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  1. Message:Message: Looking ahead there may be major problems with the importation of shuttle stallions into Australia and New Zealand for the 2020 breeding season. The COVID-19 virus will be with us for a significant period of time so I believe it would be an appropriate opportunity to consider alternative stallion servicing such as AI. AI is used successfully for both the standardbred and sports horse industries. Many equine vets are familiar with AI servicing and it’s protocals and it would enable the Thoroughbred breeding industry to continue without major disruption
  2. How can you complete such investigations when the horse is being sold at an online auction.? We need a major horse sale like Hasaholo or similar transaction sum which involves an undisclosed windsucker to give this issue some major publicity I am not a lawyer but understand commercial law issues and believe that vendors have an obligation to answer all questions correctly and completely on the sales entry process for Gavelhouse. There appears to be a common trend for vendors to deliberately ignore to not disclose windsuckers when there is a sales entry requirement for them to do so. This is deceptive and has been swept under the counter by our industry for too long. There has to be accountability and today a 7 day rule is not practical as demonstrated by Gavelhouse’s requirement for the purchaser to video the wind sucking and engage an expensive vet to observe and then report on this behaviour Perhaps Brian De Lore could write an article on this unacceptable behaviour
  3. Thanks for these posts Imagine if the Group 1 winner Hasaholo was an undisclosed windsucker and was sold on Gavelhouse without this disclosure ? I spoke with this mare’s previous trainer from Melbourne who advised me that she was a wind sucker. The other mare I purchased on Gavelhouse had been listed twice, and it was only when I read her first listing where it had been disclosed that she was a wind sucker that I raised the issue. When I purchased this mare she was sent to an outside agistment farm which had paddocks that were fully electrified so my point is the 7 day period must be extended to at least 30 days.
  4. Over the years I have purchased three mares - two via Gavelhouse and one at Karaka May Sale that were chronic wind suckers. In all three cases the fact that the mares were wind suckers was not disclosed and were subsequently based at outside agistment properties that were had electric fencing. When I moved these mares home I immediately noted that they were windsucking as I had one paddock with a small section of post and rail fencing that was not electrified. My most recent purchase was on Gavelhouse on 2nd March which included a foal at foot. When I noted the windsucking I contacted Gavelhouse and was informed that I had to provide a video of the mare wind sucking and also a vet certificate thereon. I made direct contact with the previous owner who admitted that he had seen this mare windsuck but that she didn’t do it very often. I requested him to take back the mare at no cost but no offer was forthcoming. This lack of accountability bugs me as all the responsibility is being placed on the purchaser by the selling agent to prove that the horse is a wind sucker within 7 days of sale. The vendor is deliberately misrepresenting the horse when a wind sucker is not being declared with ultimate limited responsibility. This is a matter that the NZTBA should take up with Gavelhouse etc so that vendors are made directly accountable for their deceit. A 7 day period is to short and should be extended to 30 days. Another suggestion that such deceitful vendors are named and shamed in much the same way as NZTR do with non payers of fines etc. FYI I paid reasonable prices for two of these mares and incurred major losses in both cases. Are there any other stories that could be told?

    Oh what a mess we're in

    These are the registered broodmares How many were actually served and are in foal.


    Another new 2 year old Showcasing winner at Te Aroha today - Laced with Gold The bandwagon continues


    The Showcasing 2 year old performances continue with new Te Rapa winner On Display winning well today Good luck to the purchasers of the last NZ Showcasing yearlings at Karaka 2020. They are by NZ’s best performing 2 year old sire but appeared to have been overlooked by most of the syndicators


    Te Akau should consider setting up an Australian stable so that many of their expensive yearlings can compete for proper prize money I note that Go Racing is expanding its Australian horse numbers

    Dean McKenzie road show

    LJohn Messara should be approached for his comments on the proposed legislation as it appears to completely ignore his report recommendations. As he completed his work without charge and Minister Peters endorsed Messara’s findings for implementation at the Claudelands report release John deserves an explanation from our Racing Minister My thoughts are that DIA boffins and their proxies have drafted this bill without any reference to the Messara Report in completing their work and that Cabinet predominantly Labour have approved this draft bill. Prime Minister Arden should be requested to comment on the unexplained variations from the bill and the Messara Report findings

    Are the Whip rules working

    Whipping behind the saddle should be banned now. The winning jockeys who copped $1000 fines should also be stood down for say a minimum 2 week period. The severe whipping of horses is a blight on the industry and is tantamount to the canning of students at schools years ago.


    Showcasing has three 2 year old fillies in the Karaka Million 2 year race out of 13 starters. Play that Song deserves to be race favourite but Taroni is my predicted winner. I understand that she is flying in training gallops This stallion has never hit the high times at the yearling sales. Perhaps after Saturday’s race buyers will look at the Showcasing yearlings with greater interest. He certainly deserves better recognition

    Steve Davis - Auctioneer extraordinaire.

    One major point of difference between Steve Davis and his predecessors is that he is a recognised international auctioneer working at major sales in South Africa, Australia and NZ.


    Another quality 2 year old filly winner today at Trentham with Opalesence Is she entered for Karaka Million.?

    Unique Treble For Jason Waddell

    Jason is one of the few NZ jockeys that could compete competitively internationally. Along with Opie Bosson NZ is lucky to have some very good jockeys that have remained here.


    What an impact this departed stallion is having with his present crop of 2 year olds.? He has only three lots in the upcoming NZB Book 1 sale but a good representation in Book 2.