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  1. It might be Edward Rennell ..... and that wouldn't be a bad thing!
  2. If you look at the statement on the HRNZ website you'll see that they pushed for Forbury and Timaru to be gone but RITA overturned them.
  3. Agreed - is there an Easter weekend carnival anywhere now?
  4. Has the role been advertised, or will they just leave Mr Holden there?
  5. Yet they dictate that the amateur ($7k) race wouldn't proceed without at least 8 entries!
  6. Yep - it was a shocker after calling it the correct name for most of the trip
  7. Good riddance - absolute nut job from reading the JCA report!
  8. Geez - I never made bugger all off any of my horses after expenses no matter where they raced!
  9. http://www.jca.org.nz/non-race-day-hearings/appeal-s-lawson-v-riu-decision-dated-29-may-2020-chair-hon-j-w-gendall-qc
  10. The results haven't been updated with the qualifiers yet - always happens like this.
  11. That sounds like a meeting at Alexandra Park
  12. That's a bit of a stretch - those "bigger" trainers don't even attend the CD meetings, sending staff down with the horses so hardly "having a holiday at their owners expense"
  13. Cambridge to Taranaki = about 3 hours. Cambridge to Manawatu = about 5 hours
  14. Can't disagree .... the North has been struggling with this for a long time - just pointing out that there are actually back to back meetings in Canterbury
  15. Not quite true ..... there are a few Addington/Methven or Addington/Motukarara back to back, an Addington/Methven on the same day, and even an Addington/Addington/Methven on 11 to 13 December in the draft.