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  1. Many on council have Labour affiliation. All the city MPs + Banks Peninsula are Labour. Selwyn and Waimakariri are National. Not sure this decision is political merely a case of the organisers thinking that Level 2 is not going to change and they are going to be in a huge financial hole if they left the decision any longer. As it is this is a big loss to them financially and I guess they did not want to make it worse.. We can only wait and see what will happen to racing for the week.
  2. A and P Show in Christchurch gone for yet another year. Not looking too flash for cup week
  3. This would be the driver of the lead horse who wouldn't give up the lead??
  4. Interested to see if the stewards have anything to say in regards to the drive of Dreaminsover. In my opinion (and that's all it is) she gave that horse no chance of a dividend bearing place.
  5. There in lies the problem. Far too many are just discarded and the industry rolls on not really giving a sh.. Much more need to be done in the way of duty of care for these young and not so young people. I'm not for one moment excusing what Tom Sherry has done but he raises a very valid point.
  6. Nope, but a solid effort won't get through
  7. Suspended for 4 weeks
  8. kdt


    All NZ Racing on a Saturday between 1.00pm and 5.00pm
  9. Calm down it was only 3 sentences.
  10. That would be great if it turns out this way but I suspect there may be more to it.
  11. No worries Grit. Like any good journalist he will have his contacts. The worry here is that Joe and Jane public just see this as another reason to stay away from racing and who could blame them. This needs to get sorted and I would have to say that all 3 codes need to clean their act up or these stories will just keep getting published, as they should be I might add.
  12. Surely the problem here is the 600k gone west not Martin VB
  13. My understanding is that he can have no contact in any shape or form with the industry
  14. Just had a read of this. JCA haven't messed about here. Hopefully Jason can get the help he really needs. It sad when such talent is wasted. http://www.jca.org.nz/non-race-day-hearings/non-raceday-inquiry-riu-v-j-waddell-decision-dated-4-june-2021-chair-j-lovell-smith
  15. Your thoughts now. How about an apology or at the very least admitting you were wrong.