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  1. Yes, they belong to GRNZ and GAP hold the lease - for now. What I fail to understand about the news announcement is that it strongly suggests that all greyhounds for adoption will first have to go through the Levin kennels for assessment - is that the plan? ie this statement from https://www.grnz.co.nz/News.aspx?NewsID=2732 " GRNZ runs Levin as a national kennel and temperament testing base. Greyhounds can be adopted directly from Levin, or may be sent to regional kennel spaces, run by GAP, Nightrave and other adoption partners, for adoption."
  2. Does this ad mean that GRNZ are taking over the GAP Kennels in Levin? https://www.adecco.co.nz/manufacturing-operations-jobs/kennel-facility-manager/1713484 If so what is happening to GAP?