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  1. The Informant Price Increase

    Sir Cullus at Thames.
  2. Thanks everyone

    Leigh I Love this forum. I contribute on RC with some token sponsorship as you well know. I have very strong personal Views about : Stallion Service Fees, agistment costs and non claimable GST for a private owner. Paying a jockey in advance for a race ride. It is a contract for delivery. The owner of the horse has the right to withhold payment for poor service.dont they ? I have a view point about Training Costs, The RIU Jockeys The thing that absolutely shits me , Leigh is personal attacks by Race Cafe's with a fancy non de Plume . Like who is this "pound for pound " ? Leo Melloy ? Good men like Chris Wood, Ted (RDTY) dont hide. When they post their opinions on here. Revel Somervell
  3. Thoroughbred mentor Shelley Hale won R5 at Avondale today. Next Up was his name. A Goofy looking full brother, by Shinko King, to her previous Group One performers. Shelley's ..winning .Strike rate with jockey Grant Cooksley and the Shinko King -Regelle cross would be unsurpassed in any Thoroughbred Racing Country.
  4. Four Corners Aust program

    I Viewed the program this morning.Then again this evening. Most on here at RaceCafe will know I am nearly 70. I have not raced 69 horses. I have been an owner trainer. I have had wonderful horses "trained" by my brother ( Lee ) and my other "brother" Bob Autridge ,Syd Weatherly, Sam Brosnan, young DJ O'Sullivan and Nigel Landers and Sylvia and Paddy Kaye, Graham Andrew. I owned a Champion Greyhound called "Revel's Command " trained by Peter and Lois Henley. When he broke a leg he was shot. I may have had unregistered shares in an Alvaro colt or two with Alan Jones and Doug Fisher. They all treated their horses as House guests. In the days before Bookabach and BNB The horses had to earn their keep but were innocent until proved guilty. Some under performers went to the Riding for the Disabled, others to Eventing people. some went to Gisbourne as station hacks. Some went to Macau. Some had a trip to Bombay. The clips from the Four Corners program: Horses being led from Cars ? Haven't we all done that ? But not in this day and age. Tongue Ties : Should any trainer have the right to pull out their partner's tongue and wrap a silk stocking around the protruding "Zunge ".? If it is consentual between partners good on them. Don't do it to your horse unless it consents. Spurs and Hooks: Watch : Chris Johnson , Willo ,Zac, Joey ,Franky ,Lane never move their feet. Thank God spurs are banned. More soon. , .
  5. Nature Strip

    This wonderful Sprinter Nature Strip has well documented breathing issues.. We should all watch him tomorrow.and D Lane when he leaves them gasping for air.. M12 Race 7. 5.30pm
  6. Racing Stalwart passes.

    Crusty it was in deed AVON'S SONG. I tried to edit my own post and had a red wine and remembered. Kevin Trained and I think he raced in Aussie.. ...very good memories for Kevin's family !!
  7. Racing Stalwart passes.

    I first met Kevin through Ron Denby . Kevin and Mrs O'Connor bred a few to Avon Valley and got a very smart horse about the time that Hec Tapper had Avon's Lord. Can not remember Kevin's one. A black gelding maybe called Avon's ?? A great man.
  8. Memories

    and Chris I keep reminding people I rode and cantered Johnny Cash for 7 days at Ian' Signal's Walton farm while his magic daughter (Joy Robinson) watched. Ian was in hospital ( heart attack ) when I "trained " my first Waikato Times Gold Cup winner at age 18 !! Magic memories. Johnny Cash ( the Horse ) actually met the country and western star Johnny Cash in Auckland . Will find the pic later on ! Ian Signal also stood J C 's sire Lord Sasanof and milked about 112 cows. Joy Signal later on married a wonderful bloke, Mac Robinson, who I believe has that Waikato Cup. Joy was killed in a car crash while returning home from her amazing association with Roger's King's Clere Stables . I wrote a tribute to Joy's Life in Dennis Ryan's Informant.
  9. No Ego with Those Dells

    Fair Filou was a very near Champion. Trained at Matamata by Bill Ford. I think he was from the first crop of Le Filou our champion sire. Others on here will have kept their turf registers from that era. My dad hand picked grass for Fair Filou when Bill trained next to the Matamata race course on the property probably owned now by Mike Moroney. . Great memories of a fantastic horse.......
  10. Tatts Tiara Double BB Comp Entries here.

    R2 Light Up The Room #6 R3 Galea Warrior #9 R4 Aanvoerder #11 R5 Tokoriki Lad #5 R6 Sacred Master #1 BB R7 Ulmann #2 BB R8 Invincibella #1 R9 Gracida #6 Thanks.
  11. No Ego with Those Dells

    What a huge result today for The Dell family Counties R 7 .Mr Big . Mr Big. (Ego - Daad's Girl ) Trained by Kevin Dell. Bred by him and his wonderful wife Birdie and ridden by their son Chris Dell. Kevin Dell has won / trained and raced three generations from this family. Kevin trained Daad's Girl, I think and maybe he also bred her mother Trisierir( siC) too. By Saliieri Congrats Mr Dell !! You won a race on the same day as a future Derby Winner.
  12. First Season Sire Predictions

    What an amazing post by you Steve !! I only read this tonight.Thank you. Would be great to see The Studs' promotional material for those stallions. 41 new (first season )sires in 1987 What were the broodmare numbers that year according to The Stud Book.? Probably near double what we will have this 2018 season ? Cheers
  13. Super Straddy Saturday Comp

    R3 #10 Karisto R4 #1 Ambitious R5 #15 Perust R6 #1 Lean Mean Machine R7 #7 Live and Free BB R8 # 6 Pecans
  14. Super Straddy Saturday Comp

    Scoobie. I will willingly add $25 from my Pension Fund to the Prize pool as long as it is matched by a.The Zimmermann team of three ( Lynzimm, Paige Zim ) etc. May I suggest that any other Race Cafe member who has won a prize or a competition on Race Cafe in the last year do the same. Enter your $25 contribution pledge on this thread. I Hope that is okay with you Scoobie ?? Rev
  15. A very tough day at the office for the English language

    Pound for Pound if you are going to name a Racing Radio Host, like Mark Claydon, and offer constructive criticism sign off with your full name. Shame on you. Mark is an amazing presenter. Some would say a little "ruff a round the edges". Like a Peter Early, and in days gone by, Jim Smith.What about Hauby ? Tom Wood made gross non sequitur statements early in his career. Mark's racing knowledge is huge across 3 codes. His passion, as I hear it is the Thoroughbred. He was always the "go to " guy as on course Track Side producer. Trainers, Jockeys and owners trust him. If there was to be another TV racing Quiz show I would want Claydon on my team along with Stick ,Mick Guerin, Ted, Jim? Cheers P for P. Maybe this could be a promotional idea for an evening at your Hosting Establishment ?? Rev Somervell. Disclosure Statement I have sponsored cash prizes on Claydon's Thursday night Radio Trackside shows last Year. I may have sponsored 3 quizz questions on his Wednesday evening Track side Radio I have never raced a horse with Claydon. I have never drunk red wine with Claydon. To the best of my knowledge Claydon never married one of my ex wives. I do not know Mark Claydon's TAB account number.