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  1. The whole programming system is a mess. Had a 65 horse who never got a start at 5 meetings. Got a maiden stayer who last raced at riverton on 1st jan, Nothing coming up til ascot, so gave horse a bit of let up only to be told the day before noms that they are including a maiden 1600at wingatui .. Too bloody late to get horse up to racing.. Only one maiden race at gore. Where oh where do we get a go.
  2. When are these damned annoying open entry races going to finish... I am totally over them.. Have a one win horse who has been balloted 5 times now He is a 55 rating but if he got a start at last meeing he would have been up against rating 93 horse. This is not on There were 21 noms .. enough for 9, 65 and over and 12 below 65..but no they ballot us out of it.. Stuff racing
  3. The weather Gods are not playing the ball with regards to the amount of rain fallen in the south lately. Am not sure Ascot park will be a goer based on past wet seasons. Their track has been bottomless in the past. The trouble is, noms and withdrawals for Ascot and Timaru are both on the same days, for Friday ,Ascot and Sunday Timaru So what is one to do ??? Nom for both meetings and have quite a few scratchings at one or both places or take a punt that Ascot wont go ahead and nom for Timaru only? I guess its nice to have choices...The next meeting without traveling 7hours
  4. Stables it isnt like that at all. Just looking for consistency and full fields
  5. so two races less = 32 horses less?? 32 more stalls available plus 12 resurrected areas (according to their notes) so hopefully plenty of tie ups.. Thought the best outcome was for full fields
  6. How come noms are not left open at chch when the fields are not full?
  7. Yes Invercargill is NZTR's "No 1 " faciliyt down south because that is where the population is..Bollocks. Inverargill people like most people dont go to the races. And yes nomates, Oamaru is the place to hold a meeting or two in winter down south. More likely to hold a meeting there than the deep south. Pam if you could find a track rider to steer the nags around they would have to run highweight ++++. Track riders very light down south but not light in body lol
  8. As Greta the environmentalist says HOW DARE THEY Someone sitting on his/her shiny arse telling trainers how to train their horses. How Dare They. Christ every horses needs are different, feed, work, handling .. What do these shiny arses know about training horses, crikey next they will be telling you to wash your hands before eating. They are the same knowledgeable people closing down our perfectly good local tracks and getting us to try and race at the likes of Invercargill. We have told them on numerous occassions that Invercargill is a swamp and here they go scheduling a me
  9. What is the go with track lock downs My local track is open but only to key holders, but one is not allowed to use the tie ups or the wash bays. Had to saddle my horses in the car park. Surely we could disinfect after use. Very few horses use the track anyway. What is the go with other tracks?
  10. one may as well go race down the beach for a bag of kumaras. It doesnt matter that it is a small town,,, It is about 25 mins from invercargill The people of invercargill do not go to races there and winton provides a better more reliable surface for racing than Ascot does.. Consistancy is what is required he says and Winton provides that without all this spending money on a track not worthy. In fact people dont go to the races at all like they used to... Far too much other entertainment going on and kids involved in all sorts of sport If they want consistancy gees I d
  11. You will note that he mentions fit for purpose!!!!!! The only thing Ascot has in its favour comes around once a year and that is duck shooting. A lot of trainers despise racing there
  12. Here is in part Mr Saundry;s reply to an email I sent him. "Thank you for your email and apologies for the slight delay in replying. I appreciate and acknowledge your strong desire for racing to continue at Winton. However, NZTR's decision that Winton not race at its racecourse from the 2019/20 season onwards is final. We have been in communication with Howard Clarke recently regarding our decision and the principal reasons behind it. I note your comments regarding the track at Ascot Park. We have been in communication with Southland RC regar
  13. Yes I believe it is the first forced to change race meeting. It would have been embarrassing for nztr , but should have been the correct decision to race at Winton. Certainly wouldnt have embarrassed Winton. Gore was/has a reprieve I believe for a couple years at least. The one thing Winton has over Gore is the amount of starting distances.. Invercargill people have no interest in going to the races at their home track unless it is the Xmas booze up. Otherwise I doubt they even know that races are on. At the last Wairio meeting at Ascot I saw one person in the stand
  14. Winton jockey club were forced to race at Ascot Park.. The ascot track is not up to racing at this time of year, in fact not at any particular time of year. Recent rain just proved that . Now they are forced to race at Gore. Nothing against Gore but they have just raced last weekend and have another meeting at the end of the month. Pushing too much racing on one track .. What was/is wrong with Winton running its own meeting at home on a suitable track? Winton would have the best draining soil in Southland. The track and facilities are in great order. I cant
  15. How come when Riverton Racing Club had free noms and acceptances for its easter meeting, that I get an account from NZTR for noms and acceptances?? Sure I did have to scratch my horse but surely free N & A are just that.... FREE Any one help??