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  1. Pick For Place entries here

    Riccarton Race 7 - The Sparkle #5 Randwick Race 5 - Ridicule #10 Randwick Race 6 - Irukandji #06 Randwick Race 7 - Hartnell #03 Randwick Race 8 - Vengeur Masque # 02 Thankyou.
  2. Riccarton R5 #2 Son Of Maher Counties R6 #10 Supera Counties R7 #10 Our King Sway FF please all three Thanks YirTiz and Winfreux.
  3. Pick For Place entries here

    Scoobie, I hope you do inforce the Correct Format rule when entries are posted. It makes the scoring somewhat easier, plus other contestants can readily see/compare how they are doing through the day. Please post entries as Meeting name, race number, horse name..... penalty points apply for incorrectly posted entries, please follow the simple rules. Winner will be decided by the most amount of placings,5 is the optimum then 4 etc...the winner if two people get the same number of place getters will be decided by the amount of money totally their placegetters paid, the highest total wins....my decision is final..
  4. "A Long Way From Wyandra" Peter Moody

    I think you will find Peter Moody at The Cambridge Jewels Meeting. in June .
  5. An amazing Book about that incredible bloke Peter Moody.. The descriptions of Black Caviar and her 25 race career; his uncensored thoughts about Terry Bailey and Des Gleeson,The Integrity Services Division of Racing Victoria:Lee Freedman and Danny O'Brien; Lidari, Dissident, Typhoon Tracy, Manighar. I had no idea how highly he rated Linda Meech ! Quote from his book co written with Trevor Marshallsea. " Not a bad Trainer;not a bad bloke " This is a bloody marvellous read about a very very courageous man.
  6. Fun and Games

    Berrie I think your opinions on John Messara's review will be worthy.
  7. John Allen's latest "conversations"....

    Dennis Ryan had the guts to keep The Informant as a Privately owned NZ Thoroughbred /Trotting publication. Didnt he? Along with Gus and others, Stretch, the Matamata lad, established a News/opinion Platform for the likes of Brian de Lore. Brian de Lore has never been fightened to take on Thoroughbred issues and conflict of interest. Gary Chittick was an RIB member when a 2kg Fillies allowance came into NZ Racing. ( Studs were retaining their filly families and saw a huge advantage for them when they raced them). De lore was against the allowances for females. That lovely bloke who wrote for the Dominion, Racing ( ????) wrote an article criticising the process with which the 2kg fillies/mares allowance had been fast forwarded.He was pensioned shortly afterwards. Here is a good read to support my point that Major Studs influence racing Politics THE INFORMANT the unbiased NZ Racing Publication. Messara will do a cull. Big time. https://www.thoroughbredracing.com/articles/why-fillies-mares dont-need-weight-allowance-highest-level/
  8. Jim and Anne Gibbs' "RESPIN"

    Doing my form on Friday night ,My best all up anchors on Saturday were : Laddie of Oakview/ ACE HIGH/Respin. Nobody in their right mind would think RESPIN could win,against the unbeaten The Precious One, or Beneficial . I did. Des Coppins labelled this filly RESPIN this morning on Pete and Alby's 8 am Radio show. at Riccarton in the Listed NZB Insurance Stakes. M6 R7 . Owned by Jim MNZM Gibbs and his wife Ann and knowing Jim for over 55 years what would you make of your win punt ( and indeed MINE ) until you saw the photo finish. Jimmy bought RESPIN for 5 times what he paid for TIDAL LIGHT. $28K as lot 822. at a Festival Sale . Congratulations to your wonderful Strike rate trainer TERRI RAE. See you in Queensland. Rev
  9. ROUND2/3 $500 VOUCHER Competition

    Riccarton- Race 6 One runner to PLACE - No Where Man (4) Te Aroha- Race 7 One runner to PLACE - Sultan of Swing (5) Te Aroha Race 8 One runner to WIN - The Auld Floosie (1 ) Sydders -Race 7 One runner to WIN. - WeatherwithYou (10) Thanks YirTiz.
  10. HQ “four good legs” comp continues

    Emancipation Daysee Doom 1 Tulloch Augustus 8 Tancred Almandin 2 Vinery Hiyaam 9 Thanks P4P. ( Cheap shout if I win @ 74.35 kg )
  11. Well Done Stevie Boy

    Absolutely great day to do it on, too, Ted. I am still trying to get an accurate number of individual TWO YEAR OLD WINNERS and WINS, Steve has trained. Gloria thought about 154 to the end of 2016 and of course Steve has no idea !!
  12. Mata comp 11

    R1 Wishful (11) R2 Mighty Colombo (19) R3 SoTaken ( 6) R4 PimsNPearls (12) R5 Clarvos (2) R6 Nopele (3) R7 MissFreeLove (10) R8 Caramia (14)
  13. HQ “four good legs” comp continues

    Short haired Blondes like Bax are a huge risk PFP... surely you know buddy, they swap camps, tatooes and Places to feed from.
  14. Gloria and Bob Autridge

    Matamata's very staunch ,fun loving, family orientated Couple who do so much for so many people . Our beautiful Gloria always the rock for me since the age of 10. Her laugh. Her looks of disapproval and then her acceptance. Her Beautiful phonecalls of re assurance. Such an amazing family with Steve and Toby. Have another wonderful journey, Gloria. Rev
  15. HQ Pick Four Competition Update

    Chestnut....was the only contestant to select The John Hawkes family trained Slipper Winner........ ESTIJAAB. Great stuff Chestnut.