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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106
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      Site Issues Forced Upgrade   08/01/2017

      Hi I was forced to do an emergency upgrade to RaceCafe as we were suffering extended outages.  Everything seems OK now.  You will see a few visual issues with colours etc but I we get round to fixing those over the next few days.  The main priority was to get things up and running again. Cheers Admin

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  1. Midget.Didn't your Dad ever tell you the old Maxim ? "If it aint got four legs never bet on it". That includes corrupt boxing, cycling,Norwegian pole vaulters with big breasts , Olympic Relay finals,Ice hockey, Chinese table tennis players, American Golfers, The Warriors and Aussie/NZ Elections.
  2. No lives lost. M 4. R9. Kawi (1).
  3. Ted,please admit that you were at The Morrinsville TaxindaNot parade today. Lee and I think we saw your favourite Gumboots featured on the News. (Mind you ,Ted, my vision was a bit askew after Impulsive Habit actually stood up and said "I wanna be a Racehorse ") So how could you know your personal score in this Competition!! Ted, I might shout you an allup in a few months, when your Makfi filly lines up on a premier day into a very special horse who thinks his Father is Iffraaj. OnePrizeOneGoal. ( If he ever finds out the truth we are doomed ).
  4. M11. Randwick R 7 #4 Fell Swoop. ( Joker played Round 1 ) Thankyou.
  5. : DONT Vote Labour : Hickman /Brendon Lindsay wont

    We should rename that so called Labour Front's Person TAXINDA not JASINDA.
  6. Get a life ...Klopp > Sorry you live where ever you live : this is a fun comp and you should appreciate The Sponsors crazy Rules. Do you want to Put $300 into the next Lay of the Day Competition ?
  7. The LabourParty Capital Gains Tax Policy specifics should make us all cringe. There are none. No graduated Capital GainsTax for what we would pay for owning a Third Rental property if sold after 3 years. In Cambridge. ( as opposed to Auckland or Wellington). Labour have no Scale of Capital Gains tax for Selling a Yearling Thoroughbred after a Ready to Run Prep. At The moment, with National, we all know the rules. We work with the rules. Imagine an additional 15% on top of all our risks. The new Labour Leader had no idea last week about Family Homes, Trusts or Death Duties.Now she says we definitely will not tax the Land under your house. What if you own a life style 2.9 hectare property in Levin? Or a 10 acre place in Matangi.? Let's say, your huge house has a foot print of 2000 square metres. You are taxed on the available free land that you have been raising calves or foals on. Her " Comrade Video taken in Germany 16 years ago surfaced today on The Leighton Smith Radio program. ( Google it ). Unions Rule.Her words. Labour sponsor the non performers and The Unions. 43 % of us produce the Money: The rest of them Bludge The Informant On the 14th September could /Should publish the answers to a simple question : " Will you vote National?" A simple Yes or No Question. David Ellis, Michael Pittman, Steve Autridge , Chris Johnson, Donna Logan, Ann Browne, Ray Knight, Shelly Hale, Greg Chitty, Kenny Rae, Lisa Latta, Mathew Enright, Chris Waller( qualifies). GK Sanders, Philip Brown (Ancroft) Mark Chitty, Kevin Hickman, Brendon Lindsay STRETCH , Dennis, please ask these people and others how they intend to vote and why ? Rev
  8. M11 RoseHill R.5 Cannyesent (8)
  9. Mr Gee Midge's COMPETITION CLEARLY DEFINES that you NAME YOUR HORSE. Your selection DOES NOT COUNT . Please reenter or you are Gone.
  10. Fathers' Day starts well for Joe Moreira. First day of the new season this amazing Hoop has won the first 5 Races. ( 7:23pm NZ). That does not happen early season in HK .That favourites win. Mr Bosson could learn a thing or two about dedication and fitness. No wonder Bosson came back to NZ after riding against Purton and JM and the flybuys Aussie Jocks like Bowman. Moreira's 5th consecutive win tonight was on a horse (YoutheOneforMe) who had not won in HK in 33 starts ! How the hell does that work ?? He, Must be On track to win 2 more at least tonight. Wonderful to watch His magic. Terrific to see the Commingling working tonight ( HK huge pools) ,unlike yesterdays pathetic TAB issues with our Premier Spring Day.
  11. Thanks for The Updates Midget ! Scoring, and running these competitions is always a bloody night mare. A good rule to include is : ( Cadbury Chocolate have it in their fine print as Rule 488 (b)) "The Sponsor is always Right. No Right of Reply from any Entrant regarding scoring." Over 26 years ago I got George Lawson a beauty in the Judicial Room at Tauranga. Sir Alan Lesley Jones had won his own sponsored Maiden race with a miserable ride by "Rocket" Linda Ballantyne on board a pony by Vaguely Tender.Alan was not oncourse so I represented Linda.My front on Video pictures clearly showed Alan's horse dictating the line of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th horse.The marvellous Judicial Committee ( Bloody Great Club and Guys) asked for my final summary. I used the Cadbury Chocolate fine print that they used for their competitions at the time and addressed Ginger Tankard and George Lawson, while looking at The Committee Panel with the phrase... " Rule 488 (b) applies here Gentlemen. Regarding Sponsorship " and I immediately left the room with Linda. (Of course there never was a Racing Conference rule 488 but I remember George and Ginger thumbing their leather bound Rule Books as we made a Hasty exit ). Jockey Ballantyne received a fine. Judge Jim Lambert's original Call stood. Linda and Alan continued to assist The Bay of Plenty Racing Club. Those were the great Days !!
  12. M4. R 7. # 1 Kawi ( Joker). Good on ya Midget !
  13. Meeting Number and Horse's Name and Tab Number Please.
  14. Mud at Matamata

    Creative "accounting" T ime K eepers at Matamata ?
  15. Being Prepared as an eventing horse, Cody the lovely boy had a colic attack. He did not survive.Addictive Habit was just that. He created so many magic moments for my brother Lee and his owners and our extended family. Kirsty Johnson was his handler. Kirsty ( John Whites' Daughter) is an amazing horse woman who understood Cody's little ways. My thanks to the wonderful Riders who sat on Cody. Sam Spratt.( He'll win a Group 1 for sure. ) He was a rating 85 horse at the time. Matt Cameron. ( Brave terrific miler ) Dame Trudy Thornton. (He Can win a group One but only with me on him !! 20) Luke Dittman ( who murdered the one ride on him in Brisbane..." with my Dad Mick on, He would have shit IN ) Michael CaHill, Hayden Tinsley.Ulrica Holmquist. Danielle Johnson.What a ride. Mark DuPlus had one ride on Addictive Habit and got beat a whisker nose at Counties. Rated him. My Brother, Lee, won a Foxbridge Plate and a Group One with a very unfashionable breeding cross. Thanks to the Loyality of Mrs Roddick. They created memories for our wonderful Addictive Habit.