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  1. Taku Umanga

    Blood Nonsense

    That sort of sick comment should justifiably lose you any credibility (or at least cop a warning from admin)!
  2. Race 1: 8 Race 2: 4 Race 3: 5 Race 4: 2 + 13 (quinella) Race 5: 3 Race 6: 6 Race 7: 11 Race 8: 1 Race 9: 2 + 5 + 12 (trifecta)
  3. Taku Umanga

    Racing Integrity Unit Release 30 May 2018

    The club will be relieved - was a disaster in the making if scratchings were required.
  4. The Stewards have been advised by the Trainers M Purdon and N Rasmussen that the following horses may have been exposed to a possible contamination during their transportation to Cambridge for the Harness Jewels. Princess Tiffany Stress Factor Funatthebeach Sicario Winterfell Cheerful Bubbled Up Kayla Marie War Dan Delight . The Stewards have therefore ordered swabbing of the horses. The RIU has advised the New Zealand Racing Board, and they have agreed to suspend betting on the races the horses are engaged in. The results of the testing will not be available until after 4pm on Friday afternoon when a further announcement will be made. Mike Godber - General Manager Nick Ydgren - Chief Stipendiary Steward
  5. Taku Umanga

    Weaning sale

    Might have gone if was on Sunday
  6. Taku Umanga

    Mile Night At Auckland

    Agreed - very enyoyable night
  7. Taku Umanga

    Juniors shafted

    Past results show that 6th and below still drop points ....
  8. Taku Umanga

    Juniors shafted

    I wonder if the fact that it's penalty free if you run 2nd through 5th in any race nowadays has an effect on nominations?
  9. Taku Umanga

    Gavin Smith

    If "there's not a whole lot to see" why was he even fined, and why is the video of this particular heat the only one not available?
  10. Taku Umanga

    Gavin Smith

    Wasn't asking a question - noted that the video wasn't up then read the RIU report which explained it ..... must've been a bad look with him being the trainer of both the horse he was driving and the horse that he struck with the whip!
  11. Taku Umanga

    Gavin Smith

    Was wondering why the video for this particular trial was not online ....... Driver G Smith (BRONX VILLAGE) was fined $750 by the JCA after admitting a breach of Rule 869(2) for using his whip to strike another runner (REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY) near the 200 metres during Race 12 at the North Canterbury TOA meeting on 9 May 2018.
  12. Taku Umanga

    Dexter Dunn

    Only two meetings left at Palmy this season though ..... difference is 22 now
  13. Taku Umanga

    Stop the Jewels moving

    Exactly why I won't sign the petition - sick of spam from things like that!
  14. Taku Umanga

    Hawera Commentator

    No - I think you've got the wrong guy ......
  15. Taku Umanga


    True - Hawera at Easter is a great meeting ..... but unfortunately this year will be our last here unless stakes improve - in fact next season we won't be travelling anywhere other than Manawatu and Otaki (assuming their stakes hold up) ..... just too expensive nowadays for such little return.