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  1. What odds would you have taken for Savabeel not to have sired a Saturday (17 Feb 2018 )winner in Australasia and Joey Moreira not to ride a winner in Hong Kong on Sunday 18th February 2018 ? An Off shore Betting Agency had this option 301/1 Joey no winners so far tonight but on Super Hoppy and 2 more chances to have a winner...
  2. Scott Base at $4.....???

    This morning from Melbourne and presumably within patting distance of Embellish,The Senior Trainer for Te Akau gave a huge nudge towards Griffin's place prospects.
  3. Gonad Time Te Rapa

    Hesi wait another 15 hours before having a bet at Te Rapa , buddy . Can Rangipo 12/1 turn a form line of 444 into a 1 ? Yes he can win with more rain.I would back him at 33/1 But I wouldn't be wanting to back anything to beat Baker's three wonderful mares at 2000m . Nicoletta (3 ) inside running going out of that bad Te Rapa turn with the RED HEAD jock (14/1 ) will be a huge Place chance > Listen to Des Coppins show and Peter Early. Forsman and Autridge , Marsh interviews are so amazingly spot on.
  4. Replay this young fellas race calls from today at Awapuni !! I had a fair old go on a horse called " Cyclops " in race one. I listened on my Radio as you do when travelling. I Expected T Lee to call Cyclops home and didn't recognize the commentator's voice. Eight hours later I have just replayed all Awapuni races . Amazing race calls. Who is he ?? ( R3 when he missed If Ya Dont Mind breaking down about the 700m ) he spotted He's A Freak coming very late to catch Realm ( great ride D B ) and Sardine. Wonderful race calls !!
  5. Te Rapa and Tauherenikau Tips

    Hesi..... I have a gold coin on Sam Weatherly ( Jockeys' Challenge ) @ 35/1 Only 5 rides but I can see 7 points there for him.
  6. Another Legal Bunfight on the way in Ozzie

    Can they retrospectively charge Trainers and the administrators as far back as the 1980's with using VICKS ? Jesus, Bob and me going to Jail.Brother too.!! Sir Cullus ,Kauere Lad, Ardee One. Ruletta, Black Visa, Ballynetty, Maya, Silver Can, Arcle Star, ( Russell Campbell's, Fair Fleet, Tom Jones ) I will swear I have put VICKS up their noses. And others. Including a Wolf Fisher owned pony at The Easter Show, called "Pilot". He won Champion pony Jumping and we gave him a home for years at Matamata.
  7. Positive Thoughts : The Trials from Cambridge today 09 January 2018, were added in batches of 4 heats.27 Heats. ( say 155 horses @ $30 k a year : Each horse with say 5 owners.) That's a hell of lot of "vested interest" . Add in the Trainers' shares and it may be possible to think that about 2000 people are directly influenced by today's results.Most Trial Meetings are like this. So....... Congratulations to the Track side crew for informing the NZRacing bosses about " video cloud sharing "and other options to visually inform owners, punters, bloodstock agents, Syndicate Managers ,Jockeys and The Breeders . Trainers inspecting Yearlings today can get an idea visually how their horses went. Most Cafe horse people will know I said, years ago that "same day Trials digital images /races was cheaply available to the internet". My sheer persistance, phone calls, meetings emails and the words " bullshit, you can do it " seem to have worked. Let us pray that all trials from all tracks all year go "live " the same day. Rev
  8. What chance is there......

    When Wrightson's and their dummy affiliated Company Wrightson Bloodstock sold the Karaka venue in 1986 it was a rescue mission for all NZ Breeders. The Vela brothers paid much more than the quoted price, in the thread above, of $295 K !! The senior Auctioneer who sold his last Lot last year will verify the price. I seem to remember $4 Million . So who takes control now and what happens? OPTION ONE: Gerry H has a property just down the road costing him zillions a year. Put in an all weather 2400m race track Gerry. Sell all the stock and transport the Karaka Buildings to Westbury. Ready to Run Horses trial on your property. Buyers still fly into Auckland. Premium accommodation and entertainment. Then I can re home all the Racing Museum Stuff in containers at Ellerslie and Penrose that I have been working on for NZ Racing. The general public have a ready access to our racing heritage. OPTION TWO Or Brendon L could establish a whole new Sales complex in Cambridge. A la Ron Denby years ago. Build Motels on The Cambridge Green Belt and upgrade Te Rapa. OPTION THREE Examine why Japan Car auction sites make millions a week. We have started on line Thoroughbred sites here which most NZ buyers and sellers are very canny about.... My introduction of The Video Cassette Promotion of Ready to Run ( Horses in Training) two year olds allowed another dimension for Purchasers .1984. We all love the Hard Copy of The Catalogue but increasingly we tend to rely on electronic images to back up our preferences.Our top Agents persuade their off shore clients to complete their purchase using the internet resources. The electronic images for our Book 1, 2 3 yearlings must be more comprehensive. Not a pathetic $55 token posed pic. Or a 25 second walking shot side on. Huge room to improve there.The more video evidence the greater the Buyer interest which will then lead to the hands on inspection, the natural eye etc !! But I will never ever forget Bill Sanders and his sitting under the tree at Claudelands. Year after year. Very seldom referring to his Dalgettys Catalogue. Just watching. "That's a good walker, young Rev". FairView Lad. Won the Derby. The Sales will continue in January or February for our wonderful yearlings for decades to come.The Transfer from Trentham was deemed doomsday. We have many great options. Rev Somervell
  9. oldies might remeber.

    Roy Lorigan of Cambridge was the accountant. The company paid the trainers' bills on time. They also raced some handy Imperial Seal fillies. Mike Moroney may have trained for them. My brother definitely did. They held monthly meetings where "their" horses were paraded, usually on a Sunday.Entertainment expenses must have been colossal. (In the days of Red Tempo,Allegra Park,Troy Corporation, etc ). No further comment from me !!
  10. Sylvia and Paddy Kay OffThe Track

    Greg O'Conner's session on Off The Track with our magic Sylvia Kay is a must watch. Sylvia's appreciation of her father's input,her show jumping grooming time in Japan at the Olympics,>>> paying a mortgage of 24% The 17 Plane trips with Sapio, three trips to HK: winning a CAR with Pasco in Aussie. Her admiration for her wonderful husband Paddy: Pitty, Vice Regal, Kevin Myers and others. Question Time: Sylvia Kay has a common denominator with Bill Ford, Ray Bain ,Russell Campbell, Joe Bromby, Laurie Laxon ( at Cambridge) Brian Cameron, Roger McGlade,Bob Morris,Kevin Scott. What is the connection ? Thank you Windsor Park Stud for sponsoring our OFF The TRACK.
  11. Matamata abandoned

    No Stipes report on the Matamata Meeting as of 9:15 pm . Disgraceful.
  12. Insider going for it with the winnings.

    Liz, Ted did tip KINGS CROSS to me, which I backed. I deliberated over the moral issues of passing on his very reliable information. Liz I worried about the name "Kings Cross" resurrecting memories and moments that may have occurred for you in your previous life as a late teenager in Sydney. Maybe I even encountered you there. So I opened a Red Wine and contemplated what to do. I fell asleep.I awoke to see the Marsh trained ex HK galloper weaving through the field. The moment was lost. Sorry Liz !!
  13. NZRB 2017 report Brian de Lore

    Brian De Lore wrote ,last week, in The Informant, that the AGM for our pathetic, rudderless NZRB will be at 4pm tomorrow at Karaka. In his articulate style he noted that the NZRB doesn't have to publish their annual report before the Annual General Meeting ! I can not find the 2017 version on the NZRB Website. When we do get to see The 2017 NZRB Annual Report will it look like Racing Victoria's? I suspect that, The NZRB Annual report will be a cover up like The Waikato District Health Board for the crooks Nigel Murray and Mohamed Shakel Siddiqui. Let me know if you are going tomorrow to hear this report !
  14. Gobstopper

    And to cap off a wonderful weekend for their dam BagofLollies WERTHER once again proved he is a world class race horse in winning tonght HK $4mill hk ..BOCHK JOCKEY CLUB Grp 2 tonight.!