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  1. Yes waiting to see if your horse got in is painful enough especially when there are over 30 nominations for one race, but then finding they have split a different race and your horse once again misses out is criminal. When other courses are having poor nominations wouldn't you think they would run a popular meeting with maximum numbers of races to clear the backlog. Makes it difficult for owners to keep the faith month after month and difficult for trainers to convince the owners to stick with it.
  2. What I question is the grading of tracks. How often is a quoted track grade changed after the first or second race. I fail to see (if the track was indeed unevenly presented) that it could come up a 5. Surely someone would be aware of the unevenness. Are there tests done on more than one site? There are considerable costs for trainers when poor facts are given and apart from it being a disappointment for punters it becomes an unfair cost to the trainer and owner when such a poor assessment is presented. Maybe the 5 in this case was purely a guestimate.
  3. Give figures for how many owner/trainers are earning far less than the minimum wage and doing 70 hours plus
  4. What beats me is that if you came from down the road you were reimbursed $200.00 per horse, but if we were to take one horse from the Waikato and it cost $150.00 for road miles $300.00 aprox for diesel a motel $90.00 (so horse didn't have to race after 5 hours travel) staff wages to work while we were away, 2 days loss of earnings and the cost of food for 2 days. In fact had we won we would probably still be out of pocket
  5. Everyone knows that the hardest time for horse owners is the period between purchasing/breeding and up until the first win. How has this increased helped them? $7,000.00 maiden races when the bill each month varies between $1500.00 and $2500.00 and they wonder why there are few new owners wanting a horse. Do the maths.
  6. All done, could be interesting reading im quessing
  7. And they wonder why the masses are staying home. Its disgraceful;!
  8. Very difficult to know who to believe? This is indeed what great "Who done it "movies are made of. All this happening under our noses without it getting out before this is what is truly unbelievable. Needs looking further into before this looks like another RIU balls up! Doubt there will be any comment from them until next year though!
  9. Is Robert Holdway for real? Problem gambling continues because odd gamblers cannot control themselves. Should we close drinking establishments because some people drink too much? Should we close dairies because some people buy legal highs from them? I get sick of do gooders controlling the masses because of a minority that need to look at their problem and go sort themselves out! With racing in a precarious state any club making an attempt to improve the situation should be applauded not thrown pathetic reasons to stop it before it gets any momentum. At least this club has attempted to g
  10. Thanks Tim for explaining what happened. How easy it is to think you know what went on when in fact you don't. I will be the first to admit I had made the wrong assessment initially but once explained it throws a different light on the issue and I appreciate you clearing the details up. Cheers and good luck with her.
  11. Correction: The police interest is in the original post not yours von Smallhaussen
  12. Couldn't believe this post. Is it some kind of a joke or is someone that brazen. Obviously overseas source as English suspect. This has been reported to the police I believe.
  13. He is in fact being stopped from earning a living in his chosen field and in many industries this is not allowed. If this is the worst they can find to challenge it makes for very poor judgement especially when the industry is in such disarray. The energy that was put into this investigation would have been better served explaining how other enquiry decisions were made. Just adds fuel to an already burning lack of confidence.
  14. OK they must have updated it was there first thing this morning.