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  1. MTH

    Reefton race 1

    Hope you all got on this winner after reading the Stipes report from Greymouth races Saturday
  2. Had a bad experience buying off Gavelhouse/vendor, better to view in the flesh via Sales ring, nothing hidden there to the eye
  3. I see he has a horse in at Oamaru
  4. MTH

    Danyule Johnson

    Doesn't matter how you spell thought it was pretty average ride in a Group 1 today
  5. Does anyone have a foster mare available. Have been alert on facebook that a mare passed away foaling to a healthy colt, delivered by Rangiora vets Please advise
  6. MTH

    Canterbury brand - anyone know it?

    vet mike brown I think
  7. MTH

    5 yr 1 win gelding

    Yes I am interested to please after my filly wasn't fast enough, please email me
  8. MTH

    Race 3 Addington

    What a disgrace, stand half the field down to trials until they can actually learn to stand and step. Or bring in starting gates . And refund the punter, what a shambles
  9. Has your horse reached it's mark and would like a change of scenery in the South Island . Looking to lease a racehorse please advise if you have something suitable. Love to joy of watching my racehorse race. Sign in and send me a email please
  10. Someone knew looks like a sizeable bet put on it to be only paying $12 and $5 for a place How many more are there Can see why owners are getting out of the game, jockey pulling up your horse, positive test in your horse Clean this game up, get rid of the cheats
  11. Anyone seen Jackleberry and your views please
  12. Enquired about a mare infoal at the recent sales, showing that this was her first covering. How wrong was that, looking up NZRacing and the mare has already had a foal. How accurate are the catalogues I wonder??
  13. MTH

    Storm Creek

    Where is here this year or what has happened to him please
  14. MTH


    Hi Dave Thank you for your message. Are you saying the mare is already under above thread?
  15. MTH


    Can you please advise if you can help me with a broodmare for this season, prefer to buy or a generous person wanting to help me on the ladder. Do have a couple Stallions I like and a breeding buff to help me with crosses. Please email me Thank you