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  1. westview


    Yea that's why they are number 2 in the country
  2. westview

    Methven no go

  3. westview

    Methven no go

    News up date methven is off and its off to ashvagas, the club would like to thank ashburton trotting club, RIU, HRNZ and the TAB for making it possible .
  4. westview


    Probably a few if they could train with a large team of horses driven by good drivers any day they want to, don't discount what a big advantage big stables have over everyone else
  5. westview

    Methven no go

    Breaking news No racing at Methven tomorrow track conditions not good Currently working with Ashvagas watch this soace
  6. westview

    Times are tough

    We had reserves for a planned sub division which is still a work in progress, our farm strategy last year was alot more conservative and that has helped last years result. Financially the club is in a good position and we have a bloody good committee out there which I enjoy being part of.
  7. westview

    Times are tough

    Addington do the met multiplier, dunstan just introduced another scheme to get horses there , auckland money bags was worth chasing when it was there, have we gone to far catering for also rans ?. Paying driver fees is good but would I race my horse somewhere for another 100 dollars, I don't think so, would we go for another 1000 to the winner , yes
  8. westview

    Times are tough

    Your so right there, I wouldn't count out Methven doing there own thing in the future. The committee are all in favor of resuming some sort of maiden bonus when we can afford it.
  9. westview

    Times are tough

    Sure will, going to hard act to follow and I do mean act.
  10. westview

    Times are tough

    News flash, 2 yrs ago methven lost 90,000 although that did include pulling down stand, last year 9,000 profit which was subsidized by 40,000 from farm profit. There are some exciting plans in the pipeline at methven and we did discuss putting extra money into the maiden's but unfortunately at this stage that won't happen . Racing in general is in a bad way, no news flash there, turnovers aren't good.With bulk funding there is little incentive to increase your turnover as a club which I am vehemently opposed to.One bit of good news Methven will once again run our punters competition at our meeting in October. I know some people will say why not put that money into stakes, simple the event is sponsored again by our longterm sponsor the Brown Pub and they wanted to keep the tradition going. Make a difference "punt hard at sunny Methven"
  11. westview

    Mainstream Media

    Simple answer jess smith, she has talked alot of tvnz staff into ownership, legend.
  12. westview

    Junior Drivers Urgently Required

    Simon smith is having his first drive as a junior on Friday night on Flashazz at addington. As a owner I can see to keep these young guys in the game they need some sort of incentive, he has done the job at the trials and I've seen how hard he works at the stable. He won't drive the horse every start but every now and then I'll throw him a bone. The decision to give him the drive was purely mine as a owner i even dropped John in doing so, win ,lose or draw he will get another go.
  13. westview

    Dexter wins 6 at Philly today

    16 wins for the week, please come back
  14. westview

    Taroona Bromac

    Feel the money, off to the states
  15. westview

    all trotting probs solved

    Call me mad but I like them. Saw monkey King run in one at mot with Gavin smith riding it was very entertaining it was a non tote but I would bet into one.