was right? I cannot see any stake increases anytime soon if ever,betting levy is only filling the gap for what was borrowed! Sooo many questions ,feel free to answer them for me!