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  1. Taku Umanga

    Positive swab?

    Trainers J&J Dickie were granted exceptional circumstances under the Scratching Penalties Regulation to scratch their seven stable runners due to a potential cross contamination issue.
  2. Taku Umanga


    Does this relate to the greyhound deaths a while back? https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/115652794/man-charged-for-dogs-found-dead-on-cook-strait-ferry
  3. Taku Umanga

    Ten out of 33

    Hell yeah - been there (the latter)!
  4. Taku Umanga

    Ten out of 33

    Shit money's better that no money - good to see Woodlands and Breckon had realistic reserves
  5. Taku Umanga

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Milk shaking springs to mind .....
  6. Taku Umanga

    Yep - picked that up too ...

    Then it’s been changed - screen shots are on Garrick’s twitter page
  7. Taku Umanga

    It's time to

    Tim Hall - another good young horseman who had a great night - two starters for a win and place.
  8. Taku Umanga

    Yep - picked that up too ...

    Garrick Knight‏ @GarrickRKnight 9h9 hours ago More I don’t know how you explain this. R1 - Demideal scr R2 - Littlebitoflove scr R3 - Hampton Banner scr Yet all three raced according to the Stewards report. And they talked to McKendry over his drive on Captain Max in R3. Problem is, he didn’t drive it. Basic, basic stuff
  9. Taku Umanga

    It's time to

  10. Taku Umanga

    It's time to

    Are you going to send him a couple?
  11. Taku Umanga

    Would it be fair

    You've gotta have the right surname in this game.
  12. Taku Umanga

    New Partnerships

    Berger and White
  13. Taku Umanga

    Taroona Bromac

    Nope - but waiting with interest
  14. Taku Umanga


    If you ask the handicapper he will say that it was the club's decision - if you ask the club they will say the handicapper has the final say ...... it all depends what your name is!
  15. Taku Umanga

    Junior Drivers Urgently Required

    Have heard that Jacob Wallace is coming back from Australia too - none seem to last too long over there nowadays.