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  1. Couldn't be.could it.

    Not in my experience
  2. Couldn't be.could it.

    Maidens (MR horses) are excluded from nominating for the lower rated race mentioned ..... I think you're correct that connections see an easier option in travelling to the CD.
  3. Sales Time

    Not sure that $57k was a "bargain" ..... yearling was the mare's 7th foal and she has produced just the 2 winners (albeit two good ones) to date - he'll definitely get his chance in Barry's barn in any case.
  4. The Gap is Closing

    No trotters = no race meeting
  5. The Gap is Closing

    If you add in the non-tote trot = Pacers - 39 Trotters - 41
  6. Go Dexter

    Still almost 6 months of racing to go - Dexter wins!
  7. Ben Hope Rulz

    Couldn't see too much wrong with the drive - horse clearly wasn't good enough when things didn't go his way.
  8. Waipa

    Waipa achieved 141 nominations at close off - grass track meetings rule!
  9. Saveapatrol

  10. Nominations

    116 nominations for the grass track meeting at Thames - doesn't that tell the powers that be something ..... owners and trainers prefer racing during the day on the grass rather than at Cambridge (72 nominations) for significatly higher stakes!
  11. Exceptional Circumstances?

    How can Ardent Lustre, Happy Magic, Rhythm N Blues (Telfer) and Waingaro Mara (Chilcott) - all scratched from Cambridge Friday - be available to race Sunday at Hawera? Surely all should have received a five day stand down per the rules? If it's due to an office error at Cambridge (the usual excuse), then someone at that office should be asked to look for a new job ...
  12. Hawera Sunday

    95 nominations - reinforces that Wanganui should have been a grass track meeting!
  13. whanganui meeting in jeopardy

    Wanganui should have run at Waipa then - would have got sufficient nominations for sure! I was told that the reason the abandoned meeting wasn't moved to Hawera on the Tuesday was due to concerns it would have an adverse effect on Thames fields the following Saturday.
  14. whanganui meeting in jeopardy

    Wanganui abandoned
  15. whanganui meeting in jeopardy

    Agree 100% - surely they must consider moving the meeting to Tuesday @ Hawera if that's at all possible?