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  1. http://www.jca.org.nz/non-race-day-hearings/non-raceday-inquiry-riu-v-s-a-dolan-reserved-decision-dated-15-january-2020-chair-mr-r-g-mckenzie
  2. Taku Umanga


    Kiss goodbye to the majority of owners then!
  3. Taku Umanga

    PBD - why?

    I clearly don't understand the preferential barrier draw criteria! Why does race 7 at Cambridge have a PBD with 9 runners rating 54 - 58 (four point spread) while race 8 with 12 runners rating 48 - 53 (five point spread) and race 6 with 12 runners rating 40 - 48 (eight point spread) do not have PBD? Any ideas?
  4. Taku Umanga

    Grinaldi Lodge

    Not sure if he's still there, but Nathan Williamson was training from the property - it's been on the market for a long time now.
  5. Taku Umanga

    The carnival is over

    Down to 69 nominations as of now - sad state of affairs
  6. Taku Umanga

    Grass track circuit all but dead

    Yep - I think that's what happens on the Cromwell circuit over summer?
  7. Taku Umanga

    1700m Races

    Mark Purdon was questioned and Stewards have adjourned an enquiry into that incident - who hands up the parked position at the 600 metre stage when everything is sprinting for home? Missed the win by a head ..... the excuse will be interesting.
  8. Taku Umanga

    steve davis presenter ?

    Each to their own - I stop watching when he's on screen.
  9. Taku Umanga

    HRNZ Amateur Hour

    The difference is that with harness drivers don't need to be declared until a couple of days out from racing - Counter Punch is right ..... this happens every week with clubs attaching last start drivers to the runners before driver nominations close.
  10. Taku Umanga

    Grass track circuit all but dead

    The under-utilised Thames track was the obvious venue for multiple meetings over summer but for those "scheduling and broadcasting logistics issues" that Trackside claimed - I've owned winners at every Northern grass track summer venue (other that Te Aroha) over the years and it's really sad to see these great family meetings going down the gurgler!
  11. Taku Umanga

    Positive swab?

    Trainers J&J Dickie were granted exceptional circumstances under the Scratching Penalties Regulation to scratch their seven stable runners due to a potential cross contamination issue.
  12. Taku Umanga


    Does this relate to the greyhound deaths a while back? https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/115652794/man-charged-for-dogs-found-dead-on-cook-strait-ferry
  13. Taku Umanga

    Ten out of 33

    Hell yeah - been there (the latter)!
  14. Taku Umanga

    Ten out of 33

    Shit money's better that no money - good to see Woodlands and Breckon had realistic reserves