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  1. Watsup

    Pups for sale

    Can you text me price thanks 0274207989
  2. What’s for sale out there
  3. Watsup

    Glenda Hughes

    I have stood stud dogs and bred plenty of litters over 50 yrs you can tell me nothing . All I am saying is get the sport right or we won’t need to worry about it .end of this conversation thanks
  4. Watsup

    Glenda Hughes

    Nz based Aussie dog
  5. Watsup

    Glenda Hughes

    $2700 last pup turned out whole litter was no good . There are not enough reasonably priced pups for sale in nz to keep the grass root trainer involved . Hence big trainers with Aussie contacts will continue to dominate until there are no small time trainers left but that’s another issue we have to get our board sorted first and foremost
  6. Watsup

    Glenda Hughes

    I have been in the greyhound industry for over 50yrs. I just cannot believe what a pickle we are in .I believe that there is a lot of corrupt people in our sport both in admin and club level .For Christ’s sake people get your shit together or we won’t have a sport soon.Elections are rigged ,money going overseas,pups prices are to high ,the small trainer cannot afford to participate ,Far to many spongers in Wellington.Come on clubs stand up and take control back put people on the board that arnt afraid to show some balls toss a few of these spongers to the wolves PLEASE
  7. Watsup

    Brian Martin

    Just find his loud voice irritating l like Dave McDonald and Jason teaze
  8. Watsup

    Brian Martin

    Personally I cannot stand Brian’s commentating I usually turn him off .just saying because not everyone thinks he’s great
  9. Watsup

    Have you got the power

    Well that’s a joke rules for some and not the other
  10. Watsup

    Brendan Cole

    No def not Lynch mob just a strike show the powers to be how concerned for the sport we are at the moment everyone seems really concerned about the future of the sport let’s show them we won’t tolerate crap from them or anyone else
  11. Watsup

    Brendan Cole

    If everyone gave their dogs a rest for two weeks I think that might get some action and your dogs would enjoy the rest not just cd but whole country then we would see who the scabs are just a thought
  12. Watsup

    Operation Inca - Part 3

    They have to comb the area
  13. Watsup

    Mark Purdon Inca Comment

    One would think after what happened a few years ago he would not have commented on this
  14. Watsup

    Police Raids

    No just in court tuesday
  15. Watsup

    Police Raids

    71 yr old arrested today just on news