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  1. Tim Vince on holiday

    .... and a nice bloke to boot!
  2. breeding season

    Emailed the stud a week ago ..... still awaiting a reply!
  3. Driver's Premiership: Dexter Dunn V Blair Orange

    We'll see shortly!
  4. breeding season

    Got a Village Jasper mare I'd love to send to Cheddar but finances don't allow it this time around - Panspacificflight is being considered with the POLF service fee.
  5. Driver's Premiership: Dexter Dunn V Blair Orange

    Waingaro Mara wins the 7th .......
  6. Was a matter of time.

    I hope Lazarus wins for the sake of my Super Stable .......
  7. Trainers in Canterbury revolt!

    Guarantee they are the trainers of the top echelon of horses who used the concessions offered to the rising stars under the old system to full advantage at the expense of those battling through (or stuck in) the lower grades. Now that those battlers have been given a lifeline and the age group concessions have been tightened they don't like it (less free wins). Those battlers may only be mediocre, but they still have owners paying the bills ..... not all owners are lucky enough to race superstars or have the money the buy them!
  8. rubber band madness

    How about we evolve like the majority elsewhere in the world have and do away with standing starts full stop ......
  9. rubber band madness

    ..... or drivers!
  10. Rowe cup Poll

    Prime Power wins
  11. general election

    ...... only if those young people bother voting!
  12. junior drivers

    Absolutely correct ..... but more likely the owner's decision at the end of the day.
  13. junior drivers

    This was mooted at the start of the rating system trial but nothing has happened .....
  14. McDaknife

  15. moment of truth

    Claimed by owners linked to the Abernethy stable I think ..... good claim too as will most likely start at Tauranga over 3000 m next Sunday, which is a race he won last year ...... plus, Liza has always said that the horse will retire from her barn, so he will most likely be claimed back.