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  1. Emotive - I applaud you for your ideas and they may well be in the future but until we view a feasibility study we can only assume that there isn't one. Gom has highlighted genetic issues in our dogs and these should not be ignored or underestimated as failure is both irresponsible and avoidable. Corey has requested some genetic guidelines. A basic understanding is a must have. It is a myth that the dam has more genetic influence than the sire. The dam's increased importance is due to her role as carer during pregnancy and in rearing. Genetic contributions to the offsprin
  2. Corey: the breeding information that you require has appeared in ON TRACK. The first article co written with Dr Jim Edwards, Massey University, is of a general nature and the second article written with Dr Peter Amer, animal geneticist of Abacusbio, Dunedin, is of a more technical nature. To others calling for a national stud, expert advice has indicated ongoing genetic issues due to our small base will cause ongoing welfare issues. The birdbrain talk of another track in Canterbury is just a sideshow. Ray.
  3. The Master has spoken and I might add not before time. We all know who he was referring to as greedy, some might say parasites who live on or in a host and benefit at other's expense. The original host was the body of GRNZ who at the time lacked leadership, were prone to corruption and manipulation by vested interests who were able to twist and bend conditions to suit themselves. Perhaps greedy parasites is an honest appraisal. Like it or not we need large kennels. Properly managed they provide stability for us all in various forms. However we need to keep diligent to ens
  4. My original post was to highlight the cronyism and vested interests in the industry which to me resembles a shambles. I merely used the Oaks to illustrate my point. GRNZ needs to take ownership. This state of affairs had its roots at head office and has filtered down. I honestly believe GRNZ is starting to take ownership in the best interests of us all. New welfare initiatives is a good example of this and I suggest we all embrace these new exciting directions. Ray Amerl
  5. Sorry you don’t no where you are perhaps if you leave your name and phone l will do my best to help Kind. Regards. Ray
  6. I. know. You obviously don’t understand what this thread is all.obout certainly not about me or my dogs, Kind Regards Ray
  7. If you Google the selection policy for their Oaks in our sister codes and compare it with ours, then maybe you will share my view that ours is indeed a shambles. It is not about who is in the race but how they got there. T?he Oaks should be showcasing our best performed bitches. Ray Amer
  8.  I have asked readers to look  on Google at how our sister codes select their Oaks fields then consider ours. Maybe you will share the view that the present system is indeed a shambles.

    Ray  Amer    



  9. If you look at the Oaks selection policy for our sister codes, our selection policy is a shambles and reeks of cronyism. This nonsense has to stop. GRNZ have to take ownership of this industry. Leaving it to vested interests does not work. Ray Amer.
  10. Like any law abiding citizen, whether involved in the greyhound industry or not, I find the allegations against Mr Cole very disappointing and if true put the livelihood of many good, honest, hardworking people in jeopardy. As well we will loose respect for our industry. One has to question his motives and integrity. Surely a simple and honest statement of all the facts from his perspective is all that is needed. Failure to do this is very damaging to us all.
  11. Excerpt below from National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee report regards Greyhounds. Full report at NAWAC remains uncertain about the number of dogs which are being produced or imported each year, and where they will end up once their racing career is finished; in particular as even high grade dogs tend to only have a racing life of 1–4 years. Whilst re-homing through Greyhounds as Pets is offering one avenue for these dogs, there is a risk of this avenue reaching saturation point given the length of a dogs lifespan vs its
  12. For any livestock industry to be sustainable it is absolutely paramount that its breeders are encouraged and rewarded for producing the best possible animals for the intended market. Obviously our present system to assist our breeders is not working as our breeders are not able to supply enough suitable dogs to meet our requirements resulting in the need to import. A change in policy is well overdue. Better outcomes would be achieved if all GRNZ racing series incentives were scrapped and replaced by incentives to improve our breeding stock i.e. a programme similar in format to th
  13. The Board of GRNZ have failed us badly. Unless they act immediately to address the basic requirements of the industry (ie. supply and demand and the welfare of all participants) then we run the risk of being closed down. The National Animal Welfare Committee are currently reviewing greyhound welfare and looking into the tracing of dogs from birth onwards. We are now under the scrutiny of the Racing Industry Board. It has been obvious for some time that GRNZ have failed us badly with many seeing our industry as cruel and inhumane. Their inaction has put all participants and thei
  14. An excellent post from Aquaman with some very positive comments moving the debate along. As for my knowledge - the more I think I know, the more I realise that I don't know very much at all. Breeding is not an exact science but NZ has world leading animal geneticists and with their help we could easily become an exporter not an importer. To help towards achieving this, I have decided to invest $10000.00 on a preliminary study to guide the industry towards this goal. After all this is what NZ excels at, exporting. Must go and pack my bags. Ray