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  1. kdt

    True Story...almost.

    C'mon CBT it is quite clear that Sunline never went through the sales ring. A cursory check on my part found this out very quickly and I wouldn't doubt Ted's info for a moment. The breeders offered her to Trevor McKee. Perhaps your friend is confusing Sunline with another horse.
  2. The Stewards haven't held back https://www.punters.com.au/news/mark-zahra-handed-hefty-suspension-fine_179267/?fbclid=IwAR3Ug2s-hJWP68leTNVYpERrxqdhpSpg-kqZdBpcU8iTk3TryKyfw6jbNkI
  3. kdt

    Chenier, how good?

    Might just be better than ok this one. Time will tell https://www.punters.com.au/news/sydney-plans-for-chenier-after-sandown-win_178429/
  4. kdt

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I backed a different runner in the last election race but have to totally agree with you re Jacinda Ardern. She has been very strong in the face of an unprecedented event in this country's history.
  5. kdt

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    Hi Racecafe folk. Just to say thanks for the many kind thoughts expressed to the people of Christchurch. Personally and as a family it hit hard as I am a teacher at the school that lost 2 current students and 1 ex student. Other students lost family members. Today was very tough but we got through with the love and support of those around us.. My wife is a nurse at Christchurch Public and was on duty when the victims were coming in. She went on duty just after 2.00pm as did many others and I picked her up at 12.20am Saturday morning totally shattered. I know people can and do make comments about what the PM was wearing, should the Crusaders change their name etc all fair enough but for many that is so trivial right now as we just cope with all the mixture of emotions we have. Again thanks and tomorrow is a new day and we will push on just like we did in 2011
  6. This might get a few interested if you have a good stayer https://www.racing.com/news/2019-03-13/news-kiwis-included-in-jericho-cup
  7. kdt

    Simon Lawson

    You are right. This has gone on forever. Some 35 plus years ago I would regularly place bets for a Harness Racing Patrol Steward when there was a local meeting. Location will not be revealed. I'm certain it still goes on to this day
  8. Glyn Schofield gets a $1000 lesson https://www.racenet.com.au/news/case-of-mistaken-identity-results-in-a-jockeys--room-fracas-20190309
  9. kdt

    Weir waves the white flag

    Thanks for that Charlie, got the wrong end of the info. In saying that this could only happen in QLD. They always have been a law unto themselves (ask Hec Anderton ) for a very long time, a bit like WA
  10. kdt

    Weir waves the white flag

    I see the stewards have banned him from starting his 3 horses at Doomben today. This has been coming for a while in regards to this guy
  11. kdt

    D Weir Stables Raided

    Weir and two others have just been charged by Racing Victoria and given a show cause notice
  12. For me a roughie is north of $20
  13. kdt


    Starter has copped a $450 fine
  14. kdt

    Winner disqualified to 2nd

    The Stewards Report is out and Opie has neither a suspension or fine
  15. Is sadly No No No. Scratched