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    Roaring lion withdrawn from service

    What a shame I hope this magnificent horse makes a full recovery and is back next season Great to see the stud and its management team react quickly

    Glenda Hughes scores

    Did she favour the dogs in her former position
  3. The departed stallion Showcasing had his 13th 2 year old winner this season when No Regrets won in Singapore. This performance must be close to a record for a NZ stallion. He also has a number of trial performers who have yet to start so he may extend this number of winners before season end. I note that he has 8 weanlings for sale at next week’s.Karaka May Sale so they should attract attention.
  4. There are two Aussie sires that I have bred to over the years that are reasonably priced and have achieved very good race results with their progeny namely Domesday and Shamus Award. They both have stood for A$10,000 and have enjoyed reasonable books. I suggested Shamus Award to one leading Waikato studmaster late last year and he said that he could not afford him. As a Cox Plate and Australian Guineas winner He would be among the best performed stallions to stand here. He is now standing in Victoria which is good news for that state. At the May weaning sale you will see the first crop of Telperions. The foals I have seen are outstanding
  5. This horse is a well travelled and well performed racehorse in UK, Ireland, Australia and NZ and his sire is the world class stallion - Loup de Vega. After his strong win in the Easter he would be an interesting new stallion for our ranks.
  6. I believe that Brutal by O’Reilly would have been very competitive against the Autumn Sun over 1600m Redoubtes Choice raced on as a 4 year old and it is disappointing that his son will not

    2019 new stallions

    The Loup de Vega sire line is performing to the highest level in Australia i note that his well performed son Endless Drama is now Racing in NZ He would be a good addition to our sire ranks

    Vale Trevor McKee.....

    Trevor was a NZ gentleman and a fine example of racing’s achievers i remember my filly Ma Danseuse winning at Te Rapa 20 + years ago He walked across the Kentucky Room to congratulate me I bought him a beer and we went back to his group of fellow trainers who remained silent about the filly He was a man with manners much like his son Stephen May you Rest In Peace Trevor

    Monarch Chimes :Thoughts to the Brownes

    Very sad I owned his dam Chiming In for some years and raced her daughter Abelard out of Danny Fryers stable

    2019 new stallions

    This would make sense He would be a good horse at WhitevRobe Lodge down south

    stallion for 2019

    I would like to see well performed sons of He’s Invincible, Loup de Vega (in addition to Belardo) and Frankel in New Zealand Group performed sons of Zabeel, and Scat Daddy should also be considered They don’t all have to be Group 1 winners- look at He’s invincible and Voksraad who both started off low stud fees but had genetics which worked with our broodmare pool. I’m also concerned about the quality NZ race areas being sold offshore particularly at The Magic Millions broodmare sales as racehorse owners don’t have the confidence to breed in NZ Well done To Luigi with his purchase of a very good son of Deep Impact for Novara Park. I hope that he receives great support from NZ’s reducing pool of broodmares
  12. This is not the first opportunity that Racing Australia (formerly the Australian Racing Board - ARB) has welcomed the opportunity to assist / meet with NZTR on industry opportunities. In 2000 Australia brought in a GST tax regime. The ARB restructured the Australian Rules of Racing so that there was one central pool of stakes via the racing clubs which created three separate pools of prizemoney for owners (85%), jockeys (5%) and trainers (10%). As a result there was a quantified savings of GST for hobbyist owners of A$7 million in the 2000/2001 racing season. I was the ARB's principal GST advisor and I worked closely with Andrew Harding (ARB CEO) and Bob Charley (ARB Chair) on this opportunity etc. I brought this proposition back home, made contact with Alan Jones (then a NZTR Board member) and he presented my paper to a NZTR board meeting. The estimated GST savings for unregistered owners would have been over $500K in the 1999/2000 racing year. I subsequently gave presentations to NZTR/HRNZ management on the Australian GST regime and its implications for NZ and also strongly advocated for the prizemoney pool rule change. Andrew Harding was very willing to assist NZTR / HRNZ with this rule change but it fell upon deaf ears at both bodies. I regularly advocated for this rule change with a succession of NZTR Chairmen. In 2011 Malcom Holmes became NZTR CEO and as he was previously CEO of the Brisbane Turf Club he was familiar with the Australian prizemoney distribution pools and couldn't understand why NZ did not follow the same system. He made contact with me and resurrected the discussion which has resulted in new rules coming into effect in 2016. The industry owes Malcolm Holmes and subsequently director - Greg McCarthy a big thank you for following this through. The ARB leaders were ready and available to visit / meet with NZTR to advance this opportunity. In 2003 I attended the Australian Racing Hall of Fame event in Adelaide and subsequently was instrumental with Gerald Fell in setting up the very successful NZ Racing Hall of Fame organisation which has held some wonderful events. The ARB and Andrew Harding were very helpful in assisting us to set up NZRHF sharing their material etc. In fact Andrew Harding now CEO of the Asian racing Conference invited the NZRHF to give a key note presentation to the 2014 Conference in Hong Kong. There are very few occasions when NZ racing is invited to give some presentations to such an international forum. So I applaud the NZTR / Racing Australia initiative but also wonder what might have been if the earlier invitations from the ARB had been taken up.

    GST refunds imminent on stakes percentages

    I have a good working knowledge of this issue as I was the GST advisor to the Australian Racing Board in 1999 and 2000. The division of prize money into three distinct pools was initially raised by myself with Andrew Harding - the then CEO of the ARB (now deputy CEO of Hong Kong Jockey Club). The ARB took up this opportunity and it estimated that in its first year it saved unregistered owners some A$7 million. This division of prize money was first raised by myself with the NZTR Board in 1999 after a similar change was made to the Rules of Racing in Australia. This opportunity fail on deaf ears with NZTR for 13 years despite regular efforts by myself to promote it This lost GST Refund opportunity for unregistered owners during this period would have been many millions of dollars. Again old style thinking. The opportunity was taken up by the NZTR CEO at that time Murray Holmes with great support from NZTR Board member Greg McCarthy and congratulations to both these forward thinking gentlemen. The GST Refunds yet to be received by unregistered owners will exceed $1 million which will be a welcome receipt

    Chris Waller Larry Cassidy and Endless Drama

    There is a good case for all three Racing clubs to merge and create one large and appropriate racetrack As a long standing member and former director of the WRC I’m disappointed at my club’s yo-yo approach to this outstanding opportunity