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  1. 100% WD. I thought the Thames fiasco would have been hard to top, stipes arrive on course (2 of them) and declared the track safe to race on. Obviously they don't read the forecast as a severe storm warning was in place for the next day (raceday). Morning of the races - Met Service declaring a severe rain event to present itself within the next few hours, Holiday park owners in Thames were telling campers to move out immediately, NZTA were warning motorists to get out before high tides, showers all morning and races are still on! Two races in and they pull the pin, all horses, trainers, jockeys owners etc are on track - stipes interviewed after abandonment only to tell us they were confident the the meeting would get through! WTF! Why haven't they learnt and who pays!!
  2. I have a Success Express mare available for lease for upcoming breeding season. If interested please ph 021 331313 for details I am relocating my racing interests offshore and will not breed from her this year.
  3. Someone involved with local racing clubs should be able to advise on what or if any funding their club has received from the farce track scheme. My guess would be sweet FA.
  4. Has all credentials for NZTR job, wonder if he was considered?
  5. I would not be surprised if the answer to your question and the answer to the question of how much farce track insurance pays for advertising on trackside are the same. This has a pursmell all over it- meanwhile long time insurance brokers both nationally and locally have supported our product for years so why?
  6. They should have taken the opportunity prior to advertising to re-scale the job description and salary band as it is clearly an over paid job. This is all on the NZTR board I'm afraid they are not addressing the real issues we face and do not want to make some hard decisions. We will not get ahead until our infrastructure is rationalised and restructured to position ourselves to sell our product that is affordable for its participants and sellable to at least an Australian market. If they haven't got the balls to make these decisions then it is simple - regionalise the funding into say the rugby franchise territory's fund each region to provide x amount of racing (based on current or amended programming), have penalty clauses if the regions do not met program targets and let the regions sort it out. If they are funded to program say 36 meetings per year and they have say 10 tracks in their region then they will soon earn that it will be uneconomical to maintain them all or provide unreliable surfaces. fund the regions to provide the central admin and place the studbook and compliance functions under RIU and do away with NZTR altogether. Next stop NZRB
  7. I sort of thought the same - however if the money is still in the bank from all the cancelled meetings then shouldn't there be more to distribute rather than less. I'll await an announcement from NZTR has to how they propose to distribute and how much.
  8. So 6.5million extra next season for TB code less the 3.2million NZTR have/will lost this year so only 3.3million to distribute? Is that how I read the herald press? Or am I confused?
  9. What amuses me is they (NZ TAB) rename every race that is sponsored by any of their perceived competitors in Aust- this Saturday for example R4 Caulfield is the "Ladbrookes Galilee Series Final" in NZ it is called " Galilee Series Final". Happens every week. They even have renamed a race tonight at Pakenham that have sponsored. Does the nz tab pay a fee each time they rename these races?
  10. Last year tarzino this year ginger - sorry but the numbers didn't stack up and quite common misconception when racing against own age group- nothing wrong with ride, horse wasn't good enough and was way under odds.
  11. Cricketers into jockeys, Winx and minx awapuni a slow 8 and this guy on whatever - it must be 1st of April
  12. And distorted "active customer base" figures.
  13. Racing owns the profits from sports betting the issue is how to maximise those profits.
  14. Not to mention they want access to all your personal details you hold with offshore accounts including turnover and credit card/account transactions! It sort of changes the whole landscape of the country we think we live in.