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    True Blue help

    Hello Anzac friends I have spent a few weeks in you land over Christmas and experienced the pressures you’re suffering in Vic and NSW. I can offer my assistance in the form of a green paddock and good feed. If you require a clean air opportunity for a developing yearling or 2 YO, and a home to continue their growth from your ANZAC compatriot for some months free of charge, I am happy to provide that opportunity. As a small breeder and conscious of your present conditions I can understand the concerns some of you have challenging you daily existence. Please let me know if I can help. Cheers John
  2. John Clydesdale

    Racing Industry Bill

    I will add my 2 Pennith worth to this thread. The RIB took away the incentives for clubs to make money for themselves by the re rating of the betting levies they supplied to clubs. All clubs were provided with a descriptive grade, as a course, and they were then provided with a set % revenue on course betting return dependant on the rating of the meeting they staged. Exampled by Auckland, Wgtn and Chch effectively having their premier meeting betting revenue grades assured and received a BENEFICIAL level of betting commission as opposed to the smaller clubs, West Coast or elsewhere, who provided the backbone of free labour input willingly to help their community racing effort. So you would end up having venue rated industry clubs, stage industry days where they are effectively ghost race meetings, just there to implement betting turnover. Stiassny wanted Monday racing to fit a market that’s didn’t even exist, by using the industry grade model. A proven failure, at a great cost to internal resources. The promising ACA student that created this rating model had a frontal lobotomy when he left college. The outcome was always predictable. No incentive for the Committee members of clubs to seek and provide race sponsors and continue the input for anything other than premier days because you are always going to get a set fee to cover your staging expenses. Such a platform is no incentive to get new sponsors and new attendees as their is absolutely no benefit to the club to put in that effort. Clubs need incentives to stage their events. Always have done, always will do, that is the nature of free enterprise. Be it for local community spirit and inputs that generate the appropriate attendances they should be rewarded for their efforts and a better betting percentage of the oncourse betting dollar. If that incentive was provided again, then greater returns on the investment of time and effort would also lead to an upgrade in facilities and attendances and also betting turnover. The Racing Ministers plan to capitalise industry assets that it does not own is sheer communist theft and needs to be pushed back to the utmost level. If the industry needs that level of funding from asset sales, let the new regimes being planned, go and talk to the major financial lending resource suppliers and they will soon learn how to run a business well. Rather than idiots we have had for the last decade or any government plonkers at the DIA that could not run a fundraising raffle for a chicken in the public bar of a pub. Trying to create a Government statute to take away venues that do not belong to them, is complete lunacy and treacherous behaviour and thinking. It is truly appalling to even be thinking that way. IMO
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    No sales available in Katikati?
  4. John Clydesdale

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Berri, I think you can acknowledge that she continues to improve, so the race of a while back is not the benchmark for judgement calls. She has now fully matured, as was evident in her condition and as a rule Hearts Cry stock improve with age. Outstanding effort to win, but have a look at Almond Eye running 1.56.2, pure class....... cheers John
  5. John Clydesdale

    John Allen

    Trump, you are not too far away from reality, or what it really should be. But if you have seen him in action, you can see how he could convince the “Board” he was going in the right direction. The chair was the culprit, she of little upstairs, but plenty everywhere else. JA convinced her, and she wouldn’t know what he was talking about because she didn’t understand the industry anyway, as exampled by the resignation statement. JA will show up again, possibly as the new President of the Labour Party as he and Jacinda would get on well together, both smiling and shallow and trying to provide answers to everything. Sorry folks, there is still a funding shortfall of significance, so there has to be less racing or races, to consume the less money available for stakes. Betting levels will be a real challenge but if the second part of the plan is franked in Parliament before Christmas then there is light ahead, but a wee way off as yet.
  6. John Clydesdale

    il tempo rider R.I.P.

    I have two mares from this family, whilst not black type horses, they have left plenty of winners. Blancpain, the best of them and all hers to race have won. It was witnessing Il Tempo winning the Cups that prompted me to get in the family, backed up of course by Show Gate and her wonderful deeds. I just need to breed one with a bit of the class of those two horses and I would be happy. cheers John
  7. John Clydesdale

    TAB Computer

    Does anyone know how/when the computer upgrades it’s betting? I went to have a bet on my IPad on a horse racing tomorrow, somehow the TAB doesn’t like IPads at the moment. So I use my phone. 3 hours ago, the race had $81 in the win pool. I backed the horse I wanted. 3 hours later, the win pool is $86 and yet the money for my bet has left my account, but clearly not into the win pool as my bet was modest but significantly it would have put the win pool into three figures. How does this multi million dollar contraption work? Just saying Glenda John Clydesdale
  8. John Clydesdale

    John Allen please explain....

    Tripple, where do you get $ 50 - $70 from? Not a show in the next few years. Go back ten years and look at the Balance Sheet of the Racing Board, that will explain to you how idiot after idiot believed they could expand the make things improve and work well. All they did, bankers and the unprofessionals like John Allen was to use reserves completely, sell the assets (eg. purpose built building) and then borrow money to exist on their total misunderstanding of the industry. Between the Stiassny (sp?) and the Hughes techno disasters, these Wally’s have spent in excess of $60 million designing a platform that we did not need to make, it existed already. Not only that, they have warranted their own self importance by increasing the overhead of their own operations to a level that now almost equals the total local turnover of our code. The plonkers have a belief they were doing a good job...........................Beggars belief that they thought they were doing a good job. Racefields and POC are going to provide input, but we have to get the costs and overheads out of the management pronto, but that is going to cost money as JA and his sycophants will have very profitable exist clauses no doubt. I would say 20% cost deletion out of management, but the upfront cost will have to met and amortised over time. But where does the money come from........? I’m picking we won’t last next season without a significant input from somewhere......that will have to be borrowing, or maybe the Jones fund, but it will certainly have to be a reduction in races staged as we will not have the funds to run them. Accounting 101. Just saying
  9. John Clydesdale

    John Allen please explain....

    Trump you are so right. I am not sure what Tripple is on, but he is miles away from reality. The question I need an answer to is, where is the money going tome from to; - to sustain the industry - pay the exit clauses on the contracts that prevail under the Allen regime - create the marketing change that delivers more to racing than the focus on sports that delivers very little to us - so where does the dosh come from, Allen and the Chair have exposed the industry to the extent that we have become a risk to lenders on any platform. Just saying............
  10. John Clydesdale

    Anyone miss The Informant ?

    Yes, I miss it, a lot. I see the regurgitated info from across NZ and Australia and the world, but I could at least look forward to a betting and breeding perspective that was voiced and owned by the Informant. The TDN has improved of late and is doing a reasonable job in some areas but in terms of local interest there is nothing. Betting, I don’t bother locally, other than my own or friends horses I won’t bother. Had a crack at Royal Ascot and made some and lost some, but not on the local betting platform as there was little information. In the Information Age, all we get from Allen and co has been how well they are doing. Perhaps they should follow Mr Treasury and leave before their shortcomings become obviously restricting in their job opportunities. Bring back independent, well constructed and objective information about our print. It will be welcomed by many. John
  11. John Clydesdale

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    This is an interesting challenge and I wish Tony and the Archers the best of luck. But you need a truck load of it to get the loot. We raced a horse in the race many years back that could run 1600m in 1.32.29 (won the Easter in that time) who trailed for most of the run in the Straddie, then has a hiccup, and Thorn Park strode home in a really good time off that very quick pace. If Cahill can get the same sit as the two runs so far, then he is a winning chance. But believe me, luck is significant in this race, the pony from New Plymouth being testimony to that effect. All the best for the Boston connections John
  12. RR - A lot of companies now lease, or lease to own, as a means of getting the vehicle and paying a little more to do so, and then hand the vehicle back should they upgrade or go broke. It is still subject to tax implications which I won’t bore you with, but fair to say they are paying for the privilege in some way shape or form. A lot of people want to look the bis and are willing to pay the cash for it. I prefer your logic personally. cheers John
  13. RR, you need to have a look at NZ Tax laws when talking about new cars. Something call Fringe benefit Tax applies to cars, tax rate (last time I looked) 45%. Depreciation claim is slower than the drop in value of the car, no refunds at all and you keep paying the FBT on the purchase price value, not the current value. You should look at the Tax laws in NZ instead of making ridiculous proclamations about cars and refunds and cash backs. Cheers John
  14. John Clydesdale

    Seven weeks to RITA and CEO Allen needs to resign

    Hi Leo I am not going to inflate the fire by annoying you with detail, but......whilst I share some similar concerns with NZTR, the industry is a bulk funded platform as per the 2003 Act. So each code gets their apportioned share of the available spare from the NZRB to operate their business. Your ex mate from the Eastern suburbs spent $22 mil on Typhoon that was chucked in the tip. At 14.5% of turnover, work out the numbers as to the turnover that fired against the porcelain. J Allen has no idea of the value of a dollar. J Allen is an flee economically. Sold the granite, the purpose built Perone building, and drained the $20 mil of reserves he had when he took up the role. The guy has absolutely no idea what he is doing running a business. He never has run a successful business. Whilst verbose and interesting to listen to, he is humorous as he no knowledge of what he is talking about. He has spent the borrowed $25 mil and RITA get the hospital pass to extend the credit line. He is responsible, no question. You have been there with regards spend versus debt and you have learned, this codger has not learned a skerret from his underwhelming performances at NZ Post or MFAT and we, the industry, are paying the price. Unless the credit line is extended from August 1st, with turnover dropping as a result of an inferior website performance, the thoroughbred distribution to NZTR to operate the code drops dramatically and so racing has a reduction both in stakes and horse volume. They are all interconnected as a result of a CEO not knowing what the hell he is doing, on any front!! Turnover drives any industry, yours, mine and racing, when it drops so does the scope of that business performance within any industry. Pure economics 101 my friend. Cheers John
  15. John Clydesdale

    George Simon

    Hi fans, have a look at the main race yesterday at Rotorua, Zacada was in front for the length of the straight, wasn’t he? cheers John
  16. John Clydesdale

    Seven weeks to RITA and CEO Allen needs to resign

    Leo What a croc! Adamson got the heave from Fletchers for obvious losses, Allen has proportionately generated bigger losses from a no competition monopoly. The guy got the flick by McCully after his fiasco at MFAT, and palmed him off to his ding dong cabinet mate from Foxton to look after Racing. Spare me, if you think he shouldn’t be given the heave for bad management, then you clearly know little about what happens in Wellington. NZRB paid $265K for the Best Bets masthead, check the Balance Sheet. News Media, owners of BB could not believe their luck. A form guide that was going down the drain and the NZRB paid the dough. The man at the centre of that is now a consultant to NZRB, there is your answer. J Allen has a history of failures in business, this will be yet another because he excessively spends money and creates turnover losses unprecedented by any monopoly business NZ has known.....and it is not his responsibility? Does this not sink in to your thinking? cheers John
  17. John Clydesdale

    Name for my horse please.

  18. John Clydesdale

    What’s the go with Riverton

    ARC leased the land they did not need, after displacing the NZTBA and the leaseholders had to pay the ARC MORE THAN $40Mfor that privilege. P4P, what happened to the balance? If the event centre had not continued to turn a profit the ARC would be broke, outside of the lease return. Cheers John
  19. Totally correct. Huey is using post racing history to judge a race. Winx????? cheers John
  20. John Clydesdale

    stallion for 2019

    The Lion confirmed Berri. Outstanding opportunity from a branch of the Sadlers Wells line that works everywhere. Well done Cambridge Stud. Cheers John
  21. John Clydesdale

    The Informant Chutneyed

    So who are Barfoot and Thompson WD. They have a real connect with racing, Yeah right. Look at Awapuni last weekend Outside of the Oaks Stud, none of the others have an obvious connect with racing. In fact Ricoh has to be one of the tightest international companies on the planet and they sponsored a race. If you want to wallow in your own pity, do so elsewhere. cheers John PS. The Informant is a real loss, but at the orchestration of another tosser under a previous regime called Martin something. he is now a consultant to.......yep the RB, but he was the guy who paid overs to get the Best Bets masthead from News Media and shut down any support for the Informant from that day forward. The dollars he paid are in the balance sheet of that year and were a ludicrous amount for a failed publication. Perhaps Winston could ask Shane “the man” Jones for some Provincial Growth Fund support to underwrite the Informant until the new Racing Act is passed through Parliament!
  22. Thanks Naz, puts a few races into perspective when thinking about stallion selections. cheers John
  23. John Clydesdale

    We just saw the Australian Guineas winner......

    Outstanding win, patience of the rider, then the thrust that proved too compelling.
  24. John Clydesdale

    Capital Gains Tax

    P4P - I don’t think Mr Notts quite has a grip on things taxable, but I would suggest that Mr Cullen thinks that if you gain you pay, but if you don’t gain, you also don’t get to claim. That’s all fair as far as he is concerned.......It will have as much chance to get off the ground as a walrus.
  25. John Clydesdale

    TAB at their best again?

    Sorry to say Peter, the Racing Board did the job two years ago.