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  1. Allstars 10 wins in a row

    I thought I would put this up for what its worth. A wee while ago we, as a syndicate ,agreed to send our nice trotter Father Xmas to Aussie to race, and still under our ownership. The reason being that he had reached his mark just below the top rung and was finding it tough off of long marks . He was sent to Brent Lilly, at Melton. He has had 3 starts so far for a third and two wins. He won today at Boort, in track record time ,from 10 mtrs and won by 15, doing it tough in the middle stages with Chris Alford up. My point being, I couldn't give a f---k what the Purdons are or aren't doing frankly. Today wasn't a group 1, it wasn't at a premier track. But what it has got is a battling trainer at grass roots level achieving things in his own right, with owners (and there were lots glued to there screens today) cheering him and the horse on. Its things like this that keep an industry ticking over despite what some may think. Long live the others
  2. And well done Blowing with the Fleas, not much to beat today, handed it to yah on a platter. Good girl
  3. Me Thinks "Lay Down" Misere was an appropriate choise of Team name going on these continuing results. Was riding Tom Melbourne all the way down the straight, geeze this team has been unlucky. We shall have our day. Won't we guys .
  4. Any chance of changing my picks in the last 3 races PJ . Lol
  5. Well we layed Hinerangi John..lol
  6. Allstars 10 wins in a row

    Bloody outstanding effort. Six from the first seven. Or a winner in every race they had a runner and quinellas to boot. I hope Brodie got plenty
  7. I thought I was up against Jill . Is that yr real name Mowing with the Fleas, Jill ?. Well strike me down with a feather, girl. It is girl isn't it, I did know a guy once called Jill, or was that Gill. Oh well , never mind, Ditto
  8. Looks like an even contest this one . Having said that I feel a win coming on. My losers are as follows. R1 2-8 R2 2-8 R3 5-8 R4 10-11 BB R5 6-12 R6 3-5 R7 6-12 R8 4-10 R9 7-13 R10 2-8 BB All the best Jill. Go the Miseries , time to give it death, really this time . Its getting cold down here in the cellar.
  9. Trump written off

    I think you just lost your bet Lee. Pot calling the kettle black methinks. We all have our opinions of the world we live in. Descending into personal attacks to defend our position just doesn't work. And we are all guilty of it, obviously.
  10. Allstars 10 wins in a row

    Should be fun. But dominating a race like that had Juniors Image written all over it considering his further runs. So from that perspective I didn't enjoy it. I still regard our best at that time fairly average, with the obvious exceptions. If he ran 4.05 and won by what 8 lengths, doesn't take an Einstein to work out that the rest were pretty slow, in fact they might as well have run in Cardys 1963 Cup. 4.11. They might have kept up. Anyhow I'm not dissing the horses just categorizing them as an ordinary bunch in that particular time. Let's get back to the original post
  11. Allstars 10 wins in a row

    Very slow race by todays standards, only 4.05 but still one of the fastest up till then.The bunch behind were pretty ordinary with no standouts, just good journeymen pacers. Our Mana ,Camelot, Sunseeker, an over the hill Hands Down, Enterprise, Derby, Ben, and of course Bonnies Chance again over it. I always had my suspicions about him being "juiced "up for that , as he was taken on in the FFA and weakened out to finish 10th.
  12. That's what we thought. Trentham could be the leveller though. Use your Joker , go on. because that gives you a soft underbelly for the remainder of the round. We need ( in light of our present position) all the advantages we can find.
  13. Trentham uurrrgggghhhhh. I would rather Reefton trots. ( sorry no offence The other Molloy)
  14. Bonecrusher Statue

    Yes, that's why we are asking your opinion of G Stewart on Big Red. You really are firmly entrenched in first place on that list. Know the one I'm talking about?
  15. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    Been done to death really Heds. Extremely talented but yesterday's child. No one posted after Police were on. Says it all really, the guy couldn't sing for Shiite. But then again nor can Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil, and look how popular they are.