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  1. Taku Umanga

    hrnz to close most tracks !

    ..... and the North Canterbury horse population should be pretty healthy
  2. Taku Umanga


    A fine example of self-entitlement if that's the case and a great way to assist having the game shut down for the time being.
  3. Taku Umanga

    Alex Park even caters for the Ghosts

    If that's the case then ATC needs a kick up the arse!
  4. Taku Umanga

    Mark & Natalie

    Good point
  5. Taku Umanga

    Auckland noms Friday

    Andre nailed it - you soon get tired of drawing poorly over a mile with the average horse and getting nowhere as a result - ATC made it clear a while back that they really only want to cater for the “good” horses .... how’s that working out for them?
  6. Taku Umanga

    Auckland noms Friday

    In my experience, they don't often get many extra noms by extending the time. That's because they're not pro-actively chasing them by ringing trainers - they just seem to sit back and hope!
  7. Taku Umanga

    Auckland noms Friday

    Auckland = 58 noms Addington = 136 Banks Peninsula (grass) = 213
  8. Taku Umanga

    Well ....

    .... that team driving backfired on them!
  9. Taku Umanga


    Des Coppins still calls horses with the "Waingaro" prefix "Wayne Garo" - has done for years!
  10. Taku Umanga

    Ben Hope

    What a "dick" comment!
  11. Taku Umanga

    Sad state of affairs

    Two meetings in the north this week - total nominations 180. Three meetings in the south this week - total nominations 577. Post copied from another site, but sounds about right and seriously worrying for the north. Another 7 race programme at Alexandra Park and could've been worse if Sunday's Cambridge meeting was on the grass!
  12. Taku Umanga

    What will the excuse be this time?

    Nothing nasty in that post and nothing to do with social media. It's in the public domain for all to see. https://www.bsa.govt.nz/decisions/all-decisions/chilcott-and-television-new-zealand-ltd-2013-056/?fbclid=IwAR0aVkBAhHqKN7yMheiqaNrsImrOE8jD8GPeA9RyQv5CWLSXs3ueMlnYHNE
  13. Taku Umanga

    What will the excuse be this time?

    I'm told that a former employee will be getting the blame for the "mistake" this time. Isn't this her 3rd (maybe more) positive swab? Plus a criminal conviction (oh sorry - another mistake): https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10852253 What a great Team Teal Ambassador!
  14. Taku Umanga

    Attendance at Rotorua today

    Poor attendance not surprising if little marketing was done ..... clubs fault if that proves to be the case.
  15. Taku Umanga

    What will the excuse be this time?