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  1. westview


    Saw the goharness colours at Rangiora trials on friday from a distance, looked like jack Harrington wearing them.
  2. westview


    There are a few catches with running syndicates, first off trying to raise money to buy horses is pretty difficult, raising money for horses already purchased is easier but someone has to front with the cash and take the risk. Advertising prices for syndicates is not allowed unless your a registered syndicater, running a registered syndicate and following all the rules is not cheap. Success definitely breeds success but you have to be very lucky, robert and john have picked out 7 winners from 7 so far from the sales, I'm hopping the 2 we picked up this year will continue that strike rate, touch wood
  3. westview

    Friday Addington

    June , july at night , yes please
  4. westview

    pref barrier draws manawatu

    Hard to believe 5,6 or 7 would be worse than the second line, we drew 2 the second line at alex park and got dragged back to last by the horse in front . Would have loved to draw anywhere inside 8.makes absolutely no sense to me but hopefully someone will enlighten us .
  5. westview

    Inters night 3

    There are 10,000 registered owners , thats 10 000 free bill boards . To simple , throw in some large horse floats , nah makes to much sense.
  6. westview

    Inters night 3

    Tim I've pushed the idea of harness stickers being produced by hrnz and given to all owners , trainers, etc but probably just makes far to muck sense.
  7. westview

    Inters night 3

    Stop making sense tim, I have a non racing brother now going to addington every now and then he didn't realize how good the facilities were and how inexpensive it was along with free entertainment.
  8. westview

    Inters night 2.....

    Hopefully giving amazing dream a run her her money
  9. westview

    Inters night 2.....

    Don't think it would be any sort to challenge, brother stuart would kick anyone's arse over 50 nz champion.
  10. westview

    Inters night 2.....

    You about for a interview tomorrow night tim,I only get 2000 to 3000 views but I'm sure you might beat the record.
  11. westview


    I think you will find harness race alot more than gallops, so how about put track inside harness track.
  12. westview


    Yea that's why they are number 2 in the country
  13. westview

    Methven no go

  14. westview

    Methven no go

    News up date methven is off and its off to ashvagas, the club would like to thank ashburton trotting club, RIU, HRNZ and the TAB for making it possible .
  15. westview


    Probably a few if they could train with a large team of horses driven by good drivers any day they want to, don't discount what a big advantage big stables have over everyone else