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  1. Time for positive leadership.

    You stop imports racing in group races and you will be lucky to get two heats lol. The only successful breeders who breed group dogs consistantly in nz tend to be the ones breeding in mass numbers (there are one or two others who breed group dogs consistantly aswell) so if you did this. More people would probably start whining how unfare it is. All you would see is 8 dog fields full of bigtime dogs and the odd thrilling and opawa.

    As long as they are not being used to stir dogs up (which they arent obviously). Should be fine. After the whole cole saga. Do not be surprised if the nzgra follow nsw did by banning the ownership of small animals on greyhound properties
  3. records

    Watching wheelchair norm today and see he has now won 82 races. I know little mother won 85. I was wondering if anyone knew what the record for the most race wins in NZ was. this would have to be close to it wouldnt it?
  4. McInerney's ten winners

    What about thrilling billy?
  5. Waikati dogs

    What are the chances waikato is abandoned tommorow? Took 8mls last time
  6. Cawbourne Brandy

    if the dog wasn't stood down for injury than it should have been put out for failing to pursue.
  7. How about

    seems unfair tbh. lets give railers box 1 everyweek
  8. Sinister?

    interesting because every big kennels I have been too had next to no security at all. Some have locks around but nothing too protective.
  9. Looking To The Future

    1) Straight track racing has just as many injuries as circle tracks. 2) Evidence suggests that 6 dog fields can have as much trouble as 8 dog fields (Just look at how rough some races are in the UK).
  10. Clean Up Your Act says Winnie

    Idt the numbers sent here are easing the pressure in Australia. I did say limit the imports as well as the breeding. The current breeding regimes in NZ is unsustainable.
  11. Clean Up Your Act says Winnie

    The only way, in my opinion, to clean up the industry is by putting a limit on how many dogs are breed a year in NZ, how many dogs each person can breed, how many dogs are imported and how many dogs each trainer can race in NZ. Its clear GAP cannot rehome every greyhound racing in NZ (and that is no insult to gap. I just can't see how they can rehome an extra 1500 greyhounds a year). So if you cant put much more pressure on GAP, than you must look at ways to lower the number of dogs being breed. They already have similar rules in several states in Australia so I cant see why we cant follow suit. I'm sure it won't harm the industry cutting back on races as well.
  12. Aquamans fekitoa thread

    False story? the numbers were as clear as daylight on the news.
  13. Rehabilitation Fund for race injuries

    yes, a great idea. even if its $100 from every race put into a fund for trainers.
  14. What a night

    Did you not see the photos? Or hear the multiple eye witness accounts?
  15. No More

    According to the kennel rep at the awards two years ago, they breed 300 dogs a year (I should add I do not know whether this is an official number)