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  1. winx21

    awapuni synthetic track

    So this delay means race's partnership with provincial growth fund is at risk? Where is NZTR in this,have they got nothing to do with this partnership?
  2. Does anyone know what happening with that? I read a recent comment by alasdair robertson that the provincial growth are funding part of it
  3. winx21

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    that's a great thread I still cant work out if you are taking the piss or are actually crazy...if you are serious would it be a good idea if all the horses are ridden to the races to save emissions? those floats are surely contributing to the bushfires! And what about you are you going to bike to trenthem to save your carbon footprint?
  4. winx21

    Dean McKenzie road show

    After all the promise and false hope from the messara report being implemented we are now rapidly approaching a point of the permanent demise of the racing industry certainly in the central districts and south island. How has it come to this? I thought dean McKenzie peter vela and Winston were on our side? who are we fighting against? some nameless unelected bureaucrat's from department of internal affairs? Cannot believe they seriously suggest giving all the power to the racing minister so we can get more john allens and glenda hughes types who know nothing about racing and wagering We give away our intellectual property for free while sports keep there's? Can anyone tell me how much rugby,basketball etc contributed to the creation of the betting platform that we bet on those sports or did racing fund the lot? And what is the ramifications if the tab went down the line of what's happening with Victorian tab? What about the outsourcing of the tab? Are the really going to take on the big corporates? Dean answered a lot of these questions saying its basically the same? really ? and does that mean what passed in 2003 was right? I cannot see any stake increases anytime soon if ever,betting levy is only filling the gap for what was borrowed! Sooo many questions ,feel free to answer them for me!
  5. winx21

    Wasn’t the budget great for racing !!!

    I doubt a future national racing minister could do any worse than the last 3 especially Nathan guy. National has lost the racing vote for a very long time I would think. If Winston can get these changes through will be hard to undo and future racing minister probably wouldn't have much to do anyway.
  6. winx21

    Wasn’t the budget great for racing !!!

    And that’s exactly what you’ve got coming.....but you can’t see it, good luck, they don’t care about you....not one ounce, they don’t give a F about you whingers who worship silly fxxxxing Winston Have Have you read the transcript from parliament? According to national the current members of the racing industry board have done a great job in challenging times.... Gerry b says racing is dull and boring and shouldn't be getting any help also couldn't name where they race at wellington....sounds like he takes a interest in racing …. You read it p4p ,easy to see why after 9 years in power they did zilch for racing and are now trying to stop anything Winston trys to do to fix it. Do you really want a national racing minister in charge of this industry?
  7. winx21

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    Just another ranter Winx21 The Racing industry owns these problems, the racing industry must fix them. The government, regardless of who it is, left, right, or centre, owes the industry nothing. Stop feeling entitled, if this country has spare reserves they should be spent on, roading, health, child care, education, drug education / control, ......there are the important things, not subsidizing an industry / sport that cannot and will not help itself.  We have enormous industry assets, real estate, great breeders, trainers & jockeys....they’re your assets....but they never get used efficiently. Your weakness in NZ Racing has two major fronts .......firstly appalling code / club leadership is the primary problem, and the secondary issue, we keep producing a shite product no one wants or will buy internationally. We are to world Racing what Lada was to a United Germany .... that’s the truth. The 20 year plan should involve a completely new way of administering the industry from the club level up, and a focus on using our enormous assets to produce a better product, or new gambling products, that actually has / have global appeal. Stop whinging Winx21, these are our problems and we should fix them rather than bleat like needy entitled spoilt kids. A couple of notes to close, 95% of NZ citizens couldn’t give a flying fork about racing, we’re nothing, and secondly, if you think a Winston / NZF orchestrated AW track in the wax or polymer style is going to help save this industry you’re incredibly naive. I couldn't disagree more p4p For one don't agree with all weather tracks but have to many big names eg ellis calling for them .better spending money on our good turf tracks if the promised money arrives. P4p you must be aware how australia racing works and how much there state government supports it if nzracing is a lada what you complaining about is some rust on the outside when the real problem is the engine falling apart. getting the racing act redone, getting rid of the board and the hundreds of millions they have wasted,all the bloated salarys down at wellington,outsourcing tab that's what will save this industry, those responsible for the racing act should of been hung drawn and quartered or at least barred from the industry. the damage they did and ignoring warnings at the time is the reason why we are in this position how much once the changes are made do you its will be worth to the industry? also not propping up dogs and trots earning what is actually bet on our product. You sound like you are a businessman ,surely you acknowledge the huge sums of money the politically picked board over the years have wasted? they were accountable to nobody and the government let that happen,cant see Nathan guy handling allen how Winston has I know there are plenty of issues regarding nztr and how they manage the industry but if they get a huge boost in income and get stakes up a lot of the issues we are facing will sort themselves out. we need to be racing for a min stk of 20k to make a difference lets hope Winston can get the recommendations implemented don't you agree p4p?
  8. winx21

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    I'm definitely taking the piss, love Winston or hate him,anyone who cares about the racing industry couldn't seriously argue that he is the only politician that gives a shit about the racing industry and is our only hope. While its taking longer than hoped for change all the right people are involved (messara Mackenzie etc) and what they looking to do with nzrb is brilliant getting rid of people like allen and glenda who I doubt had been to a racemeeting before being appointed on the board. pound for pound do you seriously think a national government with there chosen racing minister would be doing better than what Winston has done?
  9. winx21

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    You are right pound for pound we need to get Nathan Guy back ASAP as racing minister. Top bloke who I'm sure along with John Allen and Glenda given a another term with National sorted NZ racing out They were on the right track just needed more time
  10. winx21


    why the rail out 10 metres? haven't raced there since the oaks. 3 or 4 races there horses going to be sitting on the ballot because they cant get a run... running 14 horse fields instead of 18
  11. winx21

    NZTR Appointment

    Crap. Look at their operational performance not the playing side of things. really? you follow league? he replaced one of the best around in Jim Doyle..and has made a mess of things since he been there. getting rid of mason lino and then Shaun Johnson leaving the club with no playmakers. aussie media have been having a field day over George over his amateurish mistakes not sure he is the answer for racing...
  12. winx21

    Ugo Foscolo

    Does anyone know if he has trialed?
  13. pound for pound isn't the government the only ones that can change the out of date and wrong racing act of 2003? if so I I don't recall Nathan guy talking about getting it changed for the benefit of the industry at least Winston is trying to change it do you not think the tab should be outsourced to Australia ?
  14. why is everyone on here so anti Winston? If someone read the nonsense on here and knew nothing about the racing industry they would think our previous racing ministers on here were fantastic for the racing industry. Can someone on here give me one good thing a national racing minister has done since they were in power??? At least Winston is trying resuscitate a dying industry My opinion there seems to much focus on the clubs land etc The game changer in the messara report is getting the tab outsourced and getting rid of the many suits in wellington that will go with it
  15. winx21

    Awapuni Trials

    I was told there were yellow patches of grass on the area where horses were going into that track.that backs up your comments leggy there are problems with the lack of root structure or soil structure.The horses didn't slip just went into the track like it was heavy 11 and yet cms away was more like a dead 5. Cant help but think when the manawatu winter and rain comes they are going to have more problems with this. poor design?