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  1. Watsup

    Not so Amazing chase

    Or better still give the sprinters back the stake money that was stolen from them about ten yrs ago
  2. Watsup

    Not so Amazing chase

    Why not just run it in Aussie save bringing dogs over
  3. Watsup


    Smash Prince c1 also Magic Velvet c1 ph 0274207989
  4. Black Emily proven breeder one dog pup deal. Also Such Fun highly promising until injury one dog pup deal giveaway Magic Velvet c1 and Smash Prince c1 contact Dave 0274207989
  5. Watsup


    Free magic velvet and smash prince both c1 ph 0274207989
  6. Watsup

    For sale

    Magic velvet blk dog winner at addington 295m sound $500 ph 0274207989 also give away blk bitch No Biffo and such fun blk bitch suited for breeding also proven dam Black Emily
  7. Need one of the old 4 dog kennels from addington or similar to put in shed ph or text 0274207989
  8. Black Emily first litter have all won ph Dave 0274207989.one pup fee
  9. Watsup

    Pup for sale

    reduced $2000 genuine reason for selling
  10. ten month old black bitch for sale Gordon Bale x Black Emily farm reared $2500 ph 0274207989