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  1. westview

    Taroona Bromac

    Feel the money, off to the states
  2. westview

    all trotting probs solved

    Call me mad but I like them. Saw monkey King run in one at mot with Gavin smith riding it was very entertaining it was a non tote but I would bet into one.
  3. westview

    Dexter winning everywhere this weekend

    In the space of three days last week Dexter won 15 races, he is a freak
  4. westview

    UMC still at it

    When he won at Addington which seems along time ago I didn't rate him that high until I spoke to John Dunn after the race , he was in ore of the speed he showed when he breezed past. That's good enough for me.
  5. westview

    jewels fields

    Cheers Tasman and Col , the highlight on the day for me was the cheer Spellbound got when she was called in second. On the day 675 owners were represented on the track of which 250 were involved with Spellbound , next year I want 350.
  6. westview


    To quote Robert Dunn when mark stops using them I will, cost about 15dollars available every where.
  7. westview

    To be or not to be ... Unruly

    Just spoken to one of the owners, Jerry is on the unruly because of the trainer request. They have tried in the past putting him back in the draw but he was disrupting the field, wouldn't it be great if a few other trainers did the same.
  8. westview

    To be or not to be ... Unruly

    Not sure in this situation but trainers are known to request a horse be put on the unruly, then asked for them to removed when their confidence is up. If I remember I will find out on Friday if this is the case.
  9. westview

    Easter Cup and Derby night

    Greg is running the golf in conjunction with addington at no cost, I'm not sure about the pre jewels dinner but that is a met function. Both should be great functions so I look forward to seeing you there.
  10. westview

    Auckland trotting club is really

    Far too much we had a go taking two handy horses up after cup week and it all turned to custard. Currently we have a very good 2yr old filly but have made the decision to by pass two very good races just in the off chance it happened again. One thing that would make a difference would be return flights to Auckland but unfortunately currently we still have to float up and can only fly home.
  11. westview

    Auckland trotting club is really

    Pass, what do you think of jewels qualification , money earned is also going to become a problem Auckland versus anywhere else
  12. westview

    Auckland trotting club is really

    If you win the New Zealand cup as a 7 win horse should you also get the same points?
  13. westview

    Anyone know?

    The stake should not include the 1500.00 dollars bonus payment, when we suggested it to , that is the owners sub committee we were very clear that clubs did not simply add it into there winning stakes to make them seem better. I'm hoping that isn't the case here.
  14. westview

    Dunn Deal

    Had the heart checked on ftm and its all fine, next step lung wash, not much fun I imagine but if we can't find anything maybe just a couple of weeks off.
  15. westview

    Well done Westview

    Tuapeka trick won down there last year ,unfortunately he's in Auckland but I'm making the trip down there anyway . Very progressive club so if there's anything I can do to help I will and if your thinking of taking a horse down please do so.