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  1. NZRB 2017 report Brian de Lore

    Brian De Lore wrote ,last week, in The Informant, that the AGM for our pathetic, rudderless NZRB will be at 4pm tomorrow at Karaka. In his articulate style he noted that the NZRB doesn't have to publish their annual report before the Annual General Meeting ! I can not find the 2017 version on the NZRB Website. When we do get to see The 2017 NZRB Annual Report will it look like Racing Victoria's? I suspect that, The NZRB Annual report will be a cover up like The Waikato District Health Board for the crooks Nigel Murray and Mohamed Shakel Siddiqui. Let me know if you are going tomorrow to hear this report !
  2. Gobstopper

    And to cap off a wonderful weekend for their dam BagofLollies WERTHER once again proved he is a world class race horse in winning tonght HK $4mill hk ..BOCHK JOCKEY CLUB Grp 2 tonight.!
  3. NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st :Gobstopper 2nd :Pentathlon L :She's Poppy
  4. Where is the Promised Comingling with Singapore?

    and congratulations Jim.. Darci Deniro won for you at Avondale on Friday !! As a long time loyal owner and a massive source of history and facts and bullshit you deserve all the rewards you get !! That prick that said "I raced 90 " wouldn't get close to you, Jim !! May there be many many more thrills with Darci Deniro ! Only your trainer Sir Richie could do a form turn around like that !!
  5. Where is the Promised Comingling with Singapore?

    Jim, I have used the Singapore JC website for years: Didn't Des have some clown on his show from the TAB saying comingling with Asia will not be an issue after February 2017 ? Yesterday's Singapore Gold Cup was a trifecta for Nasal Strips. I gather from Tom Wood's pre race comments that next year the race will be shortened to just 2000 metres.
  6. Where is the energy from our TAB to mingle with over seas Platforms. For f ... sake it's been promised for so long, hasn't it ? Nothing has progressed . Singapore tonight R 7 the win pool @$ 2 K/ Quinella pool $300 So if I win bet Bringer of War ( Burgandy filly) or Easy Does It with a $55 win bet I make them the favourite !! Tom Wood doing great things promoting our breed ,but you can not have a serious bet.
  7. My point was...who paid for that coverage from Aiden Rodley ? Was his trip sponsored by say ...... N Z Bloodstock? Richardson Racing?Emerites ?Te Akau ?Murray Baker ? I suspect not, because he never gave credit to a Sponsor, that I heard. So who paid for those Rodley Melbourne Cup carnival interviews.? Probably our Industry funds. Aiden phone me with the facts. Revel Somervell 021 2562688
  8. ellerslie

    Barfoot and Thompson are the selling agents ,Steve. Of course they are. They Sponsor races at Oldserlis. Big advert in today's Herald. When next years Great Northern is run at Te Rapa, and OLDERSLIE is being reconstructed will the proceeds from this land sale go towards a Mooney Valley type track ? No way ! Once again those inempt Racing administrators will probably blunder on. Do you remember the fiasco on June 13 2013 at Ellerslie ? Jockey Rogan Novall was lucky to live. Tunnels, sewers, 6 metre holes. https://www.google.co.nz/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=13&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwj2iN7ovq7XAhWBwpQKHe65AyoQFghdMAw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.paulickreport.com%2Fnews%2Fthoroughbred-racing%2Fholey-heck-horse-and-rider-evade-catastrophe-when-track-opens-up%2F&usg=AOvVaw3A3rY1YmMhC1M7HB5A9w-0
  9. Trackside Ozzie Coverage

    How right you are ! The camera angles from Flemington, at this Spring Carnival are probably "cut to" to give "ambiance and theatre ".The sound track changes too. Awful. Try watching a horse like Humidor in the original vision and I bet you can not find him. Steve Davis, on his afternoon show this afternoon,Wednesday , had a full replay, with the "normal" Flemington coverage. It was brilliant.
  10. Melbourne Cup Comp Entries Here.

    All Good with me.
  11. Melbourne Cup Comp Entries Here.

    Well done Scooby: I Missed my own entry. My $50 sponsorship will be sent to the winner or to your account. Please let me know what suits you best. I Hope Ted remembers his pledge too. Have a wonderful 2017 Melbourne Cup Day. Rev
  12. It was indeed Cox Plate Day. Winx won. The only race I watched Live on TV. Saturday I had Radio coverage of Pete Earlys program. I Relied on "Pictures being painted "as a race progressed. Audio. The marvellous race commentaries from Mark McNamara , Aaron White and Sir Bruce SHERWIN did that so well. Replay their calls. Weren't they Colourful, accurate and with xcellent voice modulation? On Sunday I watched the replays. First time seeing and their calls were so accurate as to what was happening. Aaron White at Ellerslie, with the rail out 10 metres. R 5 he spotted Crafty Jess . Mark with his great calls on Avantage, Ever Loyal. Bruce Sherwin had never called at Trentham. ( I did verify that tonight ,with him) . Bruce's Sherwin's race calls , which are too seldom heard, are a blessing.
  13. TAB pathetic odds "un" Embellished

    Opie not going to Melbourne.
  14. ::::::Bruce Sherwin at Trentham:::::::::::

    Scooby..isn't "Arguably, the best.". the way to describe your opinion of T Lee. All these wonderful , male , commentators,who performed on Saturday 28th October were terrific. But they wouldn't earn as much collectively per race meeting as the marvellous race caller Victoria Shaw.