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  1. Awesome they will be able to buy a big drum of kerosene now!
  2. they could even have put up a split screen until that kembla race had jumped, but no its a f***ing joke run by people who don't give a shit!
  3. The poor things head was completely cooked, it was him doing the checking in his previous races, watch them he's clearly been erratic/dangerous for quite some time. To race that poor horse is irresponsible and don't try to tell me his trainer didn't know what he was like. That jockey is lucky to be alive. Yep I'd say that poor horse is very unlucky to have been given the life he's had so far, so maybe you are right he is unlucky. Hopefully someone experienced and gentle has him now
  4. You seem like a judgmental git. I don't much care for the royals or their lives but I don't really think they deserve to be spoken about like that. I think if I had to choose I would rather meet them than you. I tune into this website to catch up with our racing industry if you want to mouthoff about irrelevant shit you should probably try Facebook
  5. WTF are you serious? There's plenty of other riders you could have picked on than those girls, they are superb riders
  6. Should have sat and sprinted not used her up at the 1200m
  7. Every time I watch the replay the horse that is throwing itself all over the place causing all sorts of interference and concertina effects all over the show is the 11 upperhand. It's all over the place banging into numerous different horses and there's not even a mention of it in the stipes report wtf? Am I watching the wrong race or something?
  8. Slam dunk Not true I was logged in, had been punting during the day but half an hour out from the race we couldn't put abet on anymore, it kept saying to log in but there was no login option
  9. Yep change the legislation and fire the whole lot of them, restructure and allow us to vote in our own leaders. If they are any good then they will get their jobs back
  10. Are all you whiners happy with the State of our industry?
  11. So are all you whiners happy for the industry to continue down the same track it has been heading under National?
  12. I am so bloody happy he's back! There may just be some light at the end of the tunnel
  13. I swear the horse I got today wasn't even in the race! There was no horse in my colours.
  14. I am finely sitting down to debrief the days race efforts and I would like to check out what sectional were done why can't this information be there when I finally have time to sit down and look at it? I've paid you for the service of being allowed to race my horses, you are supposed to be providing a service in return
  15. Thanks for putting this post up again I was wondering where it went as well! It disappearing just makes me feel like something weird is actually going on
  16. This would make a great Tui billboard 'things are going to finally change for our beloved industry'. YEAH RIGHT!
  17. You have my vote, I will happily email bomb them until they have to listen, strength in numbers people! I would like the whole lot of them to resign so we can have a chance to vote in our own leaders. They shouldn't be worried if they are any good they would get voted back in, it's quite simple really.
  18. What do you expect, they are Aussies
  19. I'm at the same point, when the last of mine are finished racing they will not be replaced. They make $$$ off a product we provide with our blood sweat and tears. I love this industry, it's in my blood, but the returns are just not worth it.
  20. Yep good idea, I'm sure they all have mates that need a job. How about to fund the new Racing Integrity Units Racing Integrity Unit they double the noms and acceptances fees and shave the balance from our stake money. After all it is extremely important, they've gotta keep everyone honest
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    Ted you are a dick. And obviously perfect
  22. awego


    Thats ridiculous propaganda, you shouldn't believe everything you read. Alcohol is far far worse than marijuana.
  23. I totally agree her riding at times is dangerous. i feel very sorry for the owner of the horse she caused to fall at Timaru a few weeks ago, it was showing nice promise i havnt seen it back racing since, although i may be wrong. she also injured atleast 1 other horse in that incident. And didn't recieve any punishment for it even though she clearly tryed to force her way through a gap that was not really a gap at all!