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  1. Jockeys learning to i guess how the track plays hopefully learnt something today as in the Last race Radiant rosie draw outside over 1200m and went hard, 3 wide outside leader, tough ask and probably not a great decision to push so hard early from such a wide draw over 1200m
  2. Already have, plus freight to trials and race day, time to get out why you got money in your pocket, look at Gavelhouse, expensive to keep unless commercial
  3. MTH


    Anyone know the track conditions down there seems NZRacing haven't updated for two days Do Trainers have to ring in to find out, phones be busy or do they wait to make a call on what it shown on NZRacing??
  4. The grass track looked like terrible cutting up, Good3, seemed alot of rubbish coming back on back runners
  5. What your thoughts on today track conditions, seem to be running good times but was cutting out badly?
  6. Didn't Double Prosperity win yesterday, didn't look to stressed winning??
  7. Did you notice the times on trial day? Jury is out on the track, numbers low, then again they racing again on Saturday, plus some be looking for a wet track
  8. MTH


    Too dam wet, showery and track 11
  9. CWJ mentioned on stipes report the horse didn't handle the track, actually a few jockeys said they didn't handle the track. With the downpours during the afternoon the track didn't conditions didn't change from what it was at the first race, but a number of horse's didn't handle it with the rain on it Punters burnt again, track should have been down graded
  10. I believe some horse's were disadvantaged by being in the gates for so long, these are finally tuned animals waiting to jump, race after a minute or 2 of being in the gates, not 7-10minutes.
  11. Watching the build up to the start of the race and couldn't believe my eyes. All the horse's were at the starting gates except 2 horses from one trainer, with the jockeys waiting for them in the mounting yard, they finally arrive 1 minute before start time. BUT on arrival at the starting gates those 2 horse's were re-saddled swapping saddlecloths But as they were re-saddling them one horse already loaded (first starter) went off in the gates But was then vetted, clearly horse wasn't happy after being unloaded from the gates, But was allowed to race But the 2 horse's being r
  12. Hope you all got on this winner after reading the Stipes report from Greymouth races Saturday
  13. Had a bad experience buying off Gavelhouse/vendor, better to view in the flesh via Sales ring, nothing hidden there to the eye
  14. I see he has a horse in at Oamaru