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  1. That would be great if it turns out this way but I suspect there may be more to it.
  2. No worries Grit. Like any good journalist he will have his contacts. The worry here is that Joe and Jane public just see this as another reason to stay away from racing and who could blame them. This needs to get sorted and I would have to say that all 3 codes need to clean their act up or these stories will just keep getting published, as they should be I might add.
  3. Surely the problem here is the 600k gone west not Martin VB
  4. My understanding is that he can have no contact in any shape or form with the industry
  5. Just had a read of this. JCA haven't messed about here. Hopefully Jason can get the help he really needs. It sad when such talent is wasted.
  6. Your thoughts now. How about an apology or at the very least admitting you were wrong.
  7. The Jockeys or the RIU?
  8. Slightly amused to see there is betting available on the meeting coming in from Barcaldine Australia. To be honest I had to google it to find the location. It's outback Queensland near(ish) Longreach. Next stop is the Simpson Desert. Might just tune in for a bit of a look at the last 3 races but probably not betting.
  9. I was of the belief that David Ellis had a strict policy of no over weight for any jockey on any Te Akau horse.
  10. I would wait and read the stipes report tonight. Possibly did not ride at that weight.
  11. I'm almost certain they would have been breath tested rather than blood tested. Either way not a good look when it becomes headlines in The Press. Don't get shitty with Martin VB for doing his job. Best way is for everyone to do the right thing then no headlines.
  12. What an absolute twat you have made of yourself saying that. Maybe do a little research next time.
  13. Have been on it for a few starts now including today. Congrats Chris.
  14. To the best of my knowledge that is the case. I remember Mick Guerin getting into strife over this years ago. Lost his job I think. Also Graham "Steel Balls" Bruton which involved thousands of dollars.
  15. This article was posted on Racenet this afternoon. Thoughts PFP